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Title Author
A mathematical theory for viscous, free-surface flows over a perturbed plane F. Abergel and J.L. Bona
Periodic surfaces which are extremal for energy functionals containing curvature functions Johannes C.C. Nitsche
Asymptotic behavior for a coalescence problem Oscar Bruno, Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich
Vortex rings of one fluid in another in free fall Nicholas Baumann, Daniel D. Joseph, Paul Mohr and Yuriko Renardy
Analysis of nonlinear time series (and chaos) by bispectral methods T. Subba Rao
Local dissipativity and attractors for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation in thin 2D domains George R. Sell and Mario Taboada
The shock generation problem for a discrete gas with short range repulsive forces J.M. Greenberg
Self-similarity in a coarsening model in one dimension Jack Carr and Robert Pego
Maximal smoothness of solutions to certain Euler-Lagrange equations from nonlinear elasticity Patricia Bauman, Nicholas C. Owen and Daniel Phillips
Maximum principles and a priori estimates for an incompressible material in nonlinear elasticity Patricia Bauman, Nicholas C. Owen and Daniel Phillips
Refined asymptotics for the blowup of ut - Δu = up. Stathis Filippas and Robert V. Kohn
Nekhoroshev's theorem, ergodicity, and the motion of energetic charged particles in crystals H. Scott Dumas and James A. Ellison
Self-similar solutions for infiltration of dopant into semiconductors L.A. Peletier and W.C. Troy
Young measures and the absence of fine microstructures in the α - β quartz phase transition João Palhoto Matos
Computing centre conditions for certain cubic systems N.G. Lloyd and J.M. Pearson
Convergence of finite volume methods B. Cockburn, F. Coquel, Ph. LeFloch and C.W. Shu
Solutions to evolution equations with near-equilibrium initial values (770) Chris Grant
Kelvin-Helmholtz mechanism for side branching in the displace- ment of light with heavy fluid under gravity D.D. Joseph, T.Y.J. Liao and J.-C. Saut
Dissipativity of numerical schemes C. Foias, M.S. Jolly, I.G. Kevrekidis and E.S. Titi
Analysis and application of a continuation method for a self-similar coupled Stefan system Joseph D. Fehribach
The Riemann problem for systems of conservation laws of mixed type Haitao Fan and Marshall Slemrod
Geometric parameters and the relaxation of multiwell energies Nikan B. Firoozye and Robert V. Kohn
Axis-symmetric boundary-value problems for nematic liquid crystals with variable degree of orientation Vincenzo M. Tortorelli and Epifanio G. Virga
Interior behaviour of minimizers for certain functionals with nonstandard growth Hi Jun Choe
The time-harmonic Maxwell equations in a doubly periodic structure David Dobson and Avner Friedman
Extinction and positivity for a system of semilinear parabolic variational inequalities Avner Friedman and Miguel A. Herrero
An augmented drift-diffusion model in semiconductor device Avner Friedman and Wenxiong Liu
A free boundary problem arising in superconductor modeling Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
Title Author
The Wigner-Weyl transform on tori and connected graph propagator representations T.A. Osborn and F.H. Molzahn
A vanishing viscosity approach on the dynamics of phase transitions in Van Der Waals fluids Haitao Fan
A regularity theory for a more general class of quasilinear parabolic partial differential equations and variational inequalities Hi Jun Choe
A new splitting method for scaler conservation laws with stiff source terms Emad A. Fatemi
Slowly oscillating periodic solutions of autonomous state-dependent delay equations Y. Kuang and H.L. Smith
Numerical schemes for constrained minimization problems Emad A. Fatemi
Singular perturbation problems with a compact support semilinear term Giovanni Alberti, Luigi Ambrosio and Giuseppe Buttazzo
Existence of travelling wave solutions for a bistable evolutionary ecology model Jack D. Dockery and Roger Lui
Existence of standing pulse solutions for an excitable activator-inhibitory system Jack D. Dockery
Holder regularity for the gradient of solutions of certain singular parabolic equations Hi Jun Choe
Unique solvability of nonlinear Volterra equations in weighted spaces Peter Rejto and Mario Taboada
Invariant manifolds for retarded semilinear wave equations Mario Taboada and Yuncheng You
Solutions to evolution equations with near-equilibrium initial values Chris Grant
A central limit theorem for non-linear vector functionals of vector Gaussian processes Tae Il Jeon and Tze-Chien Sun
Multisummability and Stokes multipliers of linear meromorphic differential equations B.L.J. Braaksma
Efficient hybrid shock capturing schemes Eduard Harabetian and Robert Pego
The dam problem with leaky boundary conditions J. Carrillo and M. Chipot
Numerical analysis of oscillations in nonconvex problems M. Chipot
Analysis of the finite element approximation of microstructure in micromagnetics Mitchell Luskin and Ling Ma
Large time study of finite element methods for 2D Navier-Stokes equations Ling Ma
Geometric evolution of phase-boundaries Yoshikazu Giga and Shun'ichi Goto
New variational problems in the statics of liquid crystals Epifanio G. Virga