SageMath Coding Sprints at the IMA

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Image credit: Harald Schilly

The IMA is pleased to announce Sage Days: Opening Workshop for a Year of Coding Sprints, taking place August 21-25, 2017. The event kicks off a year-long program designed to further develop software that will be of use to academia and industrial scientists.

SageMath is an open-source, general purpose mathematical software system that is useful for private, commercial, and governmental entities in many areas of mathematics and for scientific applications. Because of its open-source nature, the software also utilizes an open development model where students and researchers can examine source code to understand how each calculation is done and become involved as users and developers.

The workshop will explore broad themes in applied representation theory, optimization, data science, machine learning, algebraic combinatorics, and computational number theory while striving to introduce SageMath to graduate students and researchers and train them to become part of the developer community.

According to the organizers, the workshop will allow participants to discuss user interface, expected behavior, and conventions for different inputs, and examine mathematical explanations of the theory behind such definitions, theorems, or formulas.

In the ensuing year, workshop participants will be invited to return to the IMA in small groups to push the software development even further in coding sprints, and any implementations developed will be peer-reviewed and included in future versions of SageMath.

The goal of this year-long program is to continue expanding the developer base of SageMath while fostering connections between mathematics and industry.