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Network topology and pathological neuronal oscillations, 2012-09-05, Theoden Netoff  (University of Minnesota)
Machine Learning Models for Feature Selection and Classification of Traffic Anomalies, 2012-09-05, Ljiljana Trajkovic  (Simon Fraser University)
Inferring Causal Connections and Functional Networks, 2012-09-05, Jörn Davidsen  (University of Calgary)
The Influence of Network Topology on Stability of Dynamics on Discrete State Network Systems, 2012-09-05, Edward Ott  (University of Maryland)
Large Eigenvalues of Graphs, 2012-09-05, Bojan Mohar  (Simon Fraser University)
Speciation as an Evolutionary Strategy, 2012-09-05, Peter Veerman  (Portland State University)
Synchronization in Populations of Chemical Oscillators, 2012-09-06, Kenneth Showalter  (West Virginia University)
Patterns of Synchrony, 2012-09-06, Martin Golubitsky  (Ohio State University)
What Matters for Neuronal Synchronization, 2012-09-06, Igor Belykh  (Georgia State University)
Searching for Networks with Best Synchronizability, 2012-09-06, Guanrong Chen  (City University of Hong Kong)
Control of Complex Networks of Coupled Dynamical Systems, 2012-09-06, Chai Wah Wu  (IBM)
When Affinity Meets Resistance: On the Topological Centrality of Edges in Complex Networks, 2012-09-07, Gyan Ranjan  (University of Minnesota)
Capturing Effective Neuronal Dynamics in Random Networks with Complex Topologies, 2012-09-07, Duane Nykamp  (University of Minnesota)
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