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Complete Chronological IMA Preprints

September 1982 - present

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September 1982 - December 1982

1   Abstracts, Workshop on Statistical Mechanics Dynamical Systems and Turbulence
2   Raphael De laLlave, A Simple Proof of C. Siegel's Center Theorem
3   H. Simpson, S. Spector, On Copositive Matrices and Strong Ellipticity for Isotropic Elastic Materials
4   George R. Sell, Vector Fields in the Vicinity of a Compact Invariant Manifold
5   Milan Miklavcic, Non-linear Stability of Asymptotic Suction
6   Hans Weinberger, A Simple System with a Continuum of Stable Inhomogeneous Steady States
7   Bau-Sen Du, Period 3 Bifurcation for the Logistic Mapping

January 1983 - December 1983

8   Hans Weinberger, Optimal Numerical Approximation of a Linear Operator
9   L. R. Angel, D. F. Evans, B. Ninham, Three Component Ionic Microem uls ions
10   D.F. Evans, D. Mitchell, S. Mukherjee, B. Ninham, Surfactant Diffusion; New Results and Interpretations
11   Leif Arkeryd, A Remark about the Final Aperiodic Regime for Maps on the Interval
12   Luis Magalhaes, Manifolds of Global Solutions of Functional Differential Equations
13   Kenneth Meyer, Tori in Resonance
14   C. Eugene Wayne, Surface Models with Nonlocal Potentials: Upper Bounds
15   K.A. Pericak-Spector, On Stability and Uniqueness of Fluid Flow Through a Rigid Porous Medium
16   George R. Sell, Smooth Linearization Near a Fixed Point
17   David Wollkind, A Nonlinear Stability Analysis of a Model Equation for Alloy Solidification
18   Pierre Collet, Local Cinfinity Conjugacy on the Julia Set for some Holomorphic Perturbations of z to z2
19   Henry C. Simpson, Scott J. Spector, On the Modified Bessel Functions of the First Kind - dotepsilon- On Barrelling for a Material in Finite Elasticity
20   George R. Sell, Linearization and Global Dynamics
21   P. Constantin, C. Foias, Global Lyapunov Exponents, Kaplan-Yorke Formulas and the Dimension of the Attractors for 2D Navier-Stokes Equations
22   Milan Miklavcic, Stability for Semilinear Parabolic Equations with Noninvertible Linear Operator
23   P. Collet, H. Epstein, G. Gallavotti, Perturbations of Geodesic Flows on Surfaces of Constant Negative Curvature and their Mixing Properties
24   J.E. Dunn, J. Serrin, On the Thermodynamics of Interstitial Working
25   Scott J. Spector, On the Absence of Bifurcation for Elastic Bars in Uniaxial Tension
26   W. A. Coppel, Maps on an Interval
  (There are three expository lectures in this Preprint:
   - Motivation and elementary properties
   - Peiodic orbits, topological dynamics, chaos
   - Quadratic maps, qualitative and quantitative universality)

27   James Kirkwood, Phase Transitions in the Ising Model with Traverse Field
28   Luis Magalhaes, The Asymptotics of Solutions of Singularly Perturbed Functional Differential Equations: and Concentrated Delays are Different
29   Charles Tresser, Homoclinic Orbits for Flow in R3
30   Charles Tresser, About Some Theorems by L.P. Sil'nikov
31   Michael Aizenmann, On the Renormalized Coupling Constant and the Susceptibility in f4 Field Theory and the Ising Model in Four Dimensions
32   C. Eugene Wayne, The KAM Theory of Systems with Short Range Interactions I
33   M. Slemrod, J.E. Marsden, Temporal and Spatial Chaos in a Van der Waals Fluid Due to Periodic Thermal Fluctuations
34   J. Kirkwood, C.E. Wayne, Percolation in Continuous Systems
35   Luis Magalhaes, Invariant Manifolds for Functional Differential Equations Close to Ordinary Differential Equations
36   C. Eugene Wayne, The KAM Theory of Systems with Short Range Interactions II
37   Jean De Canniere, Passive Quasi-Free States of the Noninteracting Fermi Gas
38   Elias C. Aifantis, Maxwell and van der Waals Revisited
39   Elias C. Aifantis, On the Mechanics of Modulated Structures
40   William Ruckle, The Strong $\phi$ Topology on Symmetric Sequence Spaces
41   Charles R. Johnson, A Characterization of Borda's Rule Via Optimization
42   Kazuo Kishimoto and Hans Weinberger, The Spatial Homogeneity of Stable Equilibria of Some Reaction-Diffusion Systems on Convex Domains
43   K. A. Pericak-Spector, W.O. Williams, On Work and Constraints in Mixtures
44   H. Rosenberg, E. Toubiana, Some Remarks on Deformations of Minimal Surfaces
45   Stephan Pelikan, The Duration of Transients
46   V. Capasso, K.L. Cooke, M. Witten, Random Fluctuations of the Duration of Harvest
47   E. Fabes, D. Stroock, The Lp-intergrability of Green's functions andfundamental solutions for elliptic and parabolic equations
48   H. Brezis, Semilinear Equations in RN without conditions at infinity
49   M. Slemrod, Lax-Friedrichs and the Viscosity-Capillarity Criterion
50   C. Johnson, W. Barrett, Spanning Tree Extensions of the Hadamard-Fischer Inequalities

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January 1984 - December 1984

51   Andrew Postlewaite, David Schmeidler, Revelation and Implementation under Differential Information
52   Paul Blanchard, Complex Analytic Dynamics on the Riemann Sphere
53   G. Levitt, H. Rosenberg, Topology and Differentiability of Labyrinths in the Disc and Annulus
54   G. Levitt, H. Rosenberg, Symmetry of Constant Mean Curvature Hypersurfaces in Hyperbolic Space
55   Ennio Stacchetti, Analysis of a Dynamic, Decentralized Exchange Economy
56   Henry Simpson, Scott Spector, On Failure of the Complementing Condition and Nonuniqueness in Linear Elastostatics
57   Craig Tracy, Complete Integrability in Statistical Mechanics and the Yang-Baxter Equations
58   Tongren Ding, Boundedness of Solutions of Duffing's Equation
59   Abstract, Workshop on Price Adjustment, Quantity Adjustment, and Business Cycles
60   Rafael Rob, The Coase Theorem, an Informational Perspective
61   Joseph Jerome, Approximate Newton Methods and Homotopy for Stationary Operator Equations
62   Rafael Robz, A Note on Competitive Bidding with Asymmetric Infor mat ion
63   Rafael Rob, Equilibrium Price Distributions
64   William Ruckle, The Linearization Projection, Global Theories
65   Russell Johnson, Kenneth Palmer, and George R. Sell, Ergodic Properties of Linear Dynamical Systems
66   Stanley Reiter, How a Network of Processors can Schedule its Work
67   R. N. Goldman, D. C. Heath, Linear Subdivision is Strictly a Polynomial Phenomenon
68   R. Giachett, R. Johnson, The Floquet Exponent for Two-Dimensional Linear Systems with Bounded Coefficients
69   Steve Williams, Realization and Nash Implementation: Two Aspects of Mechanism Design
70   Steve Williams, Sufficient Conditions for Nash Implementation
71   Nicholas Yannelis, William R. Zame, Equilibria in Banach Lattices Without Ordered Preferences
72   W. Harris, Y. Sibuya, The Reciprocals of Solutions of Linear Ordinary
73   Stephan Pelikan, A Dynamical Meaning of Fractal Dimension
74   D. Heath, W. Sudderth, Continuous-Time Portfolio Management: Minimizing the Expected Time to Reach a Goal
75   J. S. Jordan, Information Flows Intrinsic to the Stability Economic Equilibrium
76   J. Jerome, An Adaptive Newton Algorithm Based on Numerical Inversion: Regularization Post Condition
77   David Schmeidler, Integral Representation Without Additivity
78   Abstract, Workshop on Bayesian Analysis in Economics and Game Theory
79   G. Chichilnisky, G. M. Heal, Existence of a Competitive Equilibrium in L $\rho$ and Sobolev Spaces
80   Thomas Seidman, Time-dependent Solutions of a Nonlinear System in Semiconductory Theory, II: Boundedness and Periodicity
81   Yakar Kannai, Engaging in R and D and the Emergence of Expected Non-convex Technologies
82   Herve Moulin, Choice Functions over a Finite Set: A Summary
83   Herve Moulin, Choosing from a Tournament
84   David Schmeidler, Subjective Probability and Expected Utility Without Additivity
85   I. G. Kevrekidis, R. Aris, L. D. Schmidt, S. Pelikan, The Numerical Computation of Invariant Circles of Maps
86   F. William Lawvere, State Categories, Closed Categories, and the Existence Semi-Continuous Entropy Functions
87   F. William Lawvere, Functional Remarks on the General Concept of Chaos
88   Steven R. Williams, Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for the Existence of a Locally Stable Message Process
89   Steven R. Williams, Implementing a Generic Smooth Function
90   Dilip Abreu, Infinitely Repeated Games with Discounting: A General Theory
91   J. S. Jordan, Instability in the Implementation of Walrasian Allocations
92   Myrna Holtz Wooders, William R. Zame, Large Games: Fair and Stable Outcomes
93   J. L. Noakes, Critical Sets and Negative Bundles
94   Graciela Chichilnisky, Von Neumann-Morgenstern Utilities and Cardinal Preferences
95   J.L. Ericksen, Twinning of Crystals
96   Anna Nagurney, On Some Market Equilibrium Theory Paradoxes
97   Anna Nagurney, Sensitivity Analysis for Market Equilibrium
98   Abstracts, Workshop on Equilibrium and Stability Questions in Continuum Physics and Partial Differential Equations
99   Millard Beatty, A Lecture on Some Topics in Nonlinear Elasticity and Elastic Stability
100   Filomena Pacella, Central Configurations of the N-Body Problem via the Equivariant Morse Theory

