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February 2001 Preprints

  • 1742     A theory of finitely durable goods monopoly with used-goods market and transaction costs
    S. Huang, Y. Yang, and K. Anderson
    [ PDF (292K) or PostScript (300K) ]
  • 1743     Non-texture inpainting by curvature-driven diffusions (CDD)
    Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen
    [ PDF (541K) or Compressed PostScript (364K) ]
  • 1744     Symmetric real-valued orthonormal scaling functions with compact support in L2(Rs)
    Bin Han
    [ PDF (236K) or PostScript (545K) ]
  • 1745     Fast and accurate algorithms for projective multi-image structure from motion
    John Oliensis and Yacup Genc
    [ PDF (706K) or Compressed PostScript (645K) ]
  • 1746     Three algorithms for 2-image and 2-image structure from motion
    John Oliensis and Yacup Genc
    [ PDF (995K) or Compressed PostScript (684K) ]
  • 1747     Unified analysis of discontinuous Galerkin methods for elliptic problems
    Douglas N. Arnold, Franco Brezzi, Bernardo Cockburn, and L. Donatella Marini
    [ PDF (338K) or PostScript (385K) ]
  • 1748     Growing fitted textures
    Gabriele Gorla, Victoria Interrante, and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF (54M) and no PostScript ]
  • 1749     Inverse scattering with partial information on the potential
    Tuncay Aktosun and Ricardo Weder
    [ PDF (247K) or PostScript (327K) ]
  • 1750     Chord uniqueness and controllability: The view from the boundary, I
    Robert Gulliver and Walter Littman
    [ PDF (365K) or PostScript (718K) ]
  • 1751     Uniqueness for the determination of sound-soft defects in an inhomogeneous planar medium by acoustic boundary measurements
    Luca Rondi
    [ PDF (317K) or PostScript (325K) ]
  • 1752     Mathematical Modeling in Industry - IMA Summer Program for Graduate Students, July 19-28, 2000
    Rachel Kuske and Fernando Reitich, Organizers
    Video recording

    (There are six papers in this preprint)

    • 1752-1     Numerical Steady-State Solutions of Non-Linear DAE's Arising in RF Communication Circuit Design
      Danny Dunlavy, Sookhyung Joo, Runchang Lin, Roummel Marcia, Aurelia Minut, and Jianzhong Sun (Robert Melville, mentor)
      [ PDF (333K) or PostScript (778K) ]
    • 1752-2     Optimizing Language Models for Speech Recognition
      Lynch Hruska, Maria Kiskowski, Jennifer Lefeaux, Kevin McCleary, Dany Ngouyassa, Bryan Smith (Joan Bachenko, mentor)
      [ PDF (366K) or PostScript (684K) ]
    • 1752-3     The Bivariate Contouring Problem
      Thomas Grandine, Bogdan Craciun, Noel Heitmann, Brian Ingalls, Quoc Thong Le Gia, Miao-jung Ou, and Yen-hsi Richard Tsai (Thomas Grandine, mentor)
      [ PDF (217K) or Compress PostScript (129K) ]
    • 1752-4     Second Order Solution of Fritz John's Ultrahyperbolic PDE for Volumetric Computed Tomography
      Jicun Hu, Chris Ingrassia, Svenja Lowitzsch, Jang Park, Angel Pineda, Daniel Reynolds, and Nicholas Valdivia (S.K. Patch, mentor)
      [ PDF (240K) or PostScript (126K) ]
    • 1752-5     A network diversion vulnerability problem
      Ariel Cintron-Arias, Norman Curet, Lisa Denogean, Robert Ellis, Corey Gonzalez, Shobha Oruganti, and Patrick Quillen (Norm Curet, mentor)
      [ PDF (95K) or PostScript (135K) ]
    • 1752-6     The Design of a Microactuator
      Y. Chung, Z. Lavicza, H. Lim, D. Malonza, M. Song, and N. Tarfulea (David Ross, mentor)
      [ PDF (195K) or PostScript (368K) ]
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