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Title Author
Rank one perturbation and its application to the Laplacian spectrum of a graph Wasin So
Flow and reactive transport in porous media induced by well injection: Similarity solution C.J. Van Duijn and Peter Knabner
Some remarks on the geometry of some surfaces of matrices associated with Toeplitz eigenproblems Kenneth R. Driessel
Taylor series expansion for solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation with respect to their initial values Bing-Yu Zhang
Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint methods for reactive transport in groundwater Richard E. Ewing and Hong Wang
Drying of gelatin asymptotically in photographic film Chaocheng Huang
Error estimates for a finite element method for the drift-diffusion semiconductor device equations Zhangxin Chen and Bernardo Cockburn
Models of q-algebra representations: Matrix Elements of Uq(su2) E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr. and Sanchita Mukherjee
Tournament matrices with extremal spectral properties Stephen J. Kirkland and Bryan L. Shader
Convexity and concavity of the Perron root and vector of Leslie matrices with applications to a population model Stephen J. Kirkland and Michael Neumann
The analysis of coating flows near the contact line Avner Friedman and Juan J.L. Velázquez
Upcoming numerical linear algebra issues in systems and control theory Paul Van Dooren
On the QR algorithm and updating the SVD and URV decomposition in parallel Marc Moonen, Paul Van Dooren and Filiep Vanpoucke
Self-inverse sign patterns Carolyn Eschenbach, Frank J. Hall and Charles R. Johnson
Idempotence for sign pattern matrices Carolyn Eschenbach
Linear operators on matrices: Preserving spectrum and displacement structure Kenneth R. Driessel and Wasin So
Stability robustness of state space systems inter-relations between the continuous and discrete time cases Izchak Lewkowicz
Numerical analysis of a nonconvex variational problem related to solid-solid phase transitions Pierre-Alain Gremaud
Some results on blow up for semilinear parabolic problems M.A. Herrero and J.J.L. Velázquez
Acoustic waves and far-field patterns in two dimensional oceans with porous-elastic seabeds R.P. Gilbert and Yongzhi Xu
CW mode structure and constraint beamforming in a waveguide with unknown large inclusions Yongzhi Xu
Stability theory for parametric generalized equations and variational inequalities via nonsmooth analysis Boris Mordukhovich
Symbolic dynamics and matrices Mike Boyle
Factorization of matrix polynomials with symmetries A.C.M Ran and L. Rodman
Designing periodic structures with specified low frequency scattered in far-field data David C. Dobson
On the stability radius of generalized state-space systems Ralph Byers and N.K. Nichols
Title Author
Eigenvalues of almost skew symmetric matrices and tournament matrices Shmuel Friedland
Difference versus Gaussian curvature energies; monolayer versus bilayer curvature energies applications to vesicle stability Håkan Wennerström and David M. Anderson
Strong hall matrices Richard A. Brualdi and Bryan L. Shader
Combinatorial orthogonality LeRoy B. Beasley, Richard A. Brualdi and Bryan L. Shader
A numerical transmutation approach for underwater sound propagation Robert P. Gilbert and Yongzhi Xu
Stabilization of hybrid systems in the presence of feedback delays K.L. Cooke, Janos Turi and Gregg Turner
Thermal contraction as a free boundary problem Pierre-Alain Gremaud
Spectra with positive elementary symmetric functions Charles R. Johnson, D.D. Olesky, Michael Tsatsomeros and P. van den Driessche
Remarks on eigenvalues of Hankel matrices Miroslav Fiedler
An estimate for the nonstochastic eigenvalues of doubly stochastic matrices Miroslav Fiedler
Structure-ranks of matrices Miroslav Fiedler
Laplacian unimodular equivalence of graphs Robert Grone, Russell Merris and William Watkins
Global solutions of Maxwell's equations in an electromagnetic field with the temperature- dependent electrical conductivity Hong-Ming Yin
Structural stability for time-periodic one-dimensional parabolic equations Mingxiang Chen, Xu-Yan Chen and Jack K. Hale
Rank incrementation via diagonal perturbations Wayne Barrett, Charles R. Johnson, Raphael Loewy and Tamir Shalom
Evolution of nonparametric surfaces with speed depending on curvature, III. Some remarks on mean curvature and anisotropic flows Vladimir I. Oliker and Nina N. Uraltseva
Two metal deposition on a microdisk electrode Reinhold von Schwerin
Relativistic theory of superpotentials for a nonhomogeneous, spatially isotropic medium T.R. Hoffend Jr. and R.K. Kaul
Models of q-algebra representations: the group of plane motions E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr. and Sanchita Mukherjee
A method for resolving the laser induced local heating of moving magneto-optical recording media Thomas R. Hoffend Jr., Peter Smereka and Roger J. Anderson
The Boltzmann equation with lie and cartan Jerry Donato
Linear operators that strongly preserve the index of imprimitivity LeRoy B. Beasley and Norman J. Pullman
The derivation of analytic device models by asymptotic methods Christian Schmeiser and Andreas Unterreiter
A generalised diffusion equation for phase separation of a multi-component mixture with interfacial free energy Charles M. Elliott and Stefan Luckhaus