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101   D. Carlson, A. Hoger, The Derivative of a Tensor-valued Function of a Tensor
102   Kenneth Mount, Privacy Preserving Correspondence
103   Millard Beatty, Finite Amplitude Vibrations of a Neo-hookean Oscillator
104   D. Emmons, N. Yannelis, On Perfectly Competitive Economies: Loeb Economies
105   E. Mascolo, R. Schianchi, Existence Theorems in the Calculus of Variations
106   D. Kinderlehrer, Twinning of Crystals (II)
107   R. Chen, Solutions of Minimax Problems Using Equivalent Differentiable Equations
108   D. Abreau, D. Pearce, E. Stacchetti, Optimal Cartel Equilibria with Imperfect Monitoring
109   R. Lauterbach, Hopf Bifurcation from a Turning Point
110   C. Kahn, An Equilibrium Model of Quits under Optimal Contracting
111   M. Kaneko, M. Wooders, The Core of a Game with a Continuum of Players and Finite Coalitions: The Model and Some Results
112   Haim Brezis, Remarks on Sublinear Equations
113   D. Carlson, A. Hoger, On the Derivatives of the Principal Invariants of a Second-order Tensor
114   Raymond Deneckere, Steve Pelikan, Competitive Chaos
115   Abstracts, Workshop on Homogenization and Effective Moduli of Materials and Media
116   Abstracts, Workshop on the Classifying Spaces of Groups
117   Umberto Mosco, Pointwise Potential Estimates for Elliptic Obstacle Problems
118   J. Rodrigueso, An Evolutionary Continuous Casting Problem of Stefan Type
119   C. Mueller, F. Weissler, Single Point Blow-up for a General Semilinear Heat Equation
120   D. R. J. Chillingworth, Three Introductory Lectures on Differential Topology and its Applications
121   Giorgio Vergara Caffarelli, Green's Formulas for Linearized Problems with Live Loads
122   F. Chiarenza, N. Garofalo, Unique Continuation for Nonnegative Solutions of Schrodinger Operators
123   J. L. Ericksen, Constitutive Theory for some Constrained Elastic Crystals
124   Minoru Murata, Positive Solutions of Schrodinger Equations
125   John Maddocks, Gareth P. Parry, A Model for Twinning

January 1985 - December 1985

126   M. Kaneko, M. Wooders, The Core of a Game with a Continuum of Players and Finite Coalitions: Nonemptiness with Bounded Sizes of Calitions
127   William Zame, Equilibria in Production Economies with an Infinite Dimensional Commodity Space
128   Myrna Holtz Wooders, A Tiebout Theorem
129   Abstracts, Workshop on Theory and Applications of Liquid Crystals
130   Yoshikazu Giga, A Remark on a priori Bounds for Global Solutions of Semilinear Heat Equations
131   M. Chipot, G. Vergara-Caffarelli, The N-Membranes problem
132   P.-L. Lions, P.E. Souganidis, Differential Games and Directional Derivatives of Viscosity Solutions of Isaacs' Equations II
133   G. Capriz, P. Giovine, On Virtual Effects During Diffusion of a Dispersed Medium in a Suspension
134   Fall quarter seminar abstracts
135   Umberto Mosco, Wiener Criterion and Potential Estimates for the Obstacle Problem
136   Chi-Sing Man, Dynamic Admissable States, Negative Absolute Temperature, and the Entropy Maximum Principle
137   Abstracts, Workshop on Oscillation Theory, Computation, and Methods of Compensated Compactedness
138   Arie Leizarowitz, Tracking Nonperiodic Trajectories with the Overtaking Criterion
139   Arie Leizarowitz, Convex Set x in R2 as Affine Images of some Fixed Set in R3
140   Arie Leizarowitz, Stochastic Tracking with the Overtaking Criterion
141   Abstracts, Workshop on Amorphous Polymers and Non-Newtonian Fluids
142   Winter quarter seminar abstracts
143   D.G. Aronson, J. L. Vazquez, The Porous Medium Equation as a Finite-speed Approximation to a Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
144   E. Sanchez-Palencia, H. Weinberger, On the Edge Singularities of a Composite Conducting Medium
145   Jon C. Luke, Soliton Solutions in a Class of Fully Discrete Nonlinear Wave Equations
146   Chi-Sing Man, H. Cohen, A Coordinate-Free Approach to the Kinematics of Membranes
147   J.-L. Lions, Asymptotic Problems in Distributed Systems
148   Reiner Lauterbach, An Example of Symmetry Breaking with Submaximal Isotropy Subgroup
149   Abstracts, Workshop on Metastability and Incompletely Posed Problems
150   B. Bozar-Karakiewicz, Jerry Bona, Wave-dominated Shelves: A Model of Sand-Ridge Formation by Progressive, Infragravity Waves

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151   Abstracts, Workshop on Dynamical Problems in Continuum Physics
152   V.I. Oliker, The Problem of Embedding Sn into Rn+1 with Prescribed Gauss Curvature and its Solution by Variational Methods
153   R. Batra, The Force on a Lattice Defect in an Elastic Body
154   J. Fleckinger, Michael Lapidus, Eigenvalues of Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with an Indefinite Weight Function
155   R. Kohn, M. Vogelius, Thin Plates with Rapidly Varying Thickness, and Their Relation to Structural Optimization
156   M. Gurtin, Some Results and Conjectures in the Gradient Theory of Phase Transitions
157   A. Novick-Cohen, Energy Methods for the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
158   M. Biroli, U. Mosco, Wiener Estimates for Parabolic Obstacle Problems
159   E. Bennett, W. Zame, Prices and Bargaining in Cooperative Games
160   W. A. Harris, Y. Sibuya, The n-th Roots of Solutions of Linear Ordinary Differential Equations
161   Millard F. Beatty, Some Dynamical Problems in Continuum Physics
162   P. Bauman, D. Phillips, Large-Time Behavior of Solutions to a Scalar Conservation Laws in Several Space Dimensions
163   A. Novick-Cohen, Interfacial Instabilities in Directional Solidification of Dilute Binary Alloys: The Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation
164   H.F. Weinberger, On Metastable Patterns in Parabolic Systems
165   D. Arnold, R.S. Falk, Continuous Dependence on the Elastic Coefficients for a Class of Anisotropic Materials
166   I. J. Bakelman, The Boundary Value Problems for Non-linear Elliptic Equations and the Maximum Principle for Euler-Lagrange Equations
167   Ingo Muller, Gases and Rubbers
168   Ingo Muller, Pseudoelasticity in Shape Memory Alloys-an Extreme Case of Thermoelasticity
169   Luis Magalhaes, Persistence and Smoothness of Hyperbolic Invariant Manifolds for Functional Differential Equations
170   A. Damlamian, M. Vogelius, Homogenization Limits of the Equations of Elasticity in Thin Domains
171   H. C. Simpson, S.J. Spector, On Hadamard Stability in Finite Elasticity
172   J. L. Vazquez, C. Yarur, Isolated Singularities of the Solutions of the Schröodinger Equation with a Radial Potential
173   G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco, Wiener's Criterion and $\gamma$ - Convergence
174   John H. Maddocks, Stability and Folds
175   R. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, Existence and Partial Regularity of Static Liquid Crystal Configurations
176   M. Nerukar, Construction of Smooth Ergodic Cocyles for Systems with Fast Periodic Approximations
177   J.L. Ericksen, Stable Equilibrium Configurations of Elastic Crystals
178   Patricio Aviles, Local Behavior of Solutions of Some Elliptic Equations
179   S.-N. Chow, R. Lauterbach, A Bifurcation Theorem for Critical Points of Variational Problems
180   R. Pego, Phase Transitions: Stability and Admissibility in One-Dimensional Nonlinear Viscoelasticity
181   Mariano Giaquinta, Quadratic Functions and Partial Regularity
182   J. Bona, Fully Discrete Galerkin Methods for the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
183   J. Maddocks, J. Keller, Mechanics of Robes
184   F. Bernis, Qualitative properties for some nonlinear higher order
185   F. Bernis, Finite Speed of Propagation and Asymptotic Rates for some Nonlinear Higher Order Parabolic Equations with Absorption
186   S. Reichelstein, S. Reiter, Game Forms with Minimal Strategy Spaces
187   T. Ding, An Answer to Littlewood's Problem on Boundedness
188   J. Rubinstein, R. Mauri, Dispersion and Convection in Periodic Media
189   W.H. Fleming, P. E. Souganidis, Asymptotic Series and the Methods of Vanishing Viscosity
190   H. Beirao da Veiga, Existence and Asymptotic Behavior for Strong Solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations in the Whole Space
191   L.A. Caffarelli, J.L. Vazquez, N.I. Wolanski, Lipschitz Continuity o f Solutions and Interfaces of the N-Dimensional Porous Medium Equation
192   R. Johnson, m-Functions and Floquet Exponents for Linear Differential Systems
193   F.V. Atkinson, L.A. Peletier, Ground States and Dirichlet Problems for -$\delta$ F(U) in R2
194   G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco, The Wiener Modulus of a Radial Measure
195   H. A. Levine, H.F. Weinberger, Inequalities between Dirichlet and Neumann Eigenvalues
196   J. Rubinstein, On the Macroscopic Description of Slow Viscous Flow Past a Random Array of Spheres
197   G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco, Wiener Criteria and Energy Decay for Relaxed Dirichlet Problems
198   V. Oliker, P. Waltman, On the Monge-Ampere Equation Arising in the Reflector Mapping Problem
199   M. Chipot, D. Kinderlehrer, L. Caffarelli, Some Smoothness Properties of Linear Laminates
200   Y. Giga, R. Kohn, Characterizing Blow-up Using Similarity Variables
201   P. Cannarsa, H.M. Soner, On the Singularities of the Viscosity Solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
202   Andrew Majda, Nonlinear Geometric Optics for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
203   G. Buttazzo, G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco, A Derivation Theorem for Capacities with Respect to a Radon Measure
204   S. Cowin, M. Mehrabadi, On the Identification of Material Symmetry for Anisotropic Elastic Materials
205   R. W.R. Darling, Constructing Nonhomeomorphic Stochastic Flows

