Visualization Software                                                               July 13, 2004 (rbb)      

VTK – Freeware. A visualization toolkit which grew out of work at GE and Bill Lorenson’s Laboratory.  Use this if you want to have control of your own software.

GLUI – A nice library for easily making a graphical user interface.

Matlab – Matrix manipulation software.  It has some very good visualization capabilities.  Go to the on-line help and look for 3D graphics/visualization pages.  There is also a book about doing graphics in Matlab.

GNUPLOT – Freeware.  A command-driven interactive function plotting program. Support: Easy to use and recommended for simple plots.

CoHort (CoPlot, CoStat) – Inexpensive (~$200) statistical visualization software for scientists.

Xgobi – Freeware from AT&T, intended for multivariate data visualization.  It focuses on line drawings, scatterplots, and parallel coordinate support.


Vis5D – Freeware.  Academic software from University of Wisconson, primarily developed for atmospheric scientists.  Good support of time varying, 3D data.


Amira – Commercial (~$3000) product that has a very friendly user interface.  This product contains good implementations of most visualization techniques.


AVS (Application Visualization System) – Commercial interactive tool for scientific visualization.   Based on a dataflow paradigm.  Analysis and rendering modules are provided, and the scientist makes a pipeline to create their application.


OpenDX (DataExplorer) – Originally a commercial product from IBM research.  Now it’s open source, called OpenDX.  Same dataflow architecture as AVS.


IDL (Interactive Data Language) - A Commercial (~$3000) scientific data analysis system.  Contains most every algorithm needed for linear systems, ODEs, PDEs, Image Processing, 2D & 3D plotting, surface and volume rendering.  http://

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