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Brian T. Nguyen

IMA Post-Doctoral Member

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA)
Vincent Hall Room 514
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Phone number:
(612) 624-4523
Fax number:
(612) 626-7370
E-mail address:

Professional Background and Interests

Curriculum vitae



  1. B. T. Nguyen and S. A. Hutchinson ``The Implementation of the Upwind Leapfrog Scheme for 3D Electromagnetic Scattering on Massively Parallel Computers'', SAND95-1322, Sandia National Labs, 1995.
  2. B. T. Nguyen and P. L. Roe, ``A Non-Dissipative Upstream Biased Scheme for Time Domain Computational Electromagnetics'', presented at the 1995 IEEE-AP-S International Symposium and USNC/URSI Radio Science Meeting, June 19-23, 1995.
  3. B. T. Nguyen and P. L. Roe, ``Application of an Upwind Leap-frog Method for Electromagnetics,'' Conference on Applied Computational Electromagnetics (ACES) Tenth Annual Review of Progress in Computational Electromagnetics, March 21-26, 1994.
  4. B. T. Nguyen and P. L. Roe, ``Electromagnetic Wave Scattering Computations Using an Upwind Leapfrog Scheme'', Second International Conference and Workshop on Approximations and Numerical Methods for the Solutions of the Maxwell Equations, October 25-29, 1993.
  5. N. Nosseir and B. T. Nguyen, ``Pressure Oscillations in a Side-Dump Combustor'', Bulletin of the Am. Phys. Soc., Vol. 32, No. 10, P. 2051.
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