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January 1986 - December 1986

206   M. Chipot, On the Reynolds Lubrication Equation
207   R.V. Kohn, G.W. Milton, On Bounding the Effective Conductivity of Anisotropic Composites
208   I.J. Bakelman, Notes Concerning the Torsion of Hardening Rods and its N-Dimensional Generalizations
209   I.J. Bakelman, The Boundary Value Problems for Nonlinear Elliptic Equations
210   Guanglu Gong, Minping Qian, On the Large Deviation Functions of Markov Chain
211   Arie Leizarowitz, Control Problems with Random and Progressively Known Target
212   R. W. R. Darling, Ergodicity of a Measure-Valued Markov Chain In duced by Random Transformations
213   G. Gong, M. Qian, Zhongxin Zhao, Killed Diffusions and its Conditioning
214   Arie Leizarowitz, Controling Diffusion Processes on Infinite Horizon with the Overtaking Criterion
215   Millard Beatty, The Poisson Function of Finite Elasticity
216   David Terman, Traveling Wave Solutions Arising from a Combustion Model
217   Yuh-Jia Lee, Sharp Inequalities and Regularity of Heat Semi-Group on Infinite Dimensional Spaces
218   D. Stroock, lecture notes for the period of concentration on Malliavin calculus and applications to partial differential equations
219   Claudio Canuto, Spectral Methods and Maximum Principle
220   Thomas O'Brien, A Two Parameter Family of Pension Contribution Functions and Stochastic Optimization
221   Takeyuki Hida, Analysis of Brownian Functionals
222   Leonid Hurwicz, On Informational Decentralization and Efficiency of Resource Allocation Mechanisms
223   E.B. Fabes, D. W. Stroock, A New Proof of Moser's Parabolic Harnack Inequality via the Old Ideas of Nash
224   Minoru Murata, Structure of Positive Solution to (-$\Delta$+V)u=0 in Rn
225   Paul Dupuis, Large Deviations Analysis of Reflected Diffusions and Constrained Stochastic Approximation Algorithms in Convex Sets
226   F. Bernis, Existence Results for Doubly Nonlinear Higher Order Parabolic Equations on Unbounded Domains
227   S. Orey, S. Pelikan, Large Deviations Principles for Stationary Processes
228   R. Gulliver, S. Hildebrandt, Boundary Configurations Spanning Continuation of Minimal Surfaces
229   J. Baxter, G. Dal Maso, U. Mosco, Stopping Times and G-Convergence
230   Julio Bouillet, Self-Similar Solutions, Having Jumps and Intervals of Constancy of a Diffusion-heat Conduction Equation
231   R. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, F.-H. Lin, A Remark About the Stability of Smooth Equilibrium Configurations of Static Liquid Crystals
232   M. Chipot, M. Luskin, The Compressible Reynolds Lubrication Equation
233   J. H. Maddocks, A Model for Disclinations in Nematic Liquid Crystal
234   C. Foias, G.R. Sell, R. Temam, Inertial Manifolds for Nonlinear Evolutionary Equations
235   P.L. Chow, Expectation Functionals Associated with Some Stochastic Evolution Equations
236   G. Buttazzo, R. Kohn, Reinforcement by a Thin Layer with Oscillating Thickness
237   W.H. Fleming, S.J. Sheu, H. M. Soner, On Existence of the Dominant Eigenfunction and its Application to the Large Deviation Properties of an Ergodic Markov Process

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238   R. Jensen, P.E. Souganidis, A Regularity Result for Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations in One Space Dimension
239   B. Boczar-Karaki, J.L. Bona, D.L. Cohen, Interaction of Shallow-Water Waves and Bottom Topography
240   F. Colonius, W. Kliemann, Infinite Time Optimal Control and Periodicity
241   Harry Kesten, Scaling Relations for 2D-Percolation
242   A. Leizarowitz, Infinite Horizon Optimization for Markov Process with Finite States Spaces
243   Louis H. Y. Chen, The Rate of Convergence in a Central Limit Theorem for Dependent Random Variables with Arbitrary Index Set
244   G. Kallianpur, Stochastic Differential Equations in Duals of Nuclear Spaces with some Applications
245   Tzuu-Shuh Chiang, Yunshong Chow, Yuh-Jia Lee, Evaluation of Certain Functional Integrals
246   L. Karp, M. Pinsky, The First Eigenvalue of a Small Geodesic Ball in a Riemannian Manifold
247   Chi-Sing Man, Towards an Acoustoelastic Theory for Measurement of Residual Stress
248   Andreas Stoll, Invariance Principles for Brownian Intersection Local Time and Polymer Measures
249   R. W. R. Darling, Rate of Growth of the Coalescent Set in a Coalescing Stochastic Flow
250   R. Cohen, R. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, S.Y. Lin, M. Luskin, Minimum Energy for Liquid Crystals: Computational Results
251   Suzanne M. Lenhart, Viscosity Solutions for Weakly Coupled Systems of First Order PDEs
252   M. Cranston, E. Fabes, Z. Zhao, Condition Gauge and Potential Theory for the Schrodinger Operator
253   H. Brezis, J.M. Coron, E.H. Lieb, Harmonic Maps with Defects
254   A. Carverhill, Flows of Stochastic Dynamical Systems: Nontriviality of the Lyapunov Spectrum
255   A. Carverhill, Conditioning a `Lifted' Stochastic System in a Product Case
256   R.J. Williams, Local Time and Excursions of Reflected Brownian Motion
257   H. Folmer, S. Orey, Large Deviations for the Empirical Field of a Gibbs Measure
258   A. Leizarowitz, Characterization of Optimal Trajectories on an Infinite Horizon
259   Y. Giga, T. Miyakawa, H. Osada, Two Dimensional Navier Stokes Flow with Measures as Initial Vorticity
260   M. Chipot, V. Oliker, Sur une propriete des fonctions propres de l'operateur de laplace beltrami
261   V. Perez-Abreu, Decompositions of Semimartingales on Duals of Countably Nuclear Spaces
262   J.M. Ball, Does Rank-One Convexity Imply Quasiconvexity?
263   B. Cockburn, The Quasi-Monotone Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws
264   K. A. Pericak-Spector, On Radially Symmetric Simple Waves in Elasticity
265   P. N. Shivakumar, Chi-Sing Man, and Simon W. Rabkin, Modelling of the Heart and Pericardium at End-Diastole
266   Jose-Luis Menaldi, Probabilistic View of Estimates for Finite Difference Methods
267   Robert Hardt, Harold Rosenberg, Open Book Structures and Unicity of Minimal Submanifolds
268   Bernardo Cockburn, The Quasi-Monotone Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws, Part II
269   H. R. Jauslin, W. Zimmermann, Jr., Dynamics of a Model for an Ac Josephson Effect in Superfluid 4He
270   A.K. Kapila, Introductory Lecture on Reacting Flows
271   J. C. Taylor, Do Minimal Solutions of Heat Equations Characterize Diffusions?
272   J. C. Taylor, The Minimal Eigenfunctions Characterize the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process
273   Chi-Sing Man, Quan-Xin Sun, On the Significance of Normal Stress Effects in the Flow of Glaciers
274   Omar Hijab, On Partially Observed Control of Markov Processes
275   Lawrence Gray, The Behavior of Processes with Statistical Mechanical Properties
276   R. Hardt, D. Kinderlehrer, M. Luskin, Remarks about the Mathematical Theory of Liquid Crystals
277   B. Cockburn, The Quasi-Monotone Schemes for Scalar Conservation Laws, Part III
278   M. Chipot, T. Sideris, On the Abelian Higgs Model
279   C. Foias, B. Nicolaenko, G. R. Sell, R. Temam, Inertial Manifolds for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equation and an Estimate of their Lowest Dimension
280   R. Duran, On the Approximation of Miscible Displacement in Porous Media by a Method of Characteristics Combined with a Mixed Method
281   H. Aixiang, The Convergence for Nodal Expansion Method Functional Integrals
282   V. Twersky, Dispersive Bulk Parameters for Coherent Propagation in Correlated Random Distributions
283   F. den Hollander, Mixing Properties for Random Walk in Random Scenery
284   H. R. Jauslin, Nondifferentiable Potentials for Nonequilibrium Steady States
285   K. Meyer, G.R. Sell, Homoclinic Orbits and Bernoulli Bundles in Almost Periodic Systems

