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IMA "Hot Topics" Workshop: Mathematical Challenges in Global Positioning (GPS)

August 16-18, 2000

Organizers: Kai Borre (Aalborg Universitet), Gerard Lachapelle (University of Calgary), Brian Leininger (Lockheed Martin), Fan Liu (Honeywell)

Additional direction from: Craig Poling (Lockheed Martin), Suneel Sheikh (Honeywell)

Babak Azimi-Sadjadi and P.S. Krishnaprasad (University of Maryland)   pdf (216KB)

M. Elizabeth Cannon (University of Calgary)    pdf (284KB)    abstract

James R. Clynch (Naval Postgraduate School)   pdf (1.3MB)   powerpoint (1.2MB)   abstract

Oscar L. Colombo (NASA Goddard Flight Center)   pdf (157KB)   postscript (558KB)   abstract

Gunnar Elgered (Chalmers University of Technology)    pdf (6.3MB)   abstract

Ron Hatch (NavCom Technology)  pdf (322KB)   powerpoint (386KB)   abstract

Robert Kelly (Ohio University)   abstract

Gérard Lachapelle (University of Calgary)  Carrier Phase Measurements Characteristics and Utilization Overview pdf (50KB)   Statistical Reliability Measures for GPS   pdf (722KB)   abstract

Frank Natterer (Universität Muenster)   pdf (1.9MB)   abstract

John Raquet (Air Force Institute of Technology and the University of Calgary)   pdf (527KB)   abstract

A.J. Van Dierendonck (A. J. Systems/GPS Silicon Valley)   GPSORBITS.PDF  GPSSIGSTRUCTURE.PDF   IAINPaper.ppt   Multipath.PDF   Multipath.ppt   SignalSpecifiationPaper.PDF   SignalSpecifiationPaper.ppt   BIOGRAPHY.doc    abstract


"Hot Topics" Workshops

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