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Implantable medical devices – we have come a long way, but where next?, 2010-09-13, Darrel F. Untereker  (Medtronic)
Biocompatibility from the host's point of view, 2010-09-13, Howard Winet  (University of California, Los Angeles)
Cell-based, hybrid and continuum models of tissue dynamics: when to use which where — ?, 2010-09-13, Hans G. Othmer  (University of Minnesota)
Modeling of bacterial swarming on different surfaces, 2010-09-13, Mark S. Alber  (University of Notre Dame)
The biology of biofilms, 2010-09-13, Edgardo Luis Sanabria-Valentín  (Harvard Medical School)
Stem cell differentiation and the influence of microenvironment, 2010-09-13, Dennis E. Discher  (University of Pennsylvania)
Continuum models of biofilms, 2010-09-13, Isaac Klapper  (Montana State University)
Understanding the fluid dynamics of microorganisms: successes and challenges, 2010-09-14, Lisa J. Fauci  (Tulane University)
Gastrointestinal electrical stimulation: potential applications, 2010-09-14, Jiande Chen  (University of Texas Medical Branch)
Deep brain stimulation models of the electrode-tissue interface, 2010-09-14, Cameron C. McIntyre  (Case Western Reserve University)
An introduction to the mathematical modeling of blood clotting, 2010-09-14, Aaron Fogelson  (University of Utah)
Biomedical applications of heat transfer: Rare cell preservation to diseased cell destruction, 2010-09-14, John Christopher Bischof  (University of Minnesota)
Challenges in making MRI safe implantable devices, 2010-09-14, WanZhan Liu  (Medtronic)
Mathematical tools in biomedical image processing, 2010-09-14, Chiu-Yen Kao  (Ohio State University)
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