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IMA Thematic Year on Reactive Flow and Transport Phenomena
September 1999 - June 2000

Chemically reacting flows, and the associated transport of mass, momentum and energy, are fundamental to numerous areas of modern technology. These include the recovery, fabrication, and processing of materials; the design and operation of devices that use fossil or nuclear fuels; and the treatment and disposal of waste and toxins. Forces of economy, safety, efficiency and a concern for the environment dictate not only that the underlying science be advanced, but also that these advances be rapidly integrated into engineering, design, manufacturing and operation. It is broadly recognized that the challenge requires an interdisciplinary response, including, in particular, the deployment of modern techniques of applied mathematics: modeling, analysis and computation.

In this year of concentration, we have elected to emphasize three topics. Two of these, namely, Combustion, and Natural Resources and Environment, can be clearly identified as areas of application. The third, Multiscale and Transition Regimes, cuts across applications, focusing instead on processes where traditional and classical transport models no longer apply. Applications include thin, microstructured films, nanometer-scale semiconductor devices, and supercooled fluids.

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