The IMA Welcomes New Cargill Postdocs

industrial postdocs working with Cargill

The IMA is pleased to announce the arrival of three new industrial postdocs who will begin a two-year fellowship with Cargill, where they will divide their time between a company-directed project and their own research. This is the first time that the IMA will collaborate with the Minnesota-based agricultural corporation and share this many postdocs with the same company in the same year. The postdocs were selected from among hundreds of applicants. Please join us in welcoming this talented group of mathematicians.

  • Hossein Keshavarz, Ph.D., University of Michigan, advisor: XuanLong Nguyen, is interested in spatial-temporal statistics and machine learning, specifically finding scalable algorithms for estimating spatially varying processes.
  • Guanglin Xu, Ph.D., University of Iowa, advisor: Samuel Burer, focuses his research on optimization under uncertainty, including robust optimization, stochastic optimization, and sensitivity analysis.
  • Dongmian Zou, Ph.D., University of Maryland, advisor: Radu Balan, studies applied harmonic analysis and machine learning, and in particular, nonlinear analysis of the phase retrieval problem and the deep convolutional neural networks.

In addition, the IMA will also host industrial postdocs to work with Target, the first of whom started this fall. 

  • Stuart Rogers, Ph.D., University of Alberta, advisor: Vakhtang Putkaradze, focuses his research on the optimal control of nonholonomic mechanical systems.