Support the IMA

Because of you, the IMA remains among the most influential math institutes in the world. Donations from the past year allowed the IMA to invite two prominent public lecture speakers, host the third annual Math Modeling Camp for High School Students, establish a Data Science Lab, and honor two women mathematicians with the IMA Prize. Please consider giving to the IMA.

“Starting with its initial years in the early 1980s, and continuing to the present day, IMA has been a leader in defining how a mathematics institute can have impact. The heart of its vision is that well-chosen programs (with well-chosen leaders) can catalyze scientific activity – accelerating progress and even creating communities that did not previously exist. I am proud to be a supporter of this unique organization,” said former Board of Governors member Robert Kohn (New York University)

As the IMA adapts to a new funding model, additional support is needed to facilitate groundbreaking, interdisciplinary research and attract leading mathematicians and scientists to visit the IMA. Future programs and activities emphasize spurring innovation by creating new collaborations among researchers from industry, government, and academia.

José Orozco Rodriguez (Vision-Ease Lens) obtained his Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics from the University of Minnesota, working closely with professors heavily engaged with the IMA, and has since taken part in IMA workshops focusing on careers in industry.

“Although I was not involved with the IMA [as a graduate student], I was still highly aware of the IMA’s mission and how passionately its directors carry it out year round. It is because of my gratitude to my former professors that I started donating to the IMA,” he explained. “The IMA provides a unique environment for collaboration. Visitors and postdocs at the IMA tackle very tough problems whose solutions positively impact our whole society. From that point of view, donating to the IMA is not really donating; it is paying back just a little bit of the immeasurable debt we all owe to it.”

Contributions are sought to continue the IMA’s outreach activities aimed at the general public and talented math high school students. Funds will also be designated for supplementary activities designed to develop career pathways for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

“I have chosen to support the IMA for its strong impact in applied mathematics, especially in training of junior researchers, and in fostering new research directions and interdisciplinary collaboration at all levels of the profession,” said former IMA postdoc Anna Mazzucato (Pennsylvania State University). “The time I spent at the IMA has had a profound and lasting impact on my career as a mathematician, effecting directly my employment.”