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January 1987 - December 1987

286   J. Douglas, Jr., Y. Yuan, Finite Difference Methods for the Transient Behavior of a Semiconductor Device
287   Li Kaitai, Yan Ningning, The Extrapolation for Boundary Finite Elements
288   R. Durrett, R. Schonmann, Stochastic Growth Models
289   D. Kinderlehrer, Remarks about Equilibrium Configurations of Crystals
290   D.G. Aronson, J.L. Vazquez, Eventual Cinfinity-Regularity and Concavity for Flows in One-Dimensional Porous Media
291   L.R. Scott, J.M. Boyle, B. Bagheri, Distributed Data Structures for Scientific Computation
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295   T. Arbogast, Analysis of the Simulation of Single Phase Flow through a Naturally Fractured Reservoir
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298   M. Chipot, F.B. Weissler, Some Blow-Up Results for a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation with a Gradient Term
299   L. Kaitai, Perturbation Solutions of Simple and Double Bifurcation Problems for Navier-Stokes Equations
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301   A. Gerardi, G. Nappo, Martingale Approach for Modeling DNA Synthesis
302   D.N. Arnold, L. Ridgway Scott, M. Vogelius, Regular Inversion of the Divergence Operator with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions on a Polygon.
303   R.G. Duran, Error Analysis in Lp, 1 lesser or equal than p lesser or equal than infinity, for Mixed Definite Element Methods for Linear and Quasi-Linear Elliptic Problems
304   R. Nochetto, C. Verdi, An Efficient Linear Scheme to Approximate Parabolic Free Free Boundary Problems: Error Estimates and Implementation
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310   J.K. Hale, Compact Attractors and Singular Perturbations
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312   B. Muller, A. Rizzi, Navier-Stokes Computation of Transonic Vortices over a Round Leading Edge Delta Wing
313   J. Thomas Beale, On the Accuracy of Vortex Methods at Large Tim es
314   P. Le Talle, A. Lotfi, Decomposition Methods for Adherence Problems in Finite Elasticity
315   J. Douglas, Jr., J.E. Santos, Approximation of Waves in Composite Media

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316   T. Arbogast, The Double Porosity Model for Single Phase Flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
317   T. Arbogast, J. Douglas, Jr., J.E. Santos, Two-Phase Immiscible Flow in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
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320   A. Greven, A Phase Transition for a System of Branching Random Walks in a Random Environment
321   J. M. Harrison and R.J. Williams, Brownian Models of Open Queueing Networks with Homogeneous Customer Populations
322   Ana Bela Cruzeiro, Solutions ET mesures invariantes pour des equations d'evolution Stochastiques du type Navier-Stokes
323   Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed, The Lyapunov Spectrum and Stable Manifolds for Stochastic Linear Delay Equations
324   Bao Gia Nguyen, Typical Cluster Size for 2-DIM Percolation Processes (Revised)
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326   M. Chipot, D. Kinderlehrer, Equilibrium Configurations of Crystals
327   Kiyosi It^o, Malliavin's Cinfinity functionals of a centered Gaussian system
328   T. Funaki, Derivation of the hydrodynamical equation for one-dimensional Ginzburg-Landau model
329   Y. Masaya, Schauder Expansion by some Quadratic Base Function
330   F. Brezzi, J. Douglas, Jr., Stabilized Mixed Methods for the Stokes Problem
331   J. Mallet-Paret, G.R. Sell, Inertial Manifolds for Reaction Diffusion Equations in Higher Space Dimensions
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334   E. Miersemann, H.D. Mittelmann, On the Continuation for Variational Inequalities Depending on an Eigenvalue Parameter
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339   L. Gastaldi, Sharp Maximum Norm Error Estimates for General Mixed Finite Element Approximations to to Second Order Elliptic Equations
340   L. Hurwicz, H. F. Weinberger, A Necessary Condition for Decentralizability and an Application to Intemporal Allocation
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343   B. Sturmfels, N. White, Grobner Bases and Invariant Theory
344   J. L. Vazquez, Cinfinity-Regularity of Solutions and Interfaces of the Porous Medium Equation
345   C. Beattie, W.M. Greenlee, Improved Convergence Rates for Intermediate Problems
346   H.D. Mittelmann, Continuation Methods for Parameter-Dependent Boundary Value Problems
347   M. Chipot, G. Michaille, Uniqueness Results and Monotonicity Properties for Strongly Nonlinear Elliptic Variational Inequalities

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348   Avner Friedman, Bei Hu, The Stefan Problem for a Hyperbolic Heat Equation
349   Michel Chipot, Mitchell Luskin, Existence of Solutions to the Elastohydrodynamical Equations for Magnetic Recording Systems
350   R.H. Nochetto, C. Verdi, The Combined Use of a Nonlinear Chernoff Formula with a Regularization Procedure for Two-Phase Stefan Problems
351   Gonzalo R. Mendieta, Two Hyperfinite Constructions of the Brownian Bridge
352   Victor Klee and Peter Kleinschmidt, Geometry of the Gass-Saaty Parametric Cost LP Algorithm
353   Joseph O'Rourke, Finding A Shortest Ladder Path: A Special Case
354   J. Gretenkort, P. Kleinschmidt, Bernd Sturmfels, On the Existence of Certain Smooth Toric Varieties
355   You-lan Zhu, On Stability and Convergence of Difference Schemes for Quasilinear Hyperbolic Initial- Boundary-Value Problems
356   Hamid Bellout, Avner Friedman, Blow-Up Estimates for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Heat Equation
357   P. Gritzmann, M. Lassak, Helly-Test for the Minimal Width of Convex Bodies end
358   K.R. Meyer, G.R. Sell, Melnikov Transforms, Bernoulli Bundles, and Almost Periodic Perturbations
359   J.-P. Puel, A. Raoult, Buckling for an Elastoplastic Plate with An Increment Constitutive Relation
360   F.G. Garvan, A Beta Integral Associated with the Root System G2
361   L. Chihara, D. Stanton, Zeros of Generalized Krawtchouk Polynomials
362   Hisashi Okamoto, O(2)-Equivariant Bifurcation Equations with Two Modes Interaction
363   Joseph O'Rourke and Catherine Schevon, On the Development of Closed Convex Curves on 3-Polytopes
364   Weinan E, Analysis of Spectral Methods for Burgers' Equation
365   Weinan E, Analysis of Fourier Methods for Navier-Stokes Equation
366   Paul Lemke, A Counterexample to a Conjecture of Abbott
367   Peter Gritzmann, A Characterization of all Loglinear Inequalities for Three Quermassintegrals of Convex Bodies
368   David Kinderlehrer, Phase transitions in crystals: towards the analysis of microstructure
369   David Kraines and Vivian Kraines, Pavlov and the Prisoner's Dilemma
370   F.G. Garvan, A Proof of the MacDonald-Morris Root System Conjecture for F4
371   Neil L. White, Tim McMillan, Cayley Factorization
372   Bernd Sturmfels, Applications of Final Polynomials and Final Syzygies
373   Avner Friedman, Michael Vogelius, Identification of Small Inhomogeneities of Extreme Conductivity by Boundary Measurements: A Continuous Dependence Result
374   Jan Kratochvíl, Mirko Ku rivánek, On the Computational Complexity of Codes in Graphs
375   Thomas I. Seidman, The Transient Semiconductor Problem with Generation Terms, II
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377   Michael A. Trick, Induced Subtrees of a Tree and the Set Packing Problem
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379   Bradley J. Lucier, Performance Evaluation for Multiprocessors Programmed Using Monitors
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382   Mirko Krivánek, A Note on the Computational Complexity of Bracketing and Related Problems
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384   Victor Klee and Peter Kleinschmidt, Polytopal Complexes and Their Relatives
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386   David W. Matula and Rakesh V. Vohra, Calculating the Connectivity of a Directed Graph
387   Hubert de Fraysseix, János Pach and Richard Pollack, Small Sets Supporting Fáry Embeddings of Planar Graphs
388   Bernardo Cockburn and Chi-Wang Shu, The Runge-Kutta Local Projection P1-Discontinuous-Galerkin Finite Element Method for Scalar Conservation Laws

