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Title Author
Implicit assumptions in the application of Gott's formula Kevin R. Anderson
Scattering in a 2-D optical waveguide Rolando Magnanini and Fadil Santosa
Title Author
Non-Lipschitz minimizers of smooth strongly convex functionals Vladimír Sverák and Xiaodong Yan
The Oseberg transition: visualization of global bifurcations for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation M.E. Johnson, M.S. Jolly, and I.G. Kevrekidis
Limiting behavior for an iterated viscosity C. Foias, M.S. Jolly, and O. Manley
Head-media interaction in magnetic recording (1672) Avner Friedman and J.I. Tello
On Taylor series expansions and conditional expectations for (ordinary) Stratonovich stochastic differential equations with complete V-commutativity Henri Schurz
A brief introduction to numerical analysis of (ordinary) stochastic differential equations without tears Henri Schurz
General principles for numerical approximation of stochastic processes on some stochastically weak Banach spaces Henri Schurz
A Stefan problem for a protocell model with symmetry-breaking bifurcations of analytic solutions Avner Friedman, Bei Hu, and Juan J.L. Velazquez
Mortar estimates independent of number of subdomains Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan
Generalized Stable Multivariate Distribution and Anisotropic Dilations D. Schertzer, M. Larchevêque, J. Duan, and S. Lovejoy
Fractional Fokker-Planck equation for nonlinear stochastic differential equations driven by non-Gaussian Levy stable noises D. Schertzer, M. Larchevêque, J. Duan, V.V. Yanovsky, and S. Lovejoy
Exponential stability of the quasigeostrophic equation under random perturbations Jinqiao Duan, Peter E. Kloeden, and Björn Schmalfuss
Almost periodic passive tracer dispersion Hongjun Gao, Jinqiao Duan, and Xinchu Fu
The development of discontinuous Galerkin methods Bernardo Cockburn, George E. Karniadakis, and Chi-Wang Shu
The local discontinuous Galerkin method for contaminant transport Vadym Aizinger, Clint Dawson, Bernardo Cockburn, and Paul Castillo
Continuous dependence on the nonlinearity of viscosity solutions of parabolic equations B. Cockburn, G. Gripenberg, and S-O. Londen
Factorization and small-energy asymptotics for the radial schrödinger equation Tuncay Aktosun
A Runge-Kutta type scheme to solve dXt= σ (Xt) o dWt under commutative noise Luis Jose Roman
Exact-approximate boundary reachability of thermoelastic plates under variable thermal coupling George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka
Moment contractivity and stability exponents of nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems Henri Schurz
Image inpainting Marcelo Bertalmio, Guillermo Sapiro, Vicent Caselles, and Coloma Ballester
Noise-resistant affine skeletons of planar curves Santiago Betelu, Guillermo Sapiro, Allen Tannenbaum, and Peter J. Giblin
Mean value theorems for stochastic integrals N.V. Krylov
An HP a-priori error analysis of the DG time-stepping method for initial value problems Dominik Schötzau and Christoph Schwab
Further analysis of the Lippmann-Schwinger equation Christopher Winfield
Perturbations of normally hyperbolic manifolds with applications to the Navier-Stokes equations Victor A. Pliss and George R. Sell
Vector Probability diffusion Alvaro Pardo and Guillermo Sapiro
Wave propagation in a 2-D optical waveguide Rolando Magnanini and Fadil Santosa
An efficient method for band structure calculations in 3D photonic crystals David C. Dobson, Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan, and Joseph E. Pasciak
A note on the paper of Andrews Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
n-lateral multiple hypergeometric functions Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
Generating function of hypergeometric functions from the view point of change in the nature of hypergeometric series Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
Phase recovery with nondecaying potentials Tuncay Aktosun and Paul E. Sacks
Darboux transformation for the schrödinger equation with steplike potentials Tuncay Aktosun
Symmetry-breaking bifurcation of analytic solutions to free boundary problems: An application to a model of tumor growth Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich
Analysis of the stick-slip problem for non-Newtonian flows M.A. Fontelos and A. Friedman
Some results on the evolution of thin viscous jets M.A. Fontelos
Development of algorithm for testing the influence of Indo-Aryan languages upon a language, which is in the process of standardisation H.S. Dhami and L.K. Verma
Justification of amalgamated pattern primitive variable for language description by the application of hypergeometric distribution H.S. Dhami and L.K. Verma
Can particle transport coefficients be extracted from symmetry measures? G.P. King, I. Mezic, G. Rowlands, M. Rudman, and A.N. Yannacopoulos
Evaluating the dimension of an inertial manifold for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation M.S. Jolly, R. Rosa, and R. Temam
On the Schrödinger equation with steplike potentials Tuncay Aktosun
Generation of linear algebraic spaces for multiple hypergeometric functions Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
Generation of basic, bilateral and basic bilateral series for B-function Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
A model for TB with exogenous reinfection Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Zhilan Feng, and Angel F. Capurro
Contractions of Lie algebras: Applications to special functions and separation of variables E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan
The existence of non-topological multivortex solutions in the relativistic self-dual Chern-Simons theory Dongho Chae and Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov
Soliton/exciton transport in proteins Zachariah Sinkala