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Title Author
A numerical study of a rotationally degenerate hyperbolic system part I: the Riemann problem Heinrich Freistühler and E. Bruce Pitman
Global existence for a thermodynamically consistent model of phase field type Songmu Zheng
Scattering of acoustic wave by obstacle in stratified medium Yongzhi Xu
Mathematical modeling of semiconductor lasers Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman
Convergence results for the homogenization of flow in fractured porous media Bogdan Vernescu
Local and deletion influence A.J. Lawrance
Some stability results for perturbed semilinear parabolic equations Mario Taboada and Yuncheng You
Local bifurcation theory for thermoelastic Bravais lattices J.L. Ericksen
Lubrication theory and long waves KangPing Chen and Daniel D. Joseph
On the dynamics of fine structure J.M. Ball, P.J. Holmes, R.D. James, R.L. Pego &P.J. Swart
An upwind finite-volume scheme with a triangular mesh for conservation laws San-Yih Lin and Yan-Shin Chin
On bounded and harmonizable solutions on infinite order arma systems A. Makagon and H. Salehi
Models of asymptotic approximation Adelina Georgescu
The convergence of semidiscrete methods for a system of reaction-diffusion equations Ling Ma
Asymptotic integration of Navier-Stokes equations with potential forces. I C. Foias and J.C. Saut
Internal, external and generalized symmetries Ian M. Anderson, Niky Kamran and Peter J. Olver
A simple proof of convergence of the QR algorithm for normal matrices without shifts Michelle Schatzman
Homoclinic bifurcation to a transitive attractor of Lorenz type, II Clark Robinson
Dissipative decomposition of partial differential equations Peter J. Olver and Chehrzad Shakiban
Multisummability of formal power series solutions of linear ordinary differential equations W. Balser, B.L.J. Braaksma, J.-P. Ramis and Y. Sibuya
Rotating waves for semiconductor inverter rings C.C. Lim, J.M. Pimbley, C. Schmeiser and D.W. Schwendeman
Local existence and uniqueness of solutions of the Stefan problem with surface tension and kinetic undercooling Xinfu Chen and Fernando Reitich
On the slow motion of the interface of layered solutions to the scalar Ginzburg-Landau equation Fernando Reitich
Regularity for certain degenerate elliptic double obstacle problems Hi Jun Choe
Hölder continuity for solutions of certain degenerate parabolic systems Hi Jun Choe
Blow-up behavior for semilinear heat equations: multi-dimensional case Wenxiong Liu
ODEs on inertial manifolds for reaction-diffusion systems in a singularly perturbed domain with several thin channels Yoshihisa Morita and Shuichi Jimbo
Homogenization approach to light scattering from polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
Generation and Propagation of interfaces in reaction diffusion systems Xinfu Chen
Characteristic matrices and spectral properties of evolutionary systems M.A. Kaashoek and S.M. Verduyn Lunel
Axial channeling in perfect crystals, the continuum model and the method of averaging H.S. Dumas, J.A. Ellison and A.W. Sáenz
A nonparametric approach to nonlinear time series analysis: estimation and simulation A. Ronald Gallant and George Tauchen
Computational complexity of inner and outer j-radii of polytopes in finite-dimensional normed spaces Peter Gritzmann and Victor Klee
Optimal order error estimates for the finite element approximation of the solution of a nonconvex variational problem Charles Collins and Mitchell Luskin
Mathematical problems for miscible, incompressible fluids with Korteweg stresses P. Galdi, D.D. Joseph, L. Preziosi, S. Rionero
Symbolic dynamics for chaotic systems Bo Deng
Weak convergence of integrands and the Young measure representation David Kinderlehrer and Pablo Pedregal
Multiple integrals with respect to L-mixing processes László Gerencsér
A strong approximation theorem for estimator processes in continuous time László Gerencsér and Zsuzsanna Vágó
Nonlinear wave analysis and convergence of MUSCL schemes Huanan Yang
Numerical approximations in variational problems with potential wells Michel Chipot and Charles Collins
Hölder continuity for the inverse of Mañé's projection A. Eden, C. Foias, B. Nicolaenko & R. Temam
Inertial sets for dissipative evolution equations A. Eden, C. Foias, B. Nicolaenko & R. Temam
Finite dimensional exponential attractors for semilinear wave equations with damping A. Eden, A.J. Milani and B. Nicolaenko
Ergodization rates for linear flow on the torus H. Scott Dumas
Lax pair formulation for the Euler equation Susan Friedlander and Misha M. Vishik
Some examples of temperature bounds and concentration decay for a model of solid fuel combustion Joel D. Avrin
Weighted resolvent estimates for Volterra operators on unbounded intervals Peter Rejto and Mario Taboada
Approximate inertial manifolds for parabolic evolutionary equations via Yosida Mario Taboada
Poincaré's proof of Poincaré's last geometric theorem Christophe Golé and Glen R. Hall