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January 1988 - December 1988

389   Henry Crapo, Timothy F. Havel, Bernd Sturmfels, Walter Whiteley and Neil L. White, Symbolic Computations in Geometry
390   Henry C. Simpson and Scott J. Spector, Necessary Conditions at the Boundary for Minimizers in Finite Elasticity
391   Luis A. Caffarelli and Avner Friedman, A Model of Dislocations and the Associated Free Boundary Problem
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393   Svante Janson, Tomasz Luczak and Andrzej Rucínski, An Exponential Bound for the Probability of a Specified Subgraph in a Random Graph
394   Martin Brokate and Avner Friedman, Optimal Control for Heat conduction Problems with Hysteresis
395   Avner Friedman and Biao Ou, A Model of Crystal Precipitation
396   Jonathan D.H. Smith, A Class of Mathematical Models for Evolution and Hierarchical Information Theory
397   Anna B. Romanowska and Jonathan D.H. Smith, Support Functions and Ordinal Products
398   Willard Miller, Jr., Mechanisms for Variable Separation in Partial Differential Equations
399   George R. Sell, Hausdorff and Lyapunov Dimensions for Gradient Systems
400   Charles J. Colbourn and Paul C. van Oorschot, Applications of Combinatorial Designs in Computer Science
401   Giovanni Zanzotto, Growth Twinning Stability of Quartz Crosses and General Geobarothermometric Implications
402   Kennan T. Smith, The Uncertainty Principle on Groups
403   Christopher Beattie and Mary Beth Ruskai, Location of Essential Spectrum of Intermediate Hamiltonians Restricted to Symmetry Subspaces
404   Tomas Luczak, The Chromatic Number of Random Graphs
405   Zoltán Füredi, The Second and the Third Smallest Distances On the Sphere
406   Marjorie Senechal, Orderly Dispositions in Space
407   Zoltán Füredi, Jeff Kahn and Daniel Kleitman, Sphere coverings of the hypercube with incomparable centers
408   Zoltán Füredi, The Maximum Number of Edges in a Minimal Graph of Diameter 2
409   Bernd Sturmfels, An Algorithmic Proof of The Quillen-Suslin Theorem
410   Bernd Sturmfels, Simplicial Polytopes Without The Isotopy Property
411   Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman, A Bubble in Ideal Fluid with Gravity
412   Avner Friedman and Michael L. Honig, On the Spread of Continuous-Time Linear Systems
413   K.W. Johnson and J.D.H. Smith, Characters of Finite Quasigroups V: Linear Characters
414   S. Kamin, L.A. Peletier and J.L. Vazquez, Classification of Singular Solutions of a Nonlinear Heat Equation
415   Bernardo Cockburn, San-Yih Lin and Chi-Wang Shu, TVB Runge-Kutta Local Projection Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Conservation Laws III: One Dimensional Systems
416   Jonathan D.H. Smith, Entropy, Character Theory and Centrality of Finite Quasigroups
417   Avner Friedman, Biao Ou and David S. Ross, Crystal Precipitation with Discrete Initial Data
418   Lynne M. Butler, The q-Log-Concavity of q-Binomial Coefficients
419   David Magagnosc, Michael Werman, Matching in Networks with Few Cycles
420   Daniel Kleitman and Rakesh V. Vohra, Computing the Bandwidth of Interval Graphs
421   Zolt'an Furedi, Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman, A Minimal Cutset of the Boolean Lattice with Almost All Members
422   Zoltáan Furedi, Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman, Representations of Families of Triples Over GF(2)
423   Zoltán Furedi, Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman, Pair Labellings with Given Distance
424   Jerrold R. Griggs, Iterated Exponentials of Two Numbers
425   Jonathan D.H. Smith, Combinatorial Characters of Quasigroups

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426   Jonathan D.H. Smith, Induced Class Functions are Conditional Expectations
427   Paul Lemke, The Bounded Diameter Two Edge-Disjoint Spanning Trees Problem is NP-Complete
428   Paul Lemke, The Maximum Leaf Spanning Tree Problem for Cubic Graphs is NP-Complete
429   Paul Lemke and Daniel J. Kleitman, An Addition Theorem on the Integers Modulo n
430   Vera Pless, Extremal Codes are Homogeneous
431   David Magagnosc and Michael Werman, Optimization on Graphs with Restricted Weights
432   Bernd Sturmfels and Neil White, Constructing Uniform Oriented Matroids Without the Isotopy Property
433   Avner Friedman and Louis A. Romero, Functional Differential Equations for the Determination of the Viscosity Function in a Rheometer
434   Chaitan P. Gupta, Asymptotic Conditions for the Solvability of a Fourth Order Boundary Value Problem with Periodic Boundary Conditions
435   Hamid Bellout and Avner Friedman, Scattering by Stripe Grating
436   Neil White, Implementation of the Straightening Algorithm of Classical Invariant Theory
437   Matthew Witten, Ph.D., Creativity and Mathematics Teaching: Some Thoughts on Mathematics Teaching, Computers, and Calculus
438   Albert Fassler, Multiple Pythagorean Number Triples
439   Andrew Hasenfeld, Selective `Complex' Reflectionless Potentials
440   Frank Garvan and Dennis Stanton, Sieved Partition Functions and q-Binomial Coefficients
441   Laurent Habsieger and Dennis Stanton, More Zeros of Krawtchouk Polynomials
442   K.M. Ramachandran, Nearly Optimal Control of Queues in Heavy Traffic with Heterogeneous Servers
443   Y.M. Zhu and G. Yin, A New Algorithm for Constrained Adaptive Array Processing
444   G. Yin and K.M. Ramachandran, A Differential Delay Equation with Wideband Noise Perturbations
445   Chaitan P. Gupta, Integral Type Asymptotic Conditions for the Solvability of a Periodic Fourth Order Boundary Value Problem
446   Chaitan P. Gupta, A Two-Point Boundary Value Problem of Dirichlet Type with Resonance at Infinitely Many Eigenvalues
447   Jong-Shenq Guo, On the Quenching Behavior of a Semilinear Parabolic Equation
448   Bei Hu, A Quasi-Variational Inequality Arising in Elastohydrodynamics
449   E. Somersalo, G. Beylkin, R. Burridge and M. Cheney, Inverse Scattering Problem for the Schrodinger Equation in Three Dimensions: Connections Between Exact and Approximate Methods
450   J.H. Dinitz and D.R. Stinson ,Some New Perfect One-Factorizations from Starters in Finite Fields
451   Albert Fassler and Ren'e Jeanneret, Optimum Filter for DC/AC-Converter in Electronics
452   Paul Lemke, On the Question of Obtaining Optimal Partitions of Point Sets in Ed with Hyperplane Cuts
453   Paul Lemke and Michael Werman, On the Complexity of Inverting the Autocorrelation Function of a Finite Integer Sequence, and the Problem of Locating n Points on a Line, Given the (n atop 2t) Unlabelled Distances Between Them
454   Chris J. Budd, Avner Friedman, Bryce McLeod and Adam A. Wheeler, The Space Charge Problem
455   Jerrold R. Griggs, Daniel J. Kleitman and Aditya Shastri, Spanning Trees With Many Leaves in Cubic Graphs
456   Akos Seress , On $\lambda$ -designs with $\lambda$ =2P
457   Chjan C. Lim, Quasi-periodic Dynamics of Desingularized Vortex Models
458   Chjan C. Lim, On Singular Hamiltonians: The Existence of Quasi-periodic Solutions and Nonlinear Stability
459   Eugene Fabes, Mitchell Luskin and George R. Sell, Construction of Inertial Manifolds by Elliptic Regularization

