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Searching Results for SW7.25-29.11:
Intro to SVN and pacakages, 2011-07-25, Dan Grayson  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Workshop Overview, 2011-07-25, Anton Leykin  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Participant Introductions, 2011-07-25, All Participants  (Various Institutions)
Overview of the numerical algebraic geometry group agenda, 2011-07-26, Anton Leykin  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Gaussian graphical models, 2011-07-26, Seth Sullivant  (North Carolina State University)
R4ti2 interface, 2011-07-26, Vishesh Karwa  (Pennsylvania State University)
Computing multiplier ideals, 2011-07-26, Zach Teitler  (Boise State University)
Sum of ideals decomposition of semigroup rings, 2011-07-26, David Eisenbud  (University of California, Berkeley)
Posets package, 2011-07-27, Gwyn Whieldon  (Cornell University)
Tensor complexes, 2011-07-27, Daniel Erman  (University of Michigan)
Numerical Schubert Calculus package (or related), 2011-07-27, Abraham Martin del Campo  (Texas A & M University)
Quillen-Suslin package, 2011-07-28, Brett Barwick  (University of South Carolina)
Tropical resultants, 2011-07-28, Josephine Yu  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
SchurRings, 2011-07-29, Claudiu Raicu  (University of California, Berkeley)
DGAlgebras, 2011-07-29, W. Frank Moore  (Cornell University)
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