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Title Author
Entropy solutions for diffusion-convection equations with partial diffusivity M. Escobedo, J.L. Vazquez & Enrike Zuazua
Approximate controllability of the semilinear heat equation Caroline Fabre, Jean-Pierre Puel & Enrike Zuazua
Weakly nonlinear large time behavior in scalar convection-diffusion equations Enrique Zuazua
Optimal control of a convective-diffusive fluid problem Suzanne Lenhart
Optimal control for degenerate parabolic equations with logistic growth Suzanne M. Lenhart and Jiongmin Yong
Maximum principle for state-constrained optimal control problems governed by quasilinear elliptic equations Eduardo Casas and Jiongmin Yong
H2 and H∞ designs of multirate sampled-data systems Li Qiu and Tongwen Chen
Axially symmetric jet flows arising from high speed fiber coating Yong Liu
A combinatorial perturbation method and Arnold's whiskered Tori in vortex dynamics Chjan C. Lim
Abnormal sub-Riemannian minimizers Wensheng Liu and Héctor J. Sussmann
Statistical analysis of biological monitoring data Peter Guttorp
Projection finite element methods for semiconductor device equations Zhangxin Chen
Global solutions and quenching to a class of quasilinear parabolic equations Bei Hu and Hong-Ming Yin
Multiphase averaging for generalized flows on manifolds H.S. Dumas, F. Golse, and P. Lochak
A state-space approach to a one-dimensional mathematical model for the dynamics of phase transitions in pseudoelastic materials Ruben D. Spies
Stability of equilibria for a class of time-reversible, DnxO(2)-symmetric homogeneous vector fields I-Heng McComb and Chjan C. Lim
Global attractors for semilinear wave equations with locally distributed nonlinear damping and critical exponent Eduard Feireisl and Enrique Zuazua
A free boundary problem arising in the modeling of interanl oxidation of binary alloys Bei Hu and Jianhua Zhang
The Weierstrass condition for a special class of elastic materials J.E. Dunn and Roger Fosdick
H∞ optimal controller design for a class of distributed parameter systems Hitay Özbay
On the computation of suboptimal H∞ controllers for unstable infinite dimensional systems Onur Toker and Hitay Özbay
Row ordering in sparse Q R decomposition Miroslav Tuma
Nonsmooth analysis and shape optimization in flow problem Srdjan Stojanovic
Computation of pseudo-differential operators Gang Bao and William W. Symes
Nucleation, kinetics and admissibility criteria for propagating phase boundaries Rohan Abeyaratne and James K. Knowles
Protocol verification using discrete-event systems Karen Rudie and W. Murray Wonham
A characterization of continuous dependence of trajectories with respect to the input for control-affine systems H.J. Sussmann and W. Liu
Least squares estimation of the linear model with autoregressive errors Neerchal K. Nagaraj and Wayne A. Fuller
Analyticity of solutions of the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation with respect to their initial values Bing-Yu Zhang
Characteristic-Galerkin methods for contaminant transport with non-equilibrium adsorption kinetics C.N. Dawson, C.J. van Duijn, and M.F. Wheeler
Resolution and stability analysis of an inverse problem in electrical impedance tomography - dependence on the input current patterns David C. Dobson and Fadil Santosa
Nonexistence of Lyapunov functions and the instability of the Von Karman vortex streets Chjan Lim
Structured total least squares and L2 approximation problems Bart De Moor
H2 model reduction for SISO systems Bart De Moor, Peter Van Overschee, and Geert Schelfhout
Monotonicity and parametrization results for continuous-time algebraic Riccati equations and Riccati inequalities Harald K. Wimmer
On the existence of a least and negative-semidefinite solution of the discrete-time algebraic Riccati equation Harald K. Wimmer
Modelling of compositional flow in naturally fractured reservoirs Zhangxin Chen and Jim Douglas, Jr.
Hele-Shaw problem and area preserved curve shortening motion Xinfu Chen
Structured condition numbers for linear matrix structures I. Gohberg and I. Koltracht
Functional separation of variables for Laplace equations in two dimensions W. Miller, Jr. and Lee A. Rubel
Models of q-algebra representations: Matrix elements of the q-oscillator algebra E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr., and Sanchita Mukherjee
Discontinuous solutions of steady state, viscous compressible Navier-Stokes equations Xinfu Chen and Weiqing Xie
Existence and regularity of solutions of a nonlinear nonuniformly elliptic system arising from a thermistor problem Xinfu Chen
An efficient algorithm to compute row and column counts for sparse Cholesky factorization John R. Gilbert, Esmond G. Ng, and Barry W. Peyton
Preconditioned iterative regularization for Ill-posed problems Martin Hanke, James Nagy, and Robert Plemmons
Fourth order accuracy for a cubic spline collocation method Charles A. McCarthy
The real positive definite completion problem for a simple cycle Wayne Barrett, Charles R. Johnson, and Pablo Tarazaga
Mathematical Modeling Avner Friedman and Willard Miller, Jr., Organizers
Magnetostatic interactions for certain types of stacked, cylindrically symmetric magnetic particles T.R. Hoffend Jr.
A critical review of the fundamental semiconductor equations G. Baccarani, F. Odeh, A. Gnudi and D. Ventura