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Title Author
Infinitely conducting dynamos and other horrible eigenproblems B.J. Bayly
Operator matrices with chordal inverse patterns Charles R. Johnson and Michael Lundquist
Partial regularity of least gradient mappings Patricio Aviles and Yoshikazu Giga
Minimal currents, geodesics and relaxation of variational integrals on mappings of bounded variation Patricio Aviles and Yoshikazu Giga
Phase reconstruction via nonlinear least-squares David C. Dobson
Some applications of asymptotic methods in semiconductor device modeling Leonid V. Kalachev
The heavy top: a geometric treatment D. Lewis, T. Ratiu, J.C. Simo and J.E. Marsden
Self-accommodation in martensite Kaushik Bhattacharya
Viscosity dependent behaviour of viscoelastic porous media Horia I. Ene and Bogdan Vernescu
Solvability of an evolution problem of thermocapillary convection in an infinite time interval V.A. Solonnikov
Rank tests for time series analysis a survey Marc Hallin and Madan L. Puri
Controlling for optimum growth with time dependent returns Raoul LePage
Controlling a diffusion toward a large goal and the Kelly principle Raoul LePage
The thermistor problem with zero-one conductivity II Xinfu Chen, Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
Rectangular L-matrices Richard A. Brualdi and Keith L. Chavey
Unique global solutions of initial-boundary value problems for thermodynamic phase transitions Mahmoud Affouf
Nonplanar shear flows for nonaligning nematic liquid crystals Mitchell Luskin and Tsorng-Whay Pan
Growth driven by diffusion Jerzy Luczka, Adam Gadomski and Zbigniew J. Grzywna
On the Larché-Cahn theory for stress-induced diffusion Aleksander M. Simon and Zbigniew J. Grzywna
Convergence of second-order schemes for isentropic gas dynamics Gui-Qiang Chen and Jian-Guo Liu
Zero relaxation and dissipation limits for hyperbolic conservation laws Gui-Qiang Chen and Tai-Ping Liu
The dynamics associated with the chaotic tangles of two dimensional quasiperiodic vector fields: theory and applications Darin Beigie, Anthony Leonard and Stephen Wiggins
Numerical study of a singular system of conservation laws arising in enhanced oil reservoirs Mahmoud Affouf
A class of eigenvalue problems, with applications to instability of solitary waves Robert L. Pego and Michael I. Weinstein
Vigorous motions in magma chambers and lava lakes Herbert E Huppert and M Grae Worster
An introduction to Hilbert's 21st problem D.V. Anosov
Quantum holography and neurocomputer architectures Walter Schempp
Mullins-Sekerka stability analysis for melting-freezing waves in helium-4 Joseph D. Fehribach
Finite dimensional exponential attractor for the phase field model D. Brochet, X. Chen and D. Hilhorst
Multiple solutions for a semilinear elliptic equation on RN with nonlinear dependence on the gradient Chao-Nien Chen
Boundary value problems for variational integrals involving surface curvatures Johannes C.C. Nitsche
Sublinear elliptic equations in Rn Haïm Brezis and Shoshana Kamin
Numerical simulation of MOS transistors Erasmus Langer
On a dissolution-growth problem with surface tension in the neighborhood of a stationary solution F. Abergel, D. Hilhorst and F. Issard-Roch
Critical points of solutions to the obstacle problem in the plane Shigeru Sakaguchi
Global attractor, inertial manifolds and stabilization of nonlinear damped beam equations Mario Taboada and Yuncheng You
On the nonsmooth verification technique for the dynamic programming of viscous flow S.S. Sritharan
The geometry of nonlinear Schrödinger standing waves Paul K. Newton and Shinya Watanabe
On a class of perturbed conservation laws R. Natalini and A. Tesei
A Nekhoroshev-like theory of classical particle channeling in perfect crystals H. Scott Dumas
Quenching profiles for one-dimensional semilinear heat equations Stathis Filippas and Jong-Shenq Guo
Discontinuous media and Dirichlet forms of diffusion type Marco Biroli and Umberto Mosco
Source-type solutions and asymptotic behaviour for a diffusion-convection equation Miguel Escobedo, Juan Luis Vazquez and Enrike Zuazua
The propagation of turbulent bursts Shoshana Kamin and Juan Luis Vazquez
The Dipole solution for the porous medium equation in several space dimensions Josephus Hulshof and Juan Luis Vazquez
Asymptotic behaviour for an equation of superslow diffusion. The Cauchy problem Victor A. Galaktionov and Juan L. Vazquez
Solution of a boundary value problem for Helmholtz equation via variation of the boundary into the complex domain Oscar P. Bruno and Fernando Reitich
Numerical solution of diffraction problems: a method of variation of boundaries Oscar P. Bruno and Fernando Reitich
Dichotomies for linear evolutionary equations in Banach spaces Robert J. Sacker and George R. Sell
Models of q-algebra representations I. Tensor products of special unitary and oscillator algebras E.G. Kalnins, H.L. Manocha and Willard Miller, Jr.