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Title Author
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of the Aging-Cancer Interface Matthew Witten
Translation Planes and Derivation Sets E.F. Assmus, Jr. and J.D. Key
Some Forced Nonlinear Equations and the Time Evolution of Spectral Data Robert Carroll
Exact Solutions of Hydrodynamic Type Equations Having Infinitely Many Conserved Densities Yuji Kodama
A Method for Solving the Dispersionless KP Hierarchy and its Exact Solutions II Yuji Kodama and John Gibbons
Maxwell's Equations in a Periodic Structure Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman
Higher Order Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Equations Francisco Bernis and Avner Friedman
Title Author
Rapidly Stretching Plastic Jets: The Linearized Problem Fernando Reitich
Minimization in Nonlinear Elasticity Theory for Bodies Reinforced with Inextensible Cords R.L. Fosdick and G.P. Mac Sithigh
A Variant of the Gohberg-Semencul Formula Involving Circulant Matrices Gregory Ammar and Paul Gader
Approximation of Hankel Operators: Truncation Error in an H∞ Design Method J.W. Helton and N.J. Young
The Lorenz System Does Not Have a Polynomial Flow Brian A. Coomes
On Some New Exact Solutions of Nonlinear D'Allembert and Hamilton Equations Wilhelm I. Fushchich and Renat Zhdanov
Exact Solutions of Multidimensional Nonlinear Dirac's and Schrödinger's Equations Wilhelm I. Fushchich
On Vector and Pseudovector Lagrangians for Electromagnetic Field Wilhelm I. Fushchich, Ivan Krivsky and Vladimir Simulik
On the Uniqueness in the Inverse Conductivity Problem with One Measurement Avner Friedman and Victor Isakov
A Nonlinear Nonlocal Wave Equation Arising in Combustion Theory Avner Friedman and Miguel A. Herrero
Self-Orthogonal Codes and The Topology of Spinor Group Jay A. Wood
A Quantitative Model for Lifespan Curves Matthew Witten
Construction of Inertial Manifolds by Elliptic Regularization Eugene Fabes, Mitchell Luskin and George R. Sell
On Singular Hamiltonians: The Existence of Quasi-periodic Solutions and Nonlinear Stability Chjan C. Lim
Quasi-periodic Dynamics of Desingularized Vortex Models Chjan C. Lim
On λ-designs with λ = 2P Akos Seress
Spanning Trees With Many Leaves in Cubic Graphs Jerrold R. Griggs, Daniel J. Kleitman and Aditya Shastri
The Space Charge Problem Chris J. Budd, Avner Friedman, Bryce McLeod and Adam A. Wheeler
On the Complexity of Inverting the Autocorrelation Function of a Finite Integer Sequence, and the Problem of Locating n Points on a Line, Given the $\left(n\atop 2\right)$ Unlabelled Distances Between Them Paul Lemke and Michael Werman
On the Question of Obtaining Optimal Partitions of Point Sets in Ed with Hyperplane Cuts Paul Lemke
Optimum Filter for DC/AC-Converter in Electronics Albert F&aumlassler and Ren&eacute Jeanneret
Some New Perfect One-Factorizations from Starters in Finite Fields J.H. Dinitz and D.R. Stinson
Inverse Scattering Problem for the Schr&oumlodinger Equation in Three Dimensions: Connections Between Exact and Approximate Methods E. Somersalo, G. Beylkin, R. Burridge and M. Cheney
A Quasi-Variational Inequality Arising in Elastohydrodynamics Bei Hu
On the Quenching Behavior of a Semilinear Parabolic Equation Jong-Shenq Guo
A Two-Point Boundary Value Problem of Dirichlet Type with Resonance at Infinitely Many Eigenvalues Chaitan P. Gupta
Integral Type Asymptotic Conditions for the Solvability of a Periodic Fourth Order Boundary Value Problem Chaitan P. Gupta
A Differential Delay Equation with Wideband Noise Perturbations G. Yin and K.M. Ramachandran
A New Algorithm for Constrained Adaptive Array Processing Y.M. Zhu and G. Yin
Nearly Optimal Control of Queues in Heavy Traffic with Heterogeneous Servers K.M. Ramachandran
More Zeros of Krawtchouk Polynomials Laurent Habsieger and Dennis Stanton
Sieved Partition Functions and q-Binomial Coefficients Frank Garvan and Dennis Stanton
Selective `Complex' Reflectionless Potentials Andrew Hasenfeld
Multiple Pythagorean Number Triples Albert F&aumlassler
Creativity and Mathematics Teaching: Some Thoughts on Mathematics Teaching, Computers, and Calculus Matthew Witten
Implementation of the Straightening Algorithm of Classical Invariant Theory Neil White
Scattering by Stripe Grating Hamid Bellout and Avner Friedman
Asymptotic Conditions for the Solvability of a Fourth Order Boundary Value Problem with Periodic Boundary Conditions Chaitan P. Gupta
Functional Differential Equations for the Determination of the Viscosity Function in a Rheometer Avner Friedman and Louis A. Romero
Constructing Uniform Oriented Matroids Without the Isotopy Property Bernd Sturmfels and Neil White
Optimization on Graphs with Restricted Weights David Magagnosc and Michael Werman
Extremal Codes are Homogeneous Vera Pless
An Addition Theorem on the Integers Modulo n Paul Lemke and Daniel J. Kleitman