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Localized Structures Near Onset, 2013-06-03, Bjorn Sandstede  (Brown University)
Localized Swarms in Nonlocal Models: Dynamics and Equilibria, 2013-06-03, Chad Michael Topaz  (Macalester College)
Three-state Node Network for Loop Searching System, 2013-06-03, Kei-Ichi Ueda  (Toyama University)
Nucleation of Localised Ferro-patterns, 2013-06-03, David J.B. Lloyd  (University of Surrey)
Localized States Near Supercritical Turing Bifurcations in the 1:1 Forced Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation, 2013-06-03, Yi-Ping Ma  (Northwestern University)
Droplet Formation in Binary and Ternary Stochastic Systems, 2013-06-04, Thomas Wanner  (George Mason University)
A Spectral Theory of Linear Operators on a Gelfand Triplet and its Application to Coupled Oscillators, 2013-06-04, Hayato Chiba  (Kyushu University)
Periodic Orbits of Dissipative PDEs via Rigorous Numerics: the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation, 2013-06-04, Jean-Philippe Lessard  (Laval University)
Persistent Homology to Protein Structural Analysis, 2013-06-04, Yasu Hiraoka  (Kyushu University)
Analyzing the dynamics of pattern formation in the space of persistence diagrams, 2013-06-04, Miroslav Kramar  (Rutgers University)
First and Second Order Semi-strong Interaction in Reaction-Diffusion Systems, 2013-06-04, Jens Rademacher  (Universität Bremen)
Flow structures and wall shear stress patterns in the thoracic aorta, 2013-06-05, Hiroshi Suito  (Okayama University)
Localized States in the Conserved Swift-Hohenberg Equation, 2013-06-05, Edgar Knobloch  (University of California, Berkeley)
Logrithm Expansions and Refined Stability Thresholds for Multiple Spots in Reaction-diffusion Systems on a Two-dimensional Domain, 2013-06-05, Jun-Cheng Wei  (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Front Invasion Problems in Systems of Reaction-diffusion Equations, 2013-06-05, Matt Holzer  (University of Minnesota)
A Variational Approach to Volume-constrained Membrane Motions, 2013-06-05, Elliott Ginder  (Hokkaido University)
Travelling Wave Solutions Arising in a Model of Tumour Invasion, 2013-06-05, Petrus van Heijster  (Queensland University of Technology)
Localized patterns in nonlocal PDEs, 2013-06-05, David Thomas Uminsky  (University of San Francisco)
Hydrodynamic Interactions of Self-Propelled Bodies, 2013-06-06, Eva Kanso  (University of Southern California)
Insights into Vortex Mergers from Reduced-Order Model, 2013-06-06, Fangxu Jing  (University of Southern California)
Spontaneous Motion of a Droplet Driven by Interfacial Tension Gradient, 2013-06-06, Hiroyuki Kitahata  (Chiba University)
Applications of Vortex Dynamics in Multiply-connected Domains, 2013-06-06, Rhodri Nelson  (Hokkaido University)
Topics in Localized Patterns: Hot Spot Patterns of Urban Crime and Localized Patterns on the Sphere, 2013-06-07, Michael J. Ward  (University of British Columbia)
Dynamics of Localized Solutions for Reaction-diffusion Systems on Curved Surface, 2013-06-07, Shin-Ichiro Ei  (Kyushu University)
Localized Co-Dimension 1 Structures in the Functionalized Cahn-Hilliard Model, 2013-06-07, Arjen Doelman  (Rijksuniversiteit te Leiden)
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