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Title Author
Extensions of an algorithm for the analysis of nongeneric Hopf bifurcations, with applications to delay-difference equations Jeffery M. Franke and Harlan W. Stech
Relaxed shape optimization: The case of nonnegative data for the Dirichlet problem M. Chipot and G. Dal Maso
Periodicity in cell proliferation using an asynchronous cell population Stanley Minkowitz and Matthew Witten
Numerical approximation of the solutions of delay differential equations on an infinite interval using piecewise constant arguments K.L. Cooke and I. Györi
On the Poincare-Whitney circuitspace and other properties of an incidence matrix for binary trees Chjan C. Lim
Apollonius coordinates, the N-body problem and continuation of periodic solutions Kenneth R. Meyer
Rotation sets and monotone periodic orbits for annulus homeomorphisms Philip Boyland
Transversal heteroclinic and homoclinic orbits in singular perturbation problems P. Szmolyan
The existence of viscous profiles and admissibility for transonic shocks Barbara Lee Keyfitz and Gerald G. Warnecke
Shocks near the sonic line: A comparison between steady and unsteady models for change of type Barbara Lee Keyfitz
Stability for an inverse problem in potential theory Hamid Bellout, Avner Friedman and Victor Isakov
A free boundary problem arising in electrophotography Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
Two-Dimensional cusped interfaces Daniel D. Joseph, John Nelson, Michael Renardy, and Yuriko Renardy
Isospectral flows: their Hamiltonian structures, Miura maps and master symmetries Allan P. Fordy
Hopf bifurcations in competitive three-dimensional Lotka-Volterra Systems M.L. Zeeman
Wave propagation in a qualitative model of combustion under equilibrium conditions J. David Logan
Axially symmetric jets of compressible fluid Xinfu Chen
Undercompressive shocks for nonstrictly hyperbolic conservation laws Stephen Schecter and Michael Shearer
On a linear, partly hyperbolic model of viscoelastic flow past a plate L.E. Fraenkel
Lie algebras of differential operators in two complex variables Artemio González-López, Niky Kamran, and Peter J. Olver
Couette flows, rollers, emulsions, tall Taylor cells, phase separation and inversion, and a chaotic bubble in Taylor-Couette flow of two immiscible liquids D.D. Joseph, P. Singh, and K. Chen
Bifurcations of relative equilibria Martin Krupa
Disappearance of phase in the Stefan problem: one space dimension D.G. Aronson and S. Kamin
Feedback, delays and the origin of blood cell dynamics Michael C. Mackey and John G. Milton
Theory of one dimensional adaptive grid generation Prabir Daripa
Normal form and linearization for quasiperiodic systems Shui-Nee Chow, Kening Lu, and Yun-Qiu Shen
On the equation grad f = M grad g Max Jodeit, Jr. and Peter J. Olver
On the smoothness of the linearization of vector fields near resonant hyperbolic rest points Mohamed Sami Elbialy
Diffusion of penetrant in a polymer: a free boundary problem Bei Hu
Complicated dynamics in scalar semilinear parabolic equations in higher space dimension Peter Polácik
Two-phase incompressible flow in a porous medium with various nonhomogeneous boundary conditions Todd Arbogast
Numerical approximation of the solution of a variational problem with a double well potential Charles Collins, David Kinderlehrer, and Mitchell Luskin
A sharp condition for existence of an inertial manifold Milan Miklavcic
Qualitative dynamics of planar chains S. Laederich and M. Levi
A strictly hyperbolic system of conservation laws admitting singular shocks Herbert C. Kranzer and Barbara Lee Keyfitz
Loss of hyperbolicity in yield vertex plasticity models under nonproportional loading David G. Schaeffer and Michael Shearer
On solutions to a quasilinear diffusion problem from the study of soft tissue Jonathan Bell, Avner Friedman, and Andrew A. Lacey
A system of partial differential equations arising in electrophotography Avner Friedman and Wenxiong Liu
Title Author
On the stability of the shearing flow between pipes L. Preziosi and F. Rosso
Richness and the classification of quasilinear hyperbolic systems Denis Serre
Linear Deformations as Global Minimizers in Nonlinear Elasticity Scott J. Spector
Numerical computation and continuation of invariant manifolds connecting fixed points Mark J. Friedman and Eusebius J. Doedel
On the Complexity of Pattern Recognition Algorithms On a Tree-Structured Parallel Computer A.L. Gorin, D.B. Roe and A.G. Greenberg
Shock Waves for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Systems in Nonconservative Form Philippe Le Floch
On the Computation of the Beltrami Equation in the Complex Plane Prabir Daripa
Sequencing of Experiments for Linear and Quadratic Time Effects Gregory M. Constantine and John Bryant
An Invariance Property for the Propagation of Heat and Shear Waves Luigi Preziosi
Reviews of Modern Physics: Addendum to the Paper Heat Waves Daniel D. Joseph and Luigi Preziosi
An existence theorem for model equations resulting from kinetic theories of polymer solutions Michael Renardy
Peering Inside Living Systems: Physiology in a Supercomputer Matthew Witten