5th Mini-Symposium on Computational Topology

SoCG 2016, Boston, June 15-June 16

Day 1: 2:30 - 6:00 p.m,
Day 2: 2:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Justin Curry, Pawel Dłotko, Michael Lesnick, and Clement Maria.

The mini-symposium will center on two main themes:

Theme I: Software solutions for geometric and topological understanding of high dimensional data.   Talks will focus on state of the art implementations of algorithms for computing topological features in data analysis.   Software for statistics in topology (e.g, TDA R-package, persistence landscape toolbox, kernel for persistence) will also be showcased.

Theme II: Applications and algorithms for computational topology.   Talks will focus on applications of (large scale) topology computations to practical problems in engineering and the life sciences.   This includes granular and material science, fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, neurobiology and surrounding areas.   We will also present related algorithmic developments.

Confirmed Speakers:
Pablo Camara (Columbia)
Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford/Ayasdi)
Tamal Dey (Ohio)
Pawel Dłotko (INRIA)
Ellen Gasparovic (Union)
Yasu Hiraoka (Tohoku)
Michael Kerber (TU Graz)
Jisu Kim (Carnegie Melon)
Yonghjin Lee (EPFL)
Clement Maria (Queensland)
David Spivak (MIT)
Matthew Wright (St. Olaf)

Talk abstracts are here.



2:30-2:55 Yasu Hiraoka
Topological Data Analysis on Materials Science: Statistical Characterization of Glass Transition

3:00-3:25 Gunnar Carlsson
Topological Modeling of Complex Data

3:30-3:55 David Spivak
Pixel matrices for Big, Messy, Real-World Data


4:30-4:55 Pawel DÅ‚otko
Geometry Understanding in Higher Dimensions, the Gudhi Library

5:00-5:25 Clement Maria
Zigzag Persistent Homology: Algorithms, Software and Applications

5:30-5:55 Michael Kerber
Geometry Helps to Compare Persistence Diagrams


2:00-2:25 Tamal Dey
SimBa : A Tool for Approximating the Persistence of Rips Filtrations Efficiently

2:30-2:55 Matthew Wright
Visualizing Multidimensional Persistent Homology

3:00-3:25 Jisu Kim
R package TDA for Statistical Inference on Topological Data Analysis


4:00-4:25 Yonghjin Lee
Topological Data Analysis of Nanoporous Materials Genome Using Pore-Geometry Recognition Technique

4:30-4:55 Ellen Gasparovic
Multi-Scale Modeling for Stratified Space Data

5:00-5:25 Pablo Camara
Topological Methods for Molecular Phylogenetics

Contact: mlesnick [at] princeton [dot] edu