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Title Author
Updating URV decompositions in parallel G.W. Stewart
Note on a generalized sylvester equation G.W. Stewart
Scaling for orthogonality Alan Edelman and G.W. Stewart
Matrices that generate the same Krylov residual spaces Anne Greenemaum and Zdenek Strakos
A proposal for FFT-based fast recursive least-squares Robert J. Plemmons
A tight and explicit representation of Q in sparse QR factorization Esmond G. Ng and Barry W. Peyton
Upwind finite difference solution of Boltzmann equation applied to electron transport in semiconductor devices Emad Fatemi and Farouk Odeh
An age-dependent population model with nonlinear diffusion in Rn Chaocheng Huang
Row householder transformations for rank-k Cholesky inverse modifications Adam W. Bojanczyk, James G. Nagy and Robert J. Plemmons
Multicollinearity and total least squares Ricardo D. Fierro and James R. Bunch
On the poset of all posets on n elements Richard A. Brualdi, Hyung Chan Jung and William T. Trotter, Jr.
A time-dependence free boundary problem modeling the visual image in electrophotography Avner Friedman and Juan J.L. Velázquez
Swelling of a rubber ball in the presence of good solvent Avner Friedman and Jianhua Zhang
The global dynamics of discrete semilinear parabolic equations C.M. Elliott and A.M. Stuart
A free boundary problem arising in smoulder combustion Bei Hu
Max-min properties of matrix factor norms A. Greenbaum and L. Gurvits
A diffusion equation with localized chemical reactions John M. Chadam and Hong-Ming Yin
Separable coordinates, integrability and the Niven equations E.G. Kalnins and Willard Miller, Jr.
Higher dimensional blow up for semilinear parabolic equations J.J.L. Velázquez
Source localization in a waveguide with unknown large inclusions Yongzhi Xu, T. Craig Poling and Trent Brundage
Analysis of planar model for the molten carbonate fuel cell C.J. van Duijn and Joseph D. Fehribach
Optimal design of periodic antireflective structures for the Helmholtz equation David C. Dobson
Estimates on the (N - 1)-dimensional Hausdorff measure of the blow-up set for a semilinear heat equation J.J.L. Velázquez
The inherent inaccuracy of implicit tridiagonal QR James W. Demmel
On computing accurate singular values and eigenvalues of acyclic matrices James W. Demmel and William Gragg
Open problems in numerical linear algebra J.W. Demmel
Sparse bases, elementary vectors and nonzero minors of compound matrices Richard A. Brualdi, Shmuel Friedland and Alex Pothen
A bound on the exponent of a primitive matrix using Boolean rank D.A. Gregory, S.J. Kirkland and N.J. Pullman
The CSD, GSVD, their applications and computations Zhaojun Bai
FFT-based preconditioners for Toeplitz-Block least squares problems Raymond H. Chan, James G. Nagy and Robert J. Plemmons
A note on Jacobi being more accurate than QR Walter F. Mascarenhas
The structure of the eigenvectors of sparse matrices Walter F. Mascarenhas
Composite media and asymptotic dirichlet forms Umberto Mosco
On the perturbation of Markov chains with nearly transient states G.W. Stewart
On the early history of the singular value decomposition G.W. Stewart
On a new way of solving the linear equations that arise in the method of least squares G.W. Stewart
Gaussian elimination, perturbation theory and Markov chains G.W. Stewart
On the perturbation of LU, Cholesky and QR factorizations G.W. Stewart
Recent advances in the use of separation of variables methods in general relativity E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr. and G.C. Williams
Accurate downdating of least squares solutions ÅBjörck, H. Park and L. Eldén
Analysis of p-cyclic iterations for Markov chains Apostolos Hadjidimos and Robert J. Plemmons
On the decay of turbulent bursts S.P. Hastings and L.A. Peletier
The effect of incomplete decomposition preconditioning on the convergence of conjugate gradients Henk A. Van der Vorst and Gerard G.L. Sleijpen
Spike-layers in semilinear elliptic singular Perturbation Problems Wei-Ming Ni and Izumi Takagi
An unbounded mean-field intensity model: Propagation of the convergence of the empirical laws and compactness of the fluctuations René Ferland and Gaston Giroux
The torsion problem for a nonconvex stored energy function Roger Fosdick and Ying Zhang
Conditional sign-solvability Richard A. Brualdi, Keith L. Chavey and Bryan L. Shader
Eigenvalues in combinatorial optimization Bojan Mohar and Svatopluk Poljak
Convex representations of maps on the torous and other flat surfaces Bojan Mohar
Disjoint essential circuits in toroidal maps Bojan Mohar and Neil Robertson