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Title Author
The general state vector linear model for sustainable ecodevelopment applied on illustrative basis to a sample valley village of Almora district H.S. Dhami, A.K. Singh, G.S. Negi, and Anubha Shah
Several related models for multilayer sandwich plates Scott W. Hansen
Is image steganography natural? (1965) Alvaro Martín, Guillermo Sapiro, and Gadiel Seroussi
Statistical analysis of RNA backbone Guillermo Sapiro, Eli Hershkovitz, Allen Tannenbaum, and Loren Dean Williams
Asymptotic properties of a two sample randomized test for partially dependent data Grzegorz A. Rempala and Stephen W. Looney
Evaluation of G-function by multiplication and division techniques of continued fractions B.S. Rana and H.S. Dhami
Global well-posedness and scattering for the energy-critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation in R3 J. Colliander, M. Keel, G. Staffilani, H. Takaoka, and T. Tao
Inverse spectral-scattering problem with two sets of discrete spectra for the radial Schrödinger equation Tuncay Aktosun and Ricardo Weder
Discrete network approximation for highly-packed composites with irregular geometry in three dimensions Leonid Berlyand, Yuliya Gorb, and Alexei Novikov
Automatic image decompostion Kedar A. Patwardhan and Guillermo Sapiro
Lightfield completion Liron Yatziv, Guillermo Sapiro, and Marc Levoy
Numerical evaluation of G-function B.S. Rana and H.S. Dhami
Inverse scattering on the line for a generalized nonlinear Schrödinger equation Tuncay Aktosun, Vassilis G. Papanicolaou, and Vassilis Zisis
Fast numerical solution of parabolic integro-differential equations with applications in finance Ana-Maria Matache, Christoph Schwab, and Thomas P. Wihler
A Poincaré inequality on Rn and its application to potential fluid flows in space Guozhen Lu and Biao Ou
A new approach to generalized singular value decomposition Shmuel Friedland
Title Author
Approximation theorems for random permanents and associated stochastic processes Grzegorz A. Rempala and Jacek Wesolowski
A new approach for 3D segmentation of cellular tomograms obtained using three-dimensional electron microscopy A. Bartesaghi, G. Sapiro, S. Lee, J. Lefman, and S. Subramaniam
On the foundations of vision modeling IV. Weberized Mumford-Shah model with Bose-Einstein photon noise: Light adapted segmentation inspired by vision psychology, retinal physiology, and quantum statistics Jianhong Shen and Yoon-Mo Jung
A simultaneous reconstruction of missing data in DNA microarrays Shmuel Friedland, Amir Niknejad, and Laura Chihara
Inverse scattering on the line with incomplete scattering data Tuncay Aktosun
Periodic solutions to a hysteresis model in micromagnetics Martin Kruzík
Existence of partially regular solutions for Landau-Lifshitz equations in R3 Christof Melcher
Theory of computation of multidimensional entropy with an application to the monomer-dimer problem Shmuel Friedland and Uri N. Peled
Matrix generalizations of multiple hypergeometric functions by using Mathai's matrix transform techniques Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya
Numerical evaluation of H-function by continued fractions B.S. Rana and H.S. Dhami
Procreation of distribution for words Raj Kishore Bisht and H.S. Dhami
Asymptotic estimates of hierarchical modeling Douglas N. Arnold and Alexandre L. Madureira
New first-order formulation for the Einstein equations Alexander M. Alekseenko and Douglas N. Arnold
Quadrilateral H(div) finite elements Douglas N. Arnold, Daniele Boffi, and Richard S. Falk
A family of discontinuous Galerkin finite elements for the Reissner-Mindlin plate Douglas N. Arnold, Franco Brezzi, and L. Donatella Marini
Domain wall motion in ferromagnetic layers Christof Melcher
Connections for general group actions Debra Lewis, Nilima Nigam, and Peter J. Olver
Pattern search methods for linearly constrained minimization in the presence of degeneracy Olga A. Brezhneva and J.E. Dennis Jr.
Lauricella-Saran triple hypergeometric functions of matrix arguments-II Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
Recovery of a potential from the ratio of reflection and transmission coefficients Tuncay Aktosun and Vassilis G. Papanicolaou
Optimization of a telecommunication network with financial considerations M.M. Ali
On Parameters Repeated Estimation Methods (PREM's Method) and its applications in data mining Vithanage Pemajayantha
Superintegrable systems in Darboux spaces E.G. Kalnins, J.M. Kress, W. Miller, Jr., and P. Winternitz
The structure of optimal solutions to the submodular function minimization problem Collette Coullard
Inverse scattering transform, KdV, and solitons Tuncay Aktosun
Construction of the half-line potential from the Jost function Tuncay Aktosun
Distance functions and geodesics on point clouds Facundo Mémoli and Guillermo Sapiro
Dynamic shapes average Pierre Maurel and Guillermo Sapiro
Exton's quadruple hypergeometric functions of matrix arguments-I Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
On the foundations of vision modeling III. Pattern-theoretic analysis of Hopf and Turing's reaction-diffusion patterns Jianhong Shen and Yoon Mo Jung
Discontinuous Galerkin methods B. Cockburn
Analysis of gradient flow of a regularized Mumford-Shah functional for image segmentation and image inpainting Xiaobing Feng and Andreas Prohl
Continuous dependence and error estimation for viscosity methods Bernardo Cockburn
Finite volume methods on spheres and spherical centroidal Voronoi meshes Qiang Du and Lili Ju