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460  Matthew Witten, A Quantitative Model for Lifespan Curves
461   Jay A. Wood, Self-Orthogonal Codes and The Topology of Spinor Group
462   Avner Friedman and Miguel A. Herrero, A Nonlinear Nonlocal Wave Equation Arising in Combustion Theory
463   Avner Friedman and Victor Isakov, On the Uniqueness in the Inverse Conductivity Problem with One Measurement
464   Yisong Yang, Existence, Regularity, and Asymptotic Behavior of the Solutions to the Ginzburg-Landau Equations on R3
465   Chjan. C. Lim, On Symplectic Tree Graphs
466   Wilhelm I. Fushchich, Ivan Krivsky and Vladimir Simulik, On Vector and Pseudovector Lagrangians for Electromagnetic Field
467   Wilhelm I. Fushchich, Exact Solutions of Multidimensional Nonlinear Dirac's and Schrodinger's Equations
468   Wilhelm I. Fushchich and Renat Zhdanov, On Some New Exact Solutions of Nonlinear D'Allembert and Hamilton Equations
469   Brian A. Coomes, The Lorenz System Does Not Have a Polynomial Flow
470   J.W. Helton and N.J. Young, Approximation of Hankel Operators: Truncation Error in an Hinfinity Design Method
471   Gregory Ammar and Paul Gader, A Variant of the Gohberg-Semencul Formula Involving Circulant Matrices
472   R.L. Fosdick and G.P. Mac Sithigh, Minimization in Nonlinear Elasticity Theory for Bodies Reinforced with Inextensible Cords
473   Fernando Reitich, Rapidly Stretching Plastic Jets: The Linearized Problem

January 1989 - December 1989

474   Francisco Bernis and Avner Friedman, Higher Order Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Equations
475   Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman, Maxwell's Equations in a Periodic Structure
476   Avner Friedman and Michael Vogelius, Determining Cracks by Boundary Measurements
477   Yuji Kodama and John Gibbons, A Method for Solving the Dispersionless KP Hierarchy and its Exact Solutions II
478   Yuji Kodama, Exact Solutions of Hydrodynamic Type Equations Having Infinitely Many Conserved Densities
479   Robert Carroll, Some Forced Nonlinear Equations and the Time Evolution of Spectral Data
480   Chjan. C. Lim, Spanning Binary Trees, Symplectic Matrices, and Canonical Transformations for Classical N-body Problems
481   E.F. Assmus, Jr. and J.D. Key, Translation Planes and Derivation Sets
482   Matthew Witten, Ph.D., Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of the Aging-Cancer Interface
483   Matthew Witten and Caleb E. Finch, Re-Examining The Gompertzian Model of Aging
484   Bei Hu, A Free Boundary Problem for a Hamilton-Jacobi Equation Arising in Ions Etching
485   T.C. Hu, Victor Klee and David Larman, Optimization of Globally Convex Functions
486   Pierre Goossens, Shellings of Tilings
487   D. David, D. D. Holm, and M.V. Tratnik, Integrable and Chaotic Polarization Dynamics in Nonlinear Optical Beams
488   D. David, D.D. Holm and M.V. Tratnik, Horseshoe Chaos in a Periodically Perturbed Polarized Optical Beam
489   Laurent Habsieger, Linear Recurrent Sequences and Irrationality Measures
490   Laurent Habsieger, MacDonald Conjectures and The Selberg Integral
491   David Kinderlehrer and Giorgio Vergara-Caffarelli, The Relaxation of Functionals with Surface Energies
492   Richard James and David Kinderlehrer, Theory of Diffusionless Phase Transitions
493   David Kinderlehrer, Recent Developments in Liquid Crystal Theory
494   Niky Kamran and Peter J. Olver, Equivalence of Higher Order Lagrangians I. Formulation and Reduction
495   Lucas Hsu, Niky Kamran and Peter J. Olver, Equivalence of Higher Order Lagrangians II. The Cartan Form for Particle Lagrangians
496   D.J. Kaup and Peter J. Olver, Quantization of BiHamiltonian Systems
497   Metin Arik, Fahrunisa Neyzi, Yavuz Nutku, Peter J. Olver and John M. Verosky, Multi-Hamiltonian Structure of the Born-Infeld Equation
498   David H. Wagner, Detonation Waves and Deflagration Waves in the One Dimensional ZND Model for High Mach Number Combustion
499   Jerrold R. Griggs and Daniel J. Kleitman, Minimum Cutsets for an Element of a Boolean Lattice
500   Dieter Jungnickel, On Affine Difference Sets

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501   Pierre Leroux, Reduced Matrices and q-log Concavity Properties of q-Stirling Numbers
502   A. Narain and Y. Kizilyalli, The Flow of Pure Vapor Undergoing Film Condensation Between Parallel Plates
503   Donald A. French, On the Convergence of Finite Element Approximations of a Relaxed Variational Problem
504   Yisong Yang, Computation, Dimensionality, and Zero Dissipation Limit of the Ginzburg-Landau Wave Equation
505   Jurgen Sprekels, One-Dimensional Thermomechanical Phase Transitions with Non-Convex Potentials of Ginzburg-Landau Type
506   Yisong Yang, A Note On Nonabelian Vortices
507   Yisong Yang, On the Abelian Higgs Models with Sources
508   Chjan. C. Lim, Existence of Kam Tori in the Phase Space of Vortex Systems
509   John Weiss, Backlund Transformations and the Painlev'e Property
510   Pu Fu-cho and D.H. Sattinger, The Yang-Baxter Equation for Integrable Systems
511   E. Bruce Pitman and David G. Schaeffer, Instability and Ill-Posedness in Granular Flow
512   Brian A. Coomes, Polynomial Flows on Cn*
513   Bernardo Cockburn, Suchung Hou, and Chi-Wang Shu, The Runge-Kutta Local Projection Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for Conservation Laws IV: The Multidimensional Case
514   Peter J. Olver, Invariant Theory, Equivalence Problems, and the Calculus of Variations
515   Daniel D. Joseph and Thomas S. Lundgren (with an Appendix by R. Jackson and D.A. Saville), Ensemble Averaged and Mixture Theory Equations
516   P. Singh, Ph. Caussignac, A. Fortes, D.D. Joseph and T. Lundgren, Stability of Periodic Arrays of Cylinders Across the Stream by Direct Simulation
517   Daniel D. Joseph, Generalization of the Foscolo-Gibilaro Analysis of Dynamic Waves
518   A. Narain and D.D. Joseph, Note on the Balance of Energy at a Phase Change Interface
519   Daniel D. Joseph, Remarks on inertial radii, persistent normal stresses, secondary motions , and non-elastic extensional viscosities
520   D. D. Joseph, Mathematical Problems Associated with the Elasticity of Liquids
521   Henry C. Simpson and Scott J. Spector, Some Necessary Conditions at an Internal Boundary for Minimizers in Finite Elasticity
522   Peter Gritzmann and Victor Klee, On the 0-1 Maximization of Positive Definite Quadratic Forms
523   Fu-Cho Pu and D.H. Sattinger, The Yang-Baxter Equations and Differential Identities
524   Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich, A Hyperbolic Inverse Problem Arising in the Evolution of Combustion Aerosol
525   E.G. Kalnins, Raphael D. Levine and Willard Miller, Jr., Conformal Symmetries and Generalized Recurrences for Heat and Schrodinger Equations in One Spatial Dimension
526   Wang Jinghua and Gerald Warnecke, On Entropy Consistency of Large Time Step Godunov and Glimm Schemes
527   C. Guillopé and J.C. Saut, Existence Results for the Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids with a Differential Constitutive Law
528   H.L. Bodlaender, P. Gritzmann, V. Klee and J. Van Leeuwen, Computational Complexity of Norm-Maximization
529   Li Ta-tsien (Li Da-qian) and Yu Xin, Life-Span of Classical Solutions to Fully Nonlinear Wave Equations
530   Jong-Shenq Guo, A Variational Inequality Associated with a Lubrication Problem
531   Jong-Shenq Guo, On the Semilinear Elliptic Equation $\Delta$ w-1/2 y . $\nabla$ w+ $\lambda$ w-w- $\beta$ =0 in Rn
532   Andrew E. Yagle, Inversion of the Bloch transform in magnetic resonance imaging using asymmetric two-component inverse scattering
533   Bei Hu, A Fiber Tapering Problem
534   Peter J. Olver, Original version has been revised. PLEASE REFER TO PREPRINT# 641
535   Michael Renardy, A Well-Posed Boundary Value Problem for Supercritical Flow of Viscoelastic Fluids of Maxwell Type
536   Michael Renardy, Ill-Posedness Resulting from Slip As a Possible Explanation of Melt Fracture
537   Michael Renardy, Compatibility Conditions at Corners Between Walls and Inflow Boundaries for Fluids of Maxwell Type
538   Rolf Rees, The Spectrum of Restricted Resolvable Designs with r=2
539   D. Lewis and J.C. Simo, Nonlinear stability of rotating pseudo-rigid bodies
540   Robert Hardt and David Kinderlehrer, Variational Principles with Linear Growth
541   San Yih Lin and Yisong Yang, Computation of Superconductivity in Thin Films
542   A. Narain, Pressure Driven Flow of Pure Vapor Undergoing Laminar Film Condensation Between Parallel Plates
543   P.J. Vassiliou, On Local Equivalence for Vector Field Systems
544   Brian A. Coomes, On Conditions Sufficient for Injectivity of Maps
545   Yanchun Zhao, A Class of Global Smooth Solutions of the One Dimensional Gas Dynamics System
546   H. Holden, L. Holden and N.H. Risebro, Some Qualitative Properties of 2x2 Systems of Conservation Laws of Mixed Type
547   M. Slemrod, Dynamics of Measured Valued Solutions to a Backward-Forward Heat Equation
548   Avner Friedman and Jurgen Sprekels, Steady States of Austenitic-Martensitic-Domains in the Ginzburg-Landau Theory of Shape Memory Alloys
549   Avner Friedman and Bei Hu, Degenerate Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations in a Bounded Domain

