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November 2007 Preprints

IMA Preprint list
  • 2178     Refinement of under-determined loops of human prion protein by database-derived distance constraints
    Feng Cui, Kriti Mukhopadhyay, Won-Bin Young, Robert L. Jernigan, and Zhijun Wu
    [ PDF ]

  • 2179     PRTAD: A database for protein residue torsion angle distributions
    Xiaoyong Sun, Di Wu, Robert Jernigan, and Zhijun Wu
    [ PDF ]

  • 2180     Extremal positive pluriharmonic functions on Euclidean balls
    Farhad Jafari and Mihai Putinar
    [ PDF ]

  • 2181     Segmentation-free measurement of cortical thickness from MRI
    Iman Aganj, Guillermo Sapiro, Neelroop Parikshak, Sarah K. Madsen, and Paul M. Thompson
    [ PDF ]

  • 2182     Sparse representations for limited data tomography
    Hstau Y. Liao and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF ]
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