Call for Participating Institution Conferences

The IMA’s Participating Institutions (PIs) form an important source of input, talent, energy, and participation for the IMA. PI membership is an ideal way for an institution to express its support for mathematics and its applications.

PIs pay an annual membership fee which brings several benefits, including the opportunity to obtain funds to support conferences held at member institutions. Often these awards of up to $5,000 serve as effective seed money to generate further support from other funding sources. In addition, faculty, graduate students, and postdocs from PIs are eligible to use their PI funds for travel to these conferences. PIs are invited yearly to submit proposals for organizing such conferences. PI conference proposals are currently being accepted.

With partial support from the IMA PI Conference program, Purdue University hosted a successful workshop in Approximation Theory and Machine Learning, held September 29-30, 2018.

“We attracted speakers and participants from a wide variety of backgrounds, from the very mathematical to the very computational, including speakers from Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Ohio State, Colorado-Boulder, University of Illinois, and Argonne National Labs,” said Department of Mathematics Head Greg Buzzard. “We had nearly 200 people register, with an on-site maximum of at least 150 people. I'm aware of several new connections and collaborations that were started because of this conference, and I'm sure there were dozens more. We're very grateful for the opportunity to host this conference and for the support of the IMA.”