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February 1999 Preprints
  • 1597     Analysis of a Mathematical Model of the Growth of Necrotic Tumors
    Shangbin Cui and Avner Friedman
    [PDF (279K) or PostScript (588K)]

  • 1598     Direct and Inverse Scattering for Selfadjoint Hamiltonian Systems on the Line
    Tuncay Aktosun, Martin Klaus, and Cornelis van der Mee
    [PDF (300K) or PostScript (689K)]

  • 1599     Global Existence of Solutions to Slightly Compressible Navier-Stokes Equations in Two Dimension
    Hi Jun Choe and Bum Ja Jin
    [PDF (217K) or PostScript (566K)]

  • 1600     Nonlocal Dynamics of Passive Tracer Dispersion with Random Stopping
    Hongjun Gao, James R. Brannan, and Jinqiao Duan
    [PDF (150K) or PostScript (399K)]

  • 1601     Dissipative Quasigeostrophic Motion under Temporally Almost Periodic Forcing
    Jinqiao Duan and Peter E. Kloeden
    [PDF (225K) or PostScript (566K)]

  • 1602     Accurate Computations on Inertial Manifolds
    M.S. Jolly, R. Rosa, and R. Temam
    [PDF (537K) or PostScript (2,761K)]

  • 1603     A Free Boundary Problem Arising in a Model of Wound Healing
    Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman
    [PDF (240K) or PostScript (542K)]

  • 1604     Multiplicative Groups and Subgroups for Lauriceella Type Multiple Hypergeometric Functions when Parameters as well as the Variables are Increased
    Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF ]

  • 1605     Genesis of Groups and Its Ramification from n-Lateral Multiple Hypergeometric Function
    Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF ]

  • 1606     Inversion of Reflectivity Data for Nondecaying Potentials
    Tuncay Aktosun and Paul E. Sacks
    [PDF (217K) or PostScript (1,215K)]

  • 1607     A Singular Minimizer of a Smooth Strongly Convex Functional in Three Dimensions
    Vladimír Sverák and Xiaodong Yan
    [PDF (156K) or PostScript (217K)]

  • 1608     Weak Convergence of a Sequence of Semimartingales to a Process of Diffusion Type with Discontinuous Coefficients
    Yi-Ju Chao
    [PDF (252K) or PostScript (503K)]

  • 1609     Amalgamation of pattern primitives for the generation of standard form of language
    H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF ]
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