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Title Author
Orders of input/output differential equations and state space dimensions Yuan Wang and Eduardo D. Sontag
Control of systems without drift via generic loops Eduardo D. Sontag
The analysis of coating flows in a strip Avner Friedman and J.L. Velázquez
Resultants and inversion formula for N polynomials in N variables Jie Tai Yu
Numerical optimization and quasiconvexity Pierre-Alain Gremaud
On the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of a state-dependent delay equation F. Hartung and J. Turi
Stability in delay equations with perturbed time lags I. Györi, F. Hartung and J. Turi
Approximation of functional differential equations with time- and state-dependent delays by equations with piecewise constant arguments I. Györi, F. Hartung and J. Turi
Turnpike sets in stochastic manufacturing systems with finite time horizon Q. Zhang and G. Yin
The null boundary controllability for semilinear heat equations Yung-Jen Guo and Walter Littman
A continuation method for nonholonomic path-finding problems H.J. Sussmann
Optimal control for nonlinear systems of partial differential equations related to ecology Anthony W. Leung
The rate at which energy decays in a damped string Steven Cox & Enrique Zuazua
Diffractive optics in nonlinear media with periodic structure Gang Bao & David C. Doemson
Finite element analysis of the 1D full drift diffusion semiconductor model Zhangxin Chen
Well-posedness and regularity results for a dynamic Von Kármán plate M.E. Bradley
Asymptotically efficient adaptive strategies in repeated games, part II: Asymptotic optimality Nahum Shimkin & Adam Shwartz
Worst-case and Nash routing policies in parallel queues with uncertain service allocations Eitan Altman & Nahum Shimkin
Necessary conditions for minimax control problems of second order elliptic partial differential equations Jiongmin Yong
Coupled parabolic and hyperbolic equations modeling age-dependent epidemic dynamics with nonlinear diffusion Chaocheng Huang & Jiongmin Yong
Solvability of forward-backward SDEs and the nodal set of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations Jin Ma & Jiongmin Yong
The profile near blowup time for solution of the heat equation with a nonlinear boundary condition Bei Hu &Hong-Ming Yin
Discrete approximations and refined Euler-Lagrange conditions for nonconvex differential inclusions Boris Mordukhovich
Filtered differential algebras are complete invariants of static feedback Bronislaw Jakubczyk
A free boundary problem for the Stokes equation via nonsmooth analysis Srdjan Stojanovic & Thomas Svobodny
Local smoothing and energy decay for a semi-infinite beam pinned at several points and applications to boundary control Walter Littman & Stephen Taylor
A free boundary problem arising from swelling-controlled release processes Jianhua Zhang
Radiative heat transfer with quasi-monte carlo methods A. Kersch, W. Morokoff & A. Schuster
Bipartite graphs and inverse sign patterns of strong sign-nonsingular matrices Richard A. Brualdi, Keith L. Chavey & Bryan L. Shader
A brief history of control Lawrence Markus
Time like trace regularity of the wave equation with a nonsmooth principal part Gang Bao & William W. Symes
A numerical study of parameter sensitivities in Landau-Ginzburg models of phase transitions in shape memory alloys John A. Burns & Ruben D. Spies
The computational complexity of decentralized discrete-event control problems Karen Rudie & Jan C. Willems
Global stabilizability and observability imply semi-global stabilizability by output feedback Andrew Teel & Laurent Praly
Interfacial shear modeling and flow predictions for internal flows of pure vapor experiencing film condensation A. Narain
Extremal large deviations in controlled I.I.D. processes with applications to hypothesis testing Nahum Shimkin
Blow-up surfaces for nonlinear wave equations, II Satyanad Kichenassamy & Walter Littman
Rellich type decay theorems for equations P(D)u = f with f having support in a cylinder Walter Littman & Baisheng Yan
Nonstationary filtration in partially saturated porous media Xinfu Chen, Avner Friedman & Tsuyoshi Kimura
Diffusion in network Avner Friedman & Chaocheng Huang
Second harmonic generation in nonlinear optical films Gang Bao & David C. Dobson
Properties of certain optimal weighted sensitivity and weighted mixed sensitivity designs Kathryn E. Lenz
Optimal chattering controls for viscous flow H.O. Fattorini & S.S. Sritharan
Probabilistic evaluation of control system robustness Robert F. Stengel, Laura R. Ray & Christopher I. Marrison
Title Author
Large-scale averaging analysis of single phase flow in fractured reservoirs Zhangxin Chen
Steady states of the one-dimensional Cahn-Hilliard spaces A. Novick-Cohen and L.A. Peletier
A Krylov multisplitting algorithm for solving linear systems of equations Chiou-Ming Huang and Dianne P. O'Leary
Orthogonal projection and total least squares Ricardo D. Fierro and James R. Bunch
A bottom-up inductive proof of the singular value decomposition C.-T. Pan and Kermit Sigmon
Numerical methods for the regularization of descriptor systems by output feedback Angelika Bunse-Gerstner, Volker Mehrmann and Nancy K. Nichols