Industrial Mathematics Workshop and Clinic

The IMA is pleased to announce the Industrial Mathematics Workshop and Clinic: Collaboratively Tackling Emerging Problems in Industry, taking place July 24 to August 11, 2017. The event kicks off a year-long program designed to create a research environment connecting industry and academia.

"Exposure to business environments helps academic research in multiple ways," said organizer Ankur Mani (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities). "It helps us address questions that are important to current business needs. It provides the ability to calibrate our models with real data. And it also helps us make a stronger impact on the fast-changing world of modern businesses." 

The program will bring together representatives from industry and academia to collaborate on problems in industry with a focus on mathematical modeling and analytics. It combines a three-day workshop (July 24-26, 2017) with a two-and-a-half-week clinic (July 27-Aug. 11, 2017), in which industry leaders will be invited to describe important problems facing their companies. Following the workshop, participants will work on these problems in small groups during the clinic and throughout the year.

The clinic is designed for junior faculty, postdocs, and graduate students who are interested in working on industrial problems and conducting research that can have a fast impact. Potential project outcomes could include models, algorithms, data analysis, recommendations for process design and process improvement, business model recommendations, and managerial insights.

The goal of the year-long program is to build a bridge between industrial scientists, senior faculty, and junior researchers by working together on important and technically challenging problems with potential high impact on practice.