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Title Author
Well-posedness and uniform decay rates for weak solutions to a von Kármán system with nonlinear dissipative boundary conditions Mary Ann Horn, Irena Lasiecka and Daniel Tataru
Uniform decay of weak solutions to a von Kármán plate with nonlinear boundary dissipation Mary Ann Horn and Irena Lasiecka
Robust stabilization of a uniformly rotating rigid body Rongze Zhao and Thomas A. Posbergh
Global existence for a class of Non-Fickian polymer-penetrant systems Bei Hu and Jianhua Zhang
Semilinear parabolic equations with prescribed energy Bei Hu and Hong-Ming Yin
Numerical solution of steady euler equations in streamline-aligned orthogonal coordinates A.M. Latypov
Application of multipole methods to two matrix eigenproblems Alex Solomonoff
3D anisotropic grid generation with intersection-based geometry interface Ilja Schmelzer
Large deviations for quadratic functionals of Gaussian processes Wlodzimierz Byrc and Amir Dembo
Adaptive filtering with averaging G. Yin
Homogenization on lattices: Small parameter limits, H-measures, and discrete Wigner measures Nikan B. Firoozye
Fast algorithms for micromagnetic computations Alex Solomonoff
A Stefan problem for reaction-diffusion system Avner Friedman, David S. Ross, and Jianhua Zhang
Optimization and finite difference approximations of nonconvex differential inclusions with free time Boris Mordukhovich
Convergence of a finite element method for the drift-diffusion semiconductor device equations: The multidimensional case Zhangxin Chen and Bernardo Cockburn
On the implementation of mixed methods as nonconforming methods for second order elliptic problems Todd Arbogast and Zhangxin Chen
Bayes finite difference schemes Alex Solomonoff
Regular-singular stochastic controls for higher dimensional diffusions - dynamic programming approach Jin Ma and Jiongmin Yong
On the upper semicontinuity of the set of solutions of differential inclusions with a small parameter in the derivative A. Dontchev, Tz. Donchev and I. Slavov
Global existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions to a Von Kármán system with nonlinear boundary dissipation Angelo Favini, Mary Ann Horn, Irena Lasiecka and Daniel Tataru
On circular pipe Poiseuille flow instabilities Pu Sun
Local existence and regularity of solutions for a mathematical model of thermomechanical phase transitions in shape memory materials with Landau-Ginzburg free energy Ruben D. Spies
Anomalous exponents in nonlinear diffusion D.G. Aronson and J.L. Vazquez
Black's consol rate conjecture Darrell Duffie, Jin Ma and Jiongmin Yong
Optimal control of quasilinear parabolic equations Eduardo Casas, Luis A. Fernández and Jiongmin Yong
Stability of the fractional step Θ-scheme for the nonstationary Navier-Stokes equations Petr Kloucek & Franz S. Rys
Adaptive control of linear discrete time systems with external disturbances under inaccurate modelling: A case study Maria Inés Troparevsky
A formula for computation of the real stability radius L. Qiu, B. Bernhardsson, A. Rantzer, E.J. Davison, P.M. Young and J.C. Doyle
Homogenization of compositional flow in fractured porous media Todd Arbogast & Zhangxin Chen
Lp-posteriori error analysis of mixed methods for linear and quasilinear elliptic problems Zhangxin Chen
Recovering the gradients of the solutions of second-order hyperbolic equations by interpolating the finite element solutions Tao Lin & Hong Wang
Finite element approximation of time harmonic waves in periodic structures Gang Bao
A remark on the Cauchy problem for the Korteweg-de Vries equation on a periodic domain Bing-Yu Zhang
Self consistent simulation of sputtering with the DSMC method A. Kersch, W. Morokoff and C. Werner
Quadrics on complex Riemannian spaces of constant curvature, separation of variables and the Gaudin magnet E.G. Kalnins, V.B. Kuznetsov and Willard Miller, Jr.
Models of q-algebra representations: q-integral transforms and addition theorems E.G. Kalnins and Willard Miller, Jr.
Global existence and uniqueness of regular solutions to the dynamic von Kármán system with nonlinear boundary dissipation Angelo Favini, Mary Ann Horn and Irena Lasiecka
A uniqueness theorem for an inverse problem in periodic diffractive optics Gang Bao
Effective permeability of the boundary of a domain Avner Friedman, Chaocheng Huang and Jiongmin Yong
Models for flow and transport through porous media derived by homogenization Ulrich Hornung
The equilibrium plasma subject to skin effect Yong Liu
Solving forward-backward stochastic differential equations explicitly - a four step scheme Jin Ma, Philip Protter, and Jiongmin Yong
An image enhancement technique for electrical impedance tomography David C. Dobson and Fadil Santosa
An error estimate for finite element methods for scalar conservation laws Bernardo Cockburn and Pierre-Alain Gremaud
A problem of singular stochastic control with discretionary stopping M.H.A. Davis and M. Zervos
A deterministic approach to optimal stopping with application to a prophet inequality Mark H.A. Davis
Pontryagin Maximum principle for semilinear and quasilinear parabolic equations with pointwise state constraints Bei Hu and Jiongmin Yong
Exact controllability and stabilization of a vibrating string with an interior point mass Scott Hansen and Enrique Zuazua
Homogenization of two phase emulsions with surface tension effects Robert Lipton and Bogdan Vernescu
Boundary control of a one-dimensional, lienar, thermoelastic rod Scott W. Hansen