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550   E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr., and M.V. Tratnik, Families of Orthogonal and Biorthogonal Polynomials on the N-Sphere
551   Heinrich Freistuhler, On Compact Linear Degeneracy
552   Matthew Witten, Ph.D., Quantifying the Concepts of Rate and Acceleration/Deceleration of Aging
553   J.P. Albert and J.L. Bona, Total Positivity and the Stability of Internal Waves in Stratified Fluids of Finite Depth
554   Brian Coomes and Victor Zurkowski, Linearization of Polynomial Flows and Spectra of Derivations
555   Yuriko Renardy, A Couette-Poiseuille Flow of Two Fluids in a Channel
556   Michael Renardy, Short wave instabilities resulting from memory slip
557   Daniel D. Joseph and Michael Renardy, Stokes' first problem for linear viscoelastic fluids with finite memory
558   Xiaxi Ding, Superlinear Conservation Law with Viscosity
559   J.L. Ericksen, Liquid Crystals with Variable Degree of Orientation
560   F. Robert Ore, Jr. and Xinfu Chen, Electro-Optic Modulation in an Arbitrary Cross-Section Waveguide
561   M.V. Tratnik, Multivariable biorthogonal continuous-discrete Wilson and Racah polynomials
562   Yisong Yang, Existence of Solutions for a Generalized Yang-Mills Theory
563   Peter Gritzmann, Laurent Habsieger and Victor Klee, Good and Bad Radii of Convex Polygons
564   Martin Golubitsky, Martin Krupa and Chjan. C. Lim, Time-Reversibility and Particle Sedimentation
565   G. Yin, Recent Progress in Parallel Stochastic Approximations
566   G. Yin, On H-Valued SA: Finite Dimensional Approximations
567   Chien-Cheng Chang, Accurate Evaluation of the Effect of Diffusion and Conductivity in Certain Equations
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597   Denis Serre, Richness and the classification of quasilinear hyperbolic systems
598   L. Preziosi and F. Rosso, On the stability of the shearing flow between pipes

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February 1990

599   Avner Friedman and Wenxiong Liu, A system of partial differential equations arising in electrophotography
600   Jonathan Bell, Avner Friedman, and Andrew A. Lacey, On solutions to a quasilinear diffusion problem from the study of soft tissue
601   David G. Schaeffer and Michael Shearer, Loss of hyperbolicity in yield vertex plasticity models under nonproportional loading
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623   Allan P. Fordy, Isospectral flows: their Hamiltonian structures, Miura maps and master symmetries
624   Daniel D. Joseph, John Nelson, Michael Renardy, and Yuriko Renardy, Two-Dimensional cusped interfaces

May 1990

625   Avner Friedman and Bei Hu, A free boundary problem arising in electrophotography
626   Hamid Bellout, Avner Friedman and Victor Isakov, Stability for an inverse problem in potential theory
627   Barbara Lee Keyfitz, Shocks near the sonic line: A comparison between steady and unsteady models for change of type
628   Barbara Lee Keyfitz and Gerald G. Warnecke, The existence of viscous profiles and admissibility for transonic shocks
629   P. Szmolyan, Transversal heteroclinic and homoclinic orbits in singular perturbation problems
630   Philip Boyland, Rotation sets and monotone periodic orbits for annulus homeomorphisms
631   Kenneth R. Meyer, Apollonius coordinates, the N-body problem and continuation of periodic solutions
632   Chjan C. Lim, On the Poincare-Whitney circuitspace and other properties of an incidence matrix for binary trees

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633  K.L. Cooke and I. Györi, Numerical approximation of the solutions of delay differential equations on an infinite interval using piecewise constant arguments
634   Stanley Minkowitz and Matthew Witten, Periodicity in cell proliferation using an asynchronous cell population
635   M. Chipot and G. Dal Maso, Relaxed shape optimization: The case of nonnegative data for the Dirichlet problem
636   Jeffery M. Franke and Harlan W. Stech, Extensions of an algorithm for the analysis of nongeneric Hopf bifurcations, with applications to delay-difference equations
637   Xinfu Chen, Generation and propagation of the interface for reaction-diffusion equations
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643   R.D. James and D. Kinderlehrer, Frustration in ferromagnetic materials
644   Carlos Rocha, Properties of the attractor of a scalar parabolic P.D.E.
645   Debra Lewis, Lagrangian block diagonalization
646   Richard C. Churchill and David L. Rod, On the determination of Ziglin monodromy groups

June 1990

647   Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman, A nonlocal diffusion equation arising in terminally attached polymer chains
648   Peter Gritzmann and Victor Klee, Inner and outer j- Radii of convex bodies in finite- dimensional normed spaces
649   P. Szmolyan, Analysis of a singularly perturbed traveling wave problem
650   Stanley Reiter and Carl P. Simon, Decentralized dynamic processes for finding equilibrium
651   Fernando Reitich, Singular solutions of a transmission problem in plane linear elasticity for wedge-shaped regions
652   Russell A. Johnson, Cantor spectrum for the quasi-periodic Schrodinger equation
653   Wenxiong Liu, Singular solutions for a convection diffusion equation with absorption
654   Deborah Brandon and William J. Hrusa, Global existence of smooth shearing motions of a nonlinear viscoelastic fluid
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657   Willard Miller, Jr., Lecture notes in radar/sonar: Topics in Harmonic analysis with applications to radar and sonar
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659   Richard E. Blahut, Lecture notes in radar/sonar: Theory of remote surveillance algorithms
660   D.V. Anosov, Hilbert's 21st problem (according to Bolibruch)
661   Stephane Laederich, Ray-Singer torsion for complex manifolds and the adiabatic limit
662   Geneviéve Raugel and George R. Sell, Navier-Stokes equations in thin 3d domains: Global regularity of solutions

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July 1990

663   Emanuel Parzen, Time series, statistics, and information
664   Andrew Majda and Kevin Lamb, Simplified equations for low Mach number combustion with strong heat release
665   Ju. S. Il'yashenko, Global analysis of the phase portrait for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
666   James F. Reineck, Continuation to gradient flows
667   Mohamed Sami Elbialy, Simultaneous binary collisions in the collinear N-body problem
668   John A. Jacquez and Carl P. Simon, Aids: The epidemiological significance of two different mean rates of partner-change
669   Carl P. Simon and John A. Jacquez, Reproduction numbers and the stability of equilibria of SI models for heterogeneous populations
670   Matthew Stafford, Markov partitions for expanding maps of the circle
671   Ciprian Foias and Edriss S. Titi, Determining nodes, finite difference schemes and inertial manifolds
672   M.W. Smiley, Global attractors and approximate inertial manifolds for abstract dissipative equations
673   M.W. Smiley, On the existence of smooth breathers for nonlinear wave equations
674   Hitay Ozbay and Janos Turi, Robust stabilization of systems governed by singular integro-differential equations
675   Mary Silber and Edgar Knobloch, Hopf bifurcation on a square lattice
676   Christophe Golé, Ghost circles for twist maps
677   Christophe Golé, Ghost tori for monotone maps
678   Christophe Golé, Monotone maps of Tn times Rn and their periodic orbits
679   E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr., Hypergeometric expansions of Heun polynomials
680   Victor A. Pliss and George R. Sell, Perturbations of attractors of differential equations

September 1990

681   Avner Friedman and Peter Knabner, A transport model with micro- and macro-structure
682   E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr., A note on group contractions and radar ambiguity functions
683   George R. Sell, References on dynamical systems
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688   Mario Taboada, Approximate inertial manifolds for parabolic evolutionary equations via Yosida approximations
689   Peter Rejto and Mario Taboada, Weighted resolvent estimates for Volterra operators on unbounded intervals
690   Joel D. Avrin, Some examples of temperature bounds and concentration decay for a model of solid fuel combustion
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693   A. Eden, A.J. Milani and B. Nicolaenko, Finite dimensional exponential attractors for semilinear wave equations with damping
694   A. Eden, C. Foias, B. Nicolaenko, and R. Temam, Inertial sets for dissipative evolution equations
695   A. Eden, C. Foias, B. Nicolaenko, and R. Temam, Hölder continuity for the inverse of Mañé's projection
696   Michel Chipot and Charles Collins, Numerical approximations in variational problems with potential wells
697   Huanan Yang, Nonlinear wave analysis and convergence of MUSCL schemes
698   László Gerencsér and Zsuzsanna Vágó, A strong approximation theorem for estimator processes in continuous time
699   László Gerencsér, Multiple integrals with respect to L-mixing processes

