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Title Author
On an elliptic-parabolic problem related to phase transitions in shape memory alloys Pierre-Alain Gremaud
Error analysis of the lanczos algorithm for the nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem Zhaojun Bai
Open questions in the convergence analysis of the lanczos process for the real symmetric eigenvalue problem Z. Strakos and A. Greenbaum
Perturbation theory and backward error for AX - XB = C Nicholas J. Higham
Iterative Methods for Finding the Stationary Vector for Markov Chains Dianne P. O'Leary
Convertible, Nearly Decomposable and Nearly Reducible Matrices Bryan L. Shader
Regional Blow-Up in a Semilinear Heat Equation with Convergence to a Hamilton-Jacobi Equation Victor A. Galaktionov and Juan L. Vazquez
Block LU Factorization J.W. Demmel, N.J. Higham and R.S. Schreiber
Pick's Inequality and Tournaments D.A. Gregory, S.J. Kirkland and B.L. Shader
Signed Random Measures: Stochastic Order and Kolmogorov Consistency Conditions Frank W. Elliott, Jr.
Bifurcation Analysis of Minimizing Harmonic Maps Describing the Equilibrium of Nematic Phases Between Cylinders F. Bethuel, H. Brezis, B.D. Coleman and F. Hélein
Stability, Instability in Delay Equations Modeling Human Respiration Kenneth L. Cooke and Janos Turi
Source Localization Processing in Perturbed Waveguides Yongzhi Xu and Yi Yan
An Approximate Boundary Integral Method for Acoustic Scattering in Shallow Oceans Yongzhi Xu and Yi Yan
Asymptotics for a Parabolic Double Obstacle Problem Xinfu Chen and Charles M. Elliott
Exploiting Symmetry and Regularity in Waveform Relaxation Convergence Estimation B. Leinkuhler and A. Ruehli
Weak and Classical Solutions of Some Nonlinear Volterra Integrodifferential Equations Hong-Ming Yin
Sensitivity of Markov Chains Carl D. Meyer
Some Applications of Elementary Linear Algebra in Combinations Richard A. Brualdi and Jennifer J.Q. Massey
Mixed Matrices Irreducibility and Decomposition Kazuo Murota
Qualitative Analysis of an Epidemic Model with Directed Dispersion Douglas B. Meade
More on Structure-Ranks of Matrices Richard A. Brualdi and Jennifer J.Q. Massey
On Multipartite Tournament Matrices with Constant Team Size Steve Kirkland and Bryan L. Shader
The Influence of Diseases on Lotka-Volterra Systems Ezio Venturino
A Free Boundary Problem Modeling Loop Dislocations in Crystals Avner Friedman, Bei Hu and J.L. Velázquez
On the density of the range of the semigroup for semilinear heat equations Caroline Fabre, Jean-Pierre Puel & Enrique Zuazua
Asymptotically efficient adaptive strategies in repeated games, Part I: certainty equivalence strategies Nahum Shimkin
Blow-up surfaces for nonlinear wave equations, I Satyanad Kichenassamy & Walter Littman
Η∞ design of general multirate sampled-data control systems Tongwen Chen & Li Qiu
Large time behavior of solutions of a fast diffusion equation with source Jong-Shenq Guo
Perturbation results for nearly uncoupled Markov chains with applications to iterative methods Jesse L. Barlow
Decay estimates for a petrovski system with a nonlinear distributed feedback Vilmos Komornik
Global stabilization of a dynamic von Kármán plate with nonlinear boundary feedback Mary Ann Horn & Irena Lasiecka
Global stabilization of the von Kármán plate with boundary feedback acting via bending moments only Mary Elizabeth Bradley & Mary Ann Horn
Fluids of differential type: Critical review and thermodynamic analysis J.E. Dunn & K.R. Rajagopal
Smoothing and decay properties of solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation on a periodic domain with point dissipation David L. Russell & Bing-Yu Zhang
2,μ(Q)-estimates for parabolic equations and applications Hong-Ming Yin
Some stability concepts and their applications in optimal control problems Frédéric Bonnans & Eduardo Casas
On the dynamics of a closed thermosyphon J.J.L. Velázquez
BDM mixed methods for a nonlinear elliptic problem Zhangxin Chen
Global existence and regularity of solutions of the nonlinear string equation Michael Böhm & Mario Taboada
Nonuniformly attracting inertial manifolds and stabilization of beam equations with structural and Balakrishnan-Taylor damping Mario Taboada & Yuncheng You
Global dynamics of dissipative modified Korteweg-de Vries equations Yuncheng You
Optimal control of Ginzburg-Landau equation for superconductivity Yuncheng You
Transfer function approach to disturbance decoupling problem Marek Rakowski
A cornucopia of abnormal subriemannian minimizers. Part I: The four-dimensional case Héctor J. Sussmann
Bilinear optimal control of a Kirchhoff plate M.E. Bradley & Suzanne Lenhart
Mixed-RKDG finite element methods for the 2-D hydrodynamic model for semiconductor device simulation Zhangxin Chen, Bernardo Cockburn, Joseph W. Jerome & Chi-Wang Shu
Symmetries of differential systems F. Fagnani & J.C. Willems
A diffusion-convection equation in several space dimensions M. Escobedo, J.L. Vazquez & Enrike Zuazua