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Title Author
The motion of a tracer particle in a one-dimensional system: Analysis and simulation P.F. Tupper
Modeling the economics of differentiated durable-goods markets Miyuki Breen, George Chikhladze, Jose Figueroa-Lopez, Yaniv Gershon, Yanto Muliadi, and Ivy Prendergast
Optimal design for a varying environment Serguei Lapin, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Jiyeon Oh, Daniel Vasiliu, Pei Yin, and Ningyi Zhang
Mobility management in cellular telephony Benjamin P. Cooke, Darongsae Kwon, Dmitry Glotov, Simon Schurr, Daniel Taylor, and Todd Wittman
Designing airplane struts using minimal surfaces Sara Del Valle, Todd Moeller, Siva Kumar Natarajan, Gergina V. Pencheva, Jason C. Sherman, and Steven M. Wise
Vehicle networks: achieving regular formation Madalena Chaves, Robert Day, Lucia Gomez Ramos, Parthasarathi Nag, Anca Williams, and Wei Zhang
Modeling planarization in chemical-mechanical polishing Dilek Alagoz, Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Satyanarayana Kakollu, Maria Reznikoff, Richard Schugart, and Michael Sostarecz
Humbert's Functions of Matrix Arguments-II Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
Analysis of total variation flow and its finite element approximations Xiaobing Feng and Andreas Prohl
Optimal blowup rates for the minimal energy null control for the structurally damped abstract wave equation George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka
On the regularity of solutions to a parabolic system related to Maxwell's equations Kyungkeun Kang, Seick Kim, and Aurelia Minut
Morse description and geometric encoding of digital elevation maps Andrés Solé, Vicent Caselles, Guillermo Sapiro, and Francisco Arándiga
Is image steganography natural? Guillermo Sapiro
Constructing stationary Gaussian processes from deterministic processes with random initial conditions P.F. Tupper
On the significance of the Titius-Bode Law for the distribution of the planets Peter Lynch
Anisotropic inverse conductivity and scattering problems Kiwoon Kwon and Dongwoo Sheen
Humbert's functions of matrix arguments-I Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
On some quantum and analytical properties of fractional Fourier transforms Jianhong Shen
A transmission problem for fluid-structure interaction in the exterior of a thin domain G.C. Hsiao and N. Nigam
Appel's and Humbert's Functions of Matrix Arguments - II Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
The Navier-Stokes equations and backward uniqueness G. Seregin and V. Sverák
Weber's law and weberized TV restoration Jianhong Shen
On boundary regularity of the Navier-Stokes equations Kyungkeun Kang
Error of the network approximation for densely packed composites with irregular geometry Leonid Berlyand and Alexei Novikov
Appel's and Humbert's functions of matrix arguments - I Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
Micro- and macro-scopic models of rock fracture Donald L. Turcotte, William I. Newman, and Robert Shcherbakov
Complete sets of invariants for dynamical systems that admit a separation of variables E.G. Kalnins, J.M. Kress, G. Pogosyan, and W. Miller, Jr.
On superintegrable symmetry-breaking potentials in N-dimensional Euclidean space E.G. Kalnins, G.C. Williams, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan,
Equations for the Keplerian elements: Hidden symmetry as an unexpected source of numerical error Michael Efroimsky
Robust SPR synthesis for low-order polynomial segments and interval polynomials Long Wang and Wensheng Yu
Robust performance of a class of control systems Long Wang
Geometric characterization of strictly positive real regions and its applications Long Wang and Wensheng Yu
A recipe for construction of the critical vertices for left-sector stability of interval polynomial Long Wang
Stability of polytopic polynomial matrices Long Wang, Zhizhen Wang, and Wensheng Yu
Hamiltonian methods for geophysical fluid dynamics: an introduction Peter Lynch
Unbounded normal derivative for the Stokes system near boundary Kyungkeun Kang
On Lauricella and related functions of matrix arguments-II Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
Performance evaluation of switched discrete event systems Long Wang
On the number of positive solutions to a class of integral equations Long Wang, Wensheng Yu, and Lin Zhang
Frequency response of uncertain systems: strong Kharitonov-like results Long Wang
On Kampé De Fériet and Lauricella functions of matrix arguments - I Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
Multiscale resolution in the computation of crystalline microstructure Sören Bartels and Andreas Prohl
Stochastic dynamics of a coupled atmosphere-ocean model Jinqiao Duan, Hongjung Gao, and Björn Schmalfuß
A good image model eases restoration - on the contribution of Rudin-Osher-Fatmi's BV image model Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen
Mechanical alignment of suprathermal paramagnetic cosmic-dust granules: the cross-section mechanism Michael Efroimsky
Solving variational problems and partial differential equations mapping into general target manifolds Facundo Mémoli, Guillermo Sapiro, and Stanley Osher
Regularity of axially symmetric flows in a half-space in three dimension Kyungkeun Kang
From 2-D to 3-D: Algorithms to recreate a real-world scene from flat photographs Jessica Conway
Control of the wave equation by time-dependent coefficient Antonin Chambolle and Fadil Santosa
Title Author
Stability properties of Perona-Malik scheme Selim Esedoglu