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Title Author
Ill-Posedness Resulting from Slip As a Possible Explanation of Melt Fracture Michael Renardy
A Well-Posed Boundary Value Problem for Supercritical Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids of Maxwell Type Michael Renardy
A Fiber Tapering Problem Bei Hu
Inversion of the Bloch transform in magnetic resonance imaging using asymmetric two-component inverse scattering Andrew E. Yagle
On the Semilinear Elliptic Equation Δw - ½y ⋅ ∇w + λw - w-β = 0 in Rn Jong-Shenq Guo
A Variational Inequality Associated with a Lubrication Problem Jong-Shenq Guo
Life-Span of Classical Solutions to Fully Nonlinear Wave Equations Li Ta-tsien (Li Da-qian) and Yu Xin
Existence Results for the Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids with a Differential Constitutive Law C. Guillopé and J.C. Saut
On Entropy Consistency of Large Time Step Godunov and Glimm Schemes Wang Jinghua and Gerald Warnecke
Conformal Symmetries and Generalized Recurrences for Heat and Schrödinger Equations in One Spatial Dimension E.G. Kalnins, Raphael D. Levine and Willard Miller, Jr.
A Hyperbolic Inverse Problem Arising in the Evolution of Combustion Aerosol Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich
The Yang-Baxter Equations and Differential Identities Fu-Cho Pu and D.H. Sattinger
On the 0-1 Maximization of Positive Definite Quadratic Forms Peter Gritzmann and Victor Klee
Some Necessary Conditions at an Internal Boundary for Minimizers in Finite Elasticity Henry C. Simpson and Scott J. Spector
Mathematical Problems Associated with the Elasticity of Liquids D. D. Joseph
Remarks on inertial radii, persistent normal stresses, secondary motions , and non-elastic extensional viscosities Daniel D. Joseph
Note on the Balance of Energy at a Phase Change Interface A. Narain and D.D. Joseph
Generalization of the Foscolo-Gibilaro Analysis of Dynamic Waves Daniel D. Joseph
Stability of Periodic Arrays of Cylinders Across the Stream by Direct Simulation P. Singh, Ph. Caussignac, A. Fortes, D.D. Joseph and T. Lundgren
Invariant Theory, Equivalence Problems, and the Calculus of Variations Peter J. Olver
The Runge-Kutta Local Projection Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Conservation Laws IV: The Multidimensional Case Bernardo Cockburn, Suchung Hou and Chi-Wang Shu
Polynomial Flows on Cn* Brian A. Coomes
Instability and Ill-Posedness in Granular Flow E. Bruce Pitman and David G. Schaeffer
The Yang-Baxter Equation for Integrable Systems Pu Fu-cho and D.H. Sattinger
Bäcklund Transformations and the Painlevé Property John Weiss
Existence of Kam Tori in the Phase Space of Vortex Systems Chjan. C. Lim
On the Abelian Higgs Models with Sources Yisong Yang
A Note On Nonabelian Vortices Yisong Yang
One-Dimensional Thermomechanical Phase Transitions with Non-Convex Potentials of Ginzburg-Landau Type Jürgen Sprekels
Computation, Dimensionality, and Zero Dissipation Limit of the Ginzburg-Landau Wave Equation Yisong Yang
On the Convergence of Finite Element Approximations of a Relaxed Variational Problem Donald A. French
The Flow of Pure Vapor Undergoing Film Condensation Between Parallel Plates A. Narain and Y. Kizilyalli
Reduced Matrices and q-log Concavity Properties of q-Stirling Numbers Pierre Leroux
On Affine Difference Sets Dieter Jungnickel
Minimum Cutsets for an Element of a Boolean Lattice Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman
Detonation Waves and Deflagration Waves in the One Dimensional ZND Model for High Mach Number Combustion David H. Wagner
Quantization of BiHamiltonian Systems D.J. Kaup and Peter J. Olver
Equivalence of Higher Order Lagrangians II. The Cartan Form for Particle Lagrangians Lucas Hsu, Niky Kamran and Peter J. Olver
Equivalence of Higher Order Lagrangians 1. Formulation and Reduction Niky Kamran and Peter J. Olver
Recent Developments in Liquid Crystal Theory David Kinderlehrer
Theory of Diffusionless Phase Transitions Richard James and David Kinderlehrer
The Relaxation of Functionals with Surface Energies David Kinderlehrer and Giorgio Vergara-Caffarelli
MacDonald Conjectures and The Selberg Integral Laurent Habsieger
Linear Recurrent Sequences and Irrationality Measures Laurent Habsieger
Horseshoe Chaos in a Periodically Perturbed Polarized Optical Beam D. David, D.D. Holm and M.V. Tratnik
Integrable and Chaotic Polarization Dynamics in Nonlinear Optical Beams D. David, D. D. Holm, and M.V. Tratnik
Shellings of Tilings Pierre Goossens
Optimization of Globally Convex Functions T.C. Hu, Victor Klee and David Larman
A Free Boundary Problem for a Hamilton-Jacobi Equation Arising in Ions Etching Bei Hu
Re-Examining The Gompertzian Model of Aging Matthew Witten and Caleb E. Finch