IMA Receives $50,000 Gift from Microsoft Research

Fadil Santosa (l), Christian Borgs, Dan Spirn

former IMA Director Fadil Santosa (l), Christian Borgs, IMA Director Dan Spirn

The IMA is pleased to announce that it has received a generous gift of $50,000 from Microsoft Research. Microsoft Research has had a long relationship with the IMA, taking an active role in governing, supporting, and advocating for the IMA and its activities, and became a member of the IMA’s Participating Corporation program in 2015.

“This gift is in recognition of the IMA’s central role in applied mathematics for the last three decades, and our hope of continuing leadership from the IMA,” said Christian Borgs, deputy managing director and co-founder of Microsoft Research New England. Borgs is also a current member of the IMA Board of Governors.

The gift, which is unrestricted, will be put toward future IMA needs.