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Title Author
Parameter identification in reaction-diffusion models Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich
On degenerate diffusion with very strong absorption Bernhard Kawohl and Robert Kersner
Singular solutions of some nonlinear parabolic equations Shoshana Kamin and Juan Luis Vazquez
Large time behavior of a nonlinear diffusion equation with a source S. Kamin and W. Liu
Evolution of nonparametric surfaces with speed depending on curvature, II. The mean curvature case Vladimir I. Oliker and Nina N. Uraltseva
A regularity theory for degenerate vector valued variational inequalities Hi Jun Choe and Lihe Wang
Remark on the fast diffusion equation in a ball Victor A. Galaktionov
On some monotonicity in time properties for a quasilinear parabolic equation with source Victor A. Galaktionov and Sergey A. Posashkov
Finite dimensional inertial forms for the 2D Navier-Stokes equations Minkyu Kwak
Finite dimensional description of convective reaction-diffusion equations Minkyu Kwak
On the analysis of brine transport in porous media C.J. van Duijn, L.A. Peletier &R.J. Schotting
Self-similar solutions for diffusion in semiconductors L.A. Peletier and W.C. Troy
On the Riemann problem of a combustion model Tong Li
Shortening space curves and flow through singularities Steven J. Altschuler and Matthew A. Grayson
Singularities of the curve shrinking flow for space curves Steven J. Altschuler
Direct and inverse scattering of time harmonic acoustic waves in an inhomogeneous shallow ocean Yongzhi Xu, T. Craig Poling, and Trent Brundage
A free boundary problem arising in electrophotography: solutions with connected toner region Bei Hu and Lihe Wang
The stress driven instabilities in crystals: mathematical models and physical manifestations M.A. Grinfeld
The Stefan problem with kinetic condition at the free boundary Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
On the Barenblatt equation of elasto- plastic filtration Shoshana Kamin, Lambertus A. Peletier and Juan Luis Vazquez
Diffusion-convection-reaction, free boundaries, and an integral equation B.H. Gilding and R. Kersner
A variational approach to a free boundary problem arising in electro- photography Viorel Baremu and Srdjan Stojanovic
Controlling the free boundary of elliptic variational inequalities on a variable domain Viorel Baremu and Srdjan Stojanovic
On classical solutions of the two-phase steady-state Stefan problem in strips Jose-Francisco Rodrigues and Boris Zaltzman
Inertial sets for dissipative evolution equations Part I: Construction and applications Eden, A., Foias, C., Nicolaenko, B. and Temam, R.
Regularity of the free boundary of a continuous casting problem Xinfu Chen and Fahuai Yi
Global behavior of positive solutions to a semilinear equation with a nonlinear flux condition J. López Gómez, V. Márquez and N. Wolanski
Inertial manifolds and inertial sets for the phase-field equations Peter W. Bates and Songmu Zheng
Numerical analysis and accurate computation of heteroclinic orbits in the case of center manifolds Mark J. Friedman
Computational methods for global analysis of homoclinic and hetero-clinic orbits: a case study Mark J. Friedman and Eusebius J. Doedel
Global existence of weak solutions for interface equations coupled with diffusion equations Yoshikazu Giga, Shun'ichi Goto and Hitoshi Ishii
Quenching for quasilinear equations Marek Fila, Bernhard Kawohl and Howard A. Levine
Regularity of solutions for a two-phase degenerate Stefan Problem Dening Li
Existence and non-existence of solitary wave solutions to higher order model evolution equations Satyanad Kichenassamy and Peter J. Olver
Quasistatic linear thermoelasticity on the unit disk Peter Shi and Yongzhi Xu
Regularity for solutions of nonlinear variational inequalities with gradient constraints Hi Jun Choe
Interior gradient estimates for solutions of prescribed curvature equations of parabolic type Bo Guan and Joel Spruck
The Stefan problem with surface tension in the three dimensional case with spherical symmetry: non-existence of the classical solution A.M. Meirmanov
On the blowup of multidimensional semilinear heat equations Stathis Filippas and Wenxiong Liu
Existence and non-existence for quasi-linear elliptic equations with the p-laplacian involving critical Sobolev exponents M.C. Knaap
Mathematical model of natural convection under low gravity V.V. Pukhnachov
Finite-dimensional description of doubly diffusive convection E. Knobloch, M.R.E. Proctor and N.O. Weiss
Separation of variables for the Dirac equation in Kerr Newman space time E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr.
The thermistor problem with one-zero conductivity Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman
The thermistor problem for conductivity which vanishes at large temperature Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman
On the uniqueness of solutions of some second order differential equations Chao-Nien Chen
A minimal model for spatio-temporal patterns in thin film flow H.S. Brown, I.G. Kevrekidis and M.S. Jolly
Normality and convexity of the yield surface in nonlinear plasticity Roger Fosdick and Eric Volkmann
An inverse problem for harmonic acoustics in stratified oceans Robert P. Gilbert and Yongzhi Xu
Phase field equations in the singular limit of sharp interface problems Gunduz Caginalp and Xinfu Chen