IMA Reunion on Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications Program

This fall, a special session will be held at the Central Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society to discuss recent developments in discrete mathematics, serving to continue and disseminate the activities of the IMA’s 2014-2015 Annual Thematic Program on Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications.

These developments include topics in probabilistic and extremal combinatorics, additive and analytic combinatorics, geometric and enumerative combinatorics, random polytopes, isoperimetric problems, the structure of the space of convex bodies, geometric inequalities, random matrices, geometric tomography, and applications to areas such as computer science, signal processing and operations research.

The meeting takes place at the University of St. Thomas on its Minneapolis campus from October 28-30, 2016 and is organized by IMA long-term visitors Leslie Hogben (Iowa State University) and Ryan Martin (Iowa State University), and former IMA Associate Director Elisabeth Werner (Case Western Reserve University).