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Visiting the IMA

The IMA welcomes roughly 2,000 visitors, ranging from annual program and workshop organizers to long-term visitors and postdoctoral fellows to workshop attendees and program participants. Specifically, the IMA sponsors a number of scientists to visit and participate in programs and activities each year.

The IMA’s highly dedicated directors and staff recognize the expertise of the participants, understand the importance of the IMA’s mission, and work to minimize the administrative tasks of the organizers. Staff provides visitors with a maximally productive environment, soliciting and assessing feedback from visitors to facilitate future improvements. The staff works to continually create an efficient, interactive, and productive environment for all who visit the IMA.

The IMA’s experience in delivering its services and its commitments to evaluation and improvement have made it an efficient and invaluable resource for the mathematics and scientific community.

If you need further information, please contact the IMA staff for assistance.

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