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Title Author
Spatial Hidden Symmetries in Pattern Formation Gabriela M. Gomes, Isabel S. Labouriau, and Eliana M. Pinho
Asymptotic Dynamical Difference between the Nonlocal and Local Swift-Hohenberg Models Guoguang Lin, Hongjun Gao, Jinqiao Duan, and Vincent J. Ervin
Lower Bounds for Two-Level Additive Schwarz Preconditioners with Small Overlap Susanne C. Brenner
Efficient Calculation of Jacobian and Adjoint Vector Products in Wave Propagational Inverse Problem Using Automatic Differentiation Thomas F. Coleman, Fadil Santosa, and Arun Verma
Interactions of Andronov-Hopf and Bogdanov-Takens Bifurcations W.F. Langford and K. Zhan
The Entropy Formula for SRB-Measures of Lattice Dynamical Systems Miaohua Jiang
A Survey of Classical and New Finite Element Methods for the Computation of Crystalline Microstructure Matthias K. Gobbert and Andreas Prohl
Stationary Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows in Channel-like and Pipe-like Domains Marco A. Fontelos and Avner Friedman
Generic Hopf Bifurcation from Lines of Equilibria without Parameters: II. Systems of Viscous Hyperbolic Balance Laws Bernold Fiedler and Stefan Liebscher
Generic Hopf Bifurcation from Lines of Equilibria without Parameters: I. Theory Bernold Fiedler, Stefan Liebscher, and James C. Alexander
Passive Tracer Dispersion with Random or Periodic Source Jinqiao Duan
Dissipative Quasigeostrophic Dynamics under Random Forcing James R. Brannan, Jinqiao Duan, and Thomas Wanner
A Characterization of Hard-Threshold Boolean Functions Fernanda Botelho
Saturated Linear Recurrent Neural Networks with Maximum Capacity Fernanda Botelho
Parametric Forcing of Scroll-Wave Patterns in Three-Dimensional Excitable Media Rolf-Martin Mantel and Dwight Barkley
Boundary Controllability of Thermoelastic Plates with Free Boundary Conditions George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka
Uniqueness and Stability of the Simply Laminated Microstructure for Martensitic Crystals that undergo a Cubic to Orthorhombic Phase Transformation Kaushik Bhattacharya, Bo Li, and Mitchell Luskin
Minimizing the elastic energy of knots Heiko von der Mosel
Bifurcation analysis for timesteppers Laurette S. Tuckerman and Dwight Barkley
A perturbation theory for ergodic properties of Markov chains T. Shardlow and A. M. Stuart
Chemically reacting fluid flows: strong solutions and global attractors David E. Norman
Chemically reacting fluid flows: weak solutions and global attractors David E. Norman
On the existence of global attractors George R. Sell and Yungcheng You
Robustness of exponential dichotomies in infinite dimensional dynamical systems Victor A. Pliss and George R. Sell
Multiple time scales and canards in a chemical oscillator Alexandra Milik and Peter Szmolyan
Numerical treatment of microstructure evolution modeling Tomás Roubícek and Martin Kruzík
A nonlinear filter for real-time joint tracking and recognition Keith Kastella and Aleksandar Zatezalo
Sensor Management using discrimination gain and interacting multiple model Kalman filters Wayne Schmaedeke and Keith Kastella
A non-overlapping additive Schwarz method for the biharmonic equation Xiaobing Feng and Talal Rahman
Local and global existence of solutions to semilinear parabolic initial value problems Shangbin Cui
Existence and nonexistence of positive solutions for singular semilinear elliptic boundary value problems Shangbin Cui
Global behavior of solutions to a reaction-diffusion system Shangbin Cui
Limit non-stationary behavior of large closed queuing networks with bottlenecks Yi-Ju Chao
Mathematical approaches to predictive health monitoring for heart failure patients Yi-Ju Chao
Asymptotics of the scattering coefficients for a generalized Schrödinger equation Tuncay Aktosun and Martin Klaus
On parameter estimation using level sets Jordan M. Berg
Analysis of a Mathematical Model for the Growth of Tumors Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich
Stability analysis of perturbed plane couette flow Dwight Barkley and Laurette S. Tuckerman
An isoperimetric estimate and W1, p-quasiconvexity in nonlinear elasticity Stefan Müller, Jeyabal Sivaloganathan, and Scott J. Spector
Traveling-wave solutions of convection-diffusion systems by center manifold reduction Stephen Schecter
An adaptive finite element method for solving a double well problem describing crystalline microstructure Andreas Prohl
A second order projection based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows Andreas Prohl
A first order projection-based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows Andreas Prohl
A discontinuous finite element method for solving a multi-well problem Matthias K. Gobbert and Andreas Prohl
Solitary waves in the critical surface tension model Yi A. Li, Brian Nguyen, and Peter J. Olver
On comparisons of time-domain scattering schemes Brian T. Nguyen
Computation and bifurcation analysis of periodic solutions of large-scale systems Kurt Lust and Dirk Roose
A parallelizable preconditioner for the iterative solution of implicit Runge-Kutta type methods Laurent O. Jay and Thierry Braconnier
A Stefan problem for a protocell model Avner Friedman and Bei Hu
The condition number of the Schur complement in domain decomposition Susanne C. Brenner