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Searching Results for SW5.16-20.11:
The metric description of incompatible growth and irreversible deformations, 2011-05-16, Efi Efrati  (University of Chicago)
Wrinkling, microstructure, and energy scaling laws, 2011-05-16, Robert V. Kohn  (New York University)
Matching properties of isometries and elasticity of thin shells, 2011-05-16, Marta Lewicka  (Rutgers University)
Wrinkles as a relaxation of compressive stresses in annular thin films, 2011-05-16, Peter Bella  (New York University)
Effective Theories and Minimal Energy Configurations of Heterogeneous Multilayers, 2011-05-16, Bernd Schmidt  (TU München)
An Aronsson type approach to extremal quasiconformal mappings., 2011-05-16, Luca Capogna  (University of Arkansas)
Tubes and Cylinders, 2011-05-17, Alain Goriely  (University of Oxford)
Geometrical Exactness and Nonlinear Response, 2011-05-17, Stuart S. Antman  (University of Maryland)
Thin-limit behavior of engineered non-Euclidean plates, a theoretical analysis, 2011-05-17, Reza Pakzad  (University of Pittsburgh)
The Lame` problem: A prototypical model for wrinkling in thin sheets, 2011-05-18, Benny Davidovitch  (University of Massachusetts)
Shape Selection in Hyperbolic Non-Euclidean Plates, 2011-05-18, John Gemmer  (University of Arizona)
Soft machines and the mechanics of growing sheets, 2011-05-18, Eran Sharon  (Hebrew University)
Pattern Formation in Clamped Gel Membranes under Gradient Stimulation, 2011-05-18, Ronald Alan Siegel  (University of Minnesota)
Geometric Anelasticity, 2011-05-19, Arash Yavari  (Georgia Institute of Technology)
And now for something (not quite) completely different, 2011-05-19, Alan C. Newell  (University of Arizona)
Kinetics of lattice phase transitions, 2011-05-19, Anna Vainchtein  (University of Pittsburgh)
Elastic Building Blocks in a Wrinkle Cascade, 2011-05-19, Robert Schroll  (University of Massachusetts)
Isometric immersions, geometric incompatibility and strain induced shape formation., 2011-05-20, Shankar Venkataramani  (University of Arizona)
Curved Fold Origami, 2011-05-20, Marcelo Azevedo Dias  (University of Massachusetts)
The von Karman theory for incompressible elastic shells, 2011-05-20, Hui Li  (University of Minnesota)
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