This page was last updated in April 2015.
My curriculum vitae (updated March 2015) also contains a list of my papers and talks.

Research Papers

Expository Articles

random cubical complex step function approximation icosahedron
My Erdös number is 4:
me → Robert Ghrist → Aaron Abrams → Earl Canfield → Paul Erdös

Selected Presentations

  • How Many Ways are there to Juggle?: An introduction to the mathematics of juggling, given in the mathematics seminar at Macalaster College in February 2015; slides made in collaboration with John Chase links
  • Computing Persistent Homology: an introduction to the computation of persistent homology, given at CIMAT in January 2015 links
  • Euler Integration and Data Analysis: computer science and mathematics lecture at Bryn Mawr College in November 2014
  • Visualizing Multidimensional Persistent Homology: given in the Industrial and Applied Mathematics Seminar at the University of Oxford in November 2014
  • Euler Integration and Applications: given in the Mathematics Colloquium at the University of Mary Washington in October 2014
  • Intrinsic Volumes of Random Cubical Complexes: an introduction to random cubical complexes and their intrinsic volumes, given at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in April 2014 and at the Technion (in Haifa, Israel) in May 2014 links
  • Hadwiger and Lefschetz: Valuations on Simplical Maps: given in the Postdoc Seminar at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in December 2013
  • Hadwiger Integration and Applications: a 50-minute explanation of valuations, intrinsic volumes, Hadwiger's theorem, and Hadwiger integrals given at The Ohio State University in November 2013 links
  • Hadwiger Integration and Applications: a 25-minute talk given at the Applied Topology conference in Będlewo, Poland, in July 2013 links
  • Benefits of Collaborative Writing for Learning: a 15-minute talk given at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego, January 2013
  • Hadwiger Integration of Random Fields: a 50-minute talk given in the Geometry Seminar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in October 2012
  • Math Research: Patterns, Potatoes, and Problem Solving: a 50-minute talk given at Huntington University in September 2012
  • Euler Integration and Applications: a 50-minute talk given for the Purdue University Math Club in April 2012


mathematics of juggling computing persistent homology Hadwiger integral