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700   David Kinderlehrer and Pablo Pedregal, Weak convergence of integrands and the Young measure representation
701   Bo Deng, Symbolic dynamics for chaotic systems
702   P. Galdi, D.D. Joseph, L. Preziosi, S. Rionero, Mathematical problems for miscible, incompressible fluids with Korteweg stresses
703   Charles Collins and Mitchell Luskin, Optimal order error estimates for the finite element approximation of the solution of a nonconvex variational problem
704   Peter Gritzmann and Victor Klee, Computational complexity of inner and outer j-radii of polytopes in finite-dimensional normed spaces
705   A. Ronald Gallant and George Tauchen, A nonparametric approach to nonlinear time series analysis: estimation and simulation
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707   M.A. Kaashoek and S.M. Verduyn Lunel, Characteristic matrices and spectral properties of evolutionary systems
708   Xinfu Chen, Generation and Propagation of interfaces in reaction diffusion systems

November 1990

709   Avner Friedman and Bei Hu, Homogenization approach to light scattering from polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
710   Yoshihisa Morita and Shuichi Jimbo, ODEs on inertial manifolds for reaction-diffusion systems in a singularly perturbed domain with several thin channels
711   Wenxiong Liu, Blow-up behavior for semilinear heat equations: multi-dimensional case
712   Hi Jun Choe, Holder continuity for solutions of certain degenerate parabolic systems
713   Hi Jun Choe, Regularity for certain degenerate elliptic double obstacle problems
714   Fernando Reitich, On the slow motion of the interface of layered solutions to the scalar Ginzburg-Landau equation
715   Xinfu Chen and Fernando Reitich, Local existence and uniqueness of solutions of the Stefan problem with surface tension and kinetic undercooling
716   C.C. Lim, J.M. Pimbley, C. Schmeiser and D.W. Schwendeman, Rotating waves for semiconductor inverter rings
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719   Clark Robinson, Homoclinic bifurcation to a transitive attractor of Lorenz type, II
720   Michelle Schatzman, A simple proof of convergence of the QR algorithm for normal matrices without shifts
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722   C. Foias and J.C. Saut, Asymptotic integration of Navier-Stokes equations with potential forces. I
723   Ling Ma, The convergence of semidiscrete methods for a system of reaction-diffusion equations
724   Adelina Georgescu, Models of asymptotic approximation
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726   San-Yih Lin and Yan-Shin Chin, An upwind finite-volume scheme with a triangular mesh for conservation laws
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728   KangPing Chen and Daniel D. Joseph, Lubrication theory and long waves
729   J.L. Ericksen, Local bifurcation theory for thermoelastic Bravais lattices
730   Mario Taboada and Yuncheng You, Some stability results for perturbed semilinear parabolic equations
731   A.J. Lawrance, Local and deletion influence
732   Bogdan Vernescu, Convergence results for the homogenization of flow in fractured porous media

December 1990

733   Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman, Mathematical modeling of semiconductor lasers
734   Yongzhi Xu, Scattering of acoustic wave by obstacle in stratified medium
735   Songmu Zheng, Global existence for a thermodynamically consistent model of phase field type
736   Heinrich Freistuhler and E. Bruce Pitman, A numerical study of a rotationally degenerate hyperbolic system part I: the Riemann problem
737   Epifanio G. Virga, New variational problems in the statics of liquid crystals
738   Yoshikazu Giga and Shuníchi Goto, Geometric evolution of phase-boundaries
739   Ling Ma, Large time study of finite element methods for 2D Navier-Stokes equations
740   Mitchell Luskin and Ling Ma, Analysis of the finite element approximation of microstructure in micromagnetics
741   M. Chipot, Numerical analysis of oscillations in nonconvex problems
742   J. Carrillo and M. Chipot, The dam problem with leaky boundary conditions
743   Eduard Harabetian and Robert Pego, Efficient hybrid shock capturing schemes
744   B.L.J. Braaksma, Multisummability and Stokes multipliers of linear meromorphic differential equations
745   Tae Il Jeon and Tze-Chien Sun, A central limit theorem for non-linear vector functionals of vector Gaussian processes
746   Chris Grant, Solutions to evolution equations with near-equilibrium initial values
747   Mario Taboada and Yuncheng You, Invariant manifolds for retarded semilinear wave equations
748   Peter Rejto and Mario Taboada, Unique solvability of nonlinear Volterra equations in weighted spaces
749   Hi Jun Choe, Holder regularity for the gradient of solutions of certain singular parabolic equations

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750   Jack D. Dockery, Existence of standing pulse solutions for an excitable activator-inhibitory system
751   Jack D. Dockery and Roger Lui, Existence of travelling wave solutions for a bistable evolutionary ecology model
752   Giovanni Alberti, Luigi Ambrosio and Giuseppe Buttazzo, Singular perturbation problems with a compact support semilinear term
753   Emad A. Fatemi, Numerical schemes for constrained minimization problems
754   Y. Kuang and H.L. Smith, Slowly oscillating periodic solutions of autonomous state-dependent delay equations
755   Emad A. Fatemi, A new splitting method for scaler conservation laws with stiff source terms
756   Hi Jun Choe, A regularity theory for a more general class of quasilinear parabolic partial differential equations and variational inequalities
757   Haitao Fan, A vanishing viscosity approach on the dynamics of phase transitions in Van Der Waals fluids
758   T.A. Osborn and F.H. Molzahn, The Wigner-Weyl transform on tori and connected graph propagator representations

February 1991

759   Avner Friedman and Bei Hu, A free boundary problem arising in superconductor modeling
760   Avner Friedman and Wenxiong Liu, An augmented drift-diffusion model in semiconductor device
761   Avner Friedman and Miguel A. Herrero, Extinction and positivity for a system of semilinear parabolic variational inequalities
762   David Dobson and Avner Friedman, The time-harmonic Maxwell equations in a doubly periodic structure
763   Hi Jun Choe, Interior behaviour of minimizers for certain functionals with nonstandard growth
764   Vincenzo M. Tortorelli and Epifanio G. Virga, Axis-symmetric boundary-value problems for nematic liquid crystals with variable degree of orientation
765   Nikan B. Firoozye and Robert V. Kohn, Geometric parameters and the relaxation of multiwell energies
766   Haitao Fan and Marshall Slemrod, The Riemann problem for systems of conservation laws of mixed type
767   Joseph D. Fehribach, Analysis and application of a continuation method for a self-similar coupled Stefan system
768   C. Foias, M.S. Jolly, I.G. Kevrekidis and E.S. Titi, Dissipativity of numerical schemes
769   D.D. Joseph, T.Y.J. Liao and J.-C. Saut, Kelvin-Helmholtz mechanism for side branching in the displacement of light with heavy fluid under gravity
770   Chris Grant, Solutions to evolution equations with near-equilibrium initial values
771   B. Cockburn, F. Coquel, Ph. LeFloch and C.W. Shu, Convergence of finite volume methods
772   N.G. Lloyd and J.M. Pearson, Computing centre conditions for certain cubic systems
773   Jo~ao Palhoto Matos, Young measures and the absence of fine microstructures in the $\alpha$ $\beta$ quartz phase transition
774   L.A. Peletier and W.C. Troy, Self-similar solutions for infiltration of dopant into semiconductors
775   H. Scott Dumas and James A. Ellison, Nekhoroshev's theorem, ergodicity, and the motion of energetic charged particles in crystals
776   Stathis Filippas and Robert V. Kohn, Refined asymptotics for the blowup of ut- $\Delta$ u=up.
777   Patricia Bauman, Nicholas C. Owen and Daniel Phillips, Maximum principles and a priori estimates for an incompressible material in nonlinear elasticity
778   Patricia Bauman, Nicholas C. Owen and Daniel Phillips, Maximal smoothness of solutions to certain Euler-Lagrange equations from nonlinear elasticity
779   Jack Carr and Robert Pego, Self-similarity in a coarsening model in one dimension
780   J.M. Greenberg, The shock generation problem for a discrete gas with short range repulsive forces
781   George R. Sell and Mario Taboada, Local dissipativity and attractors for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation in thin 2D domains
782   T. Subba Rao, Analysis of nonlinear time series (and chaos) by bispectral methods
783   Nicholas Baumann, Daniel D. Joseph, Paul Mohr and Yuriko Renardy, Vortex rings of one fluid in another in free fall

March 1991

784   Oscar Bruno, Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich, Asymptotic behavior for a coalescence problem
785   Johannes C.C. Nitsche, Periodic surfaces which are extremal for energy functionals containing curvature functions
786   F. Abergel and J.L. Bona, A mathematical theory for viscous, free-surface flows over a perturbed plane
787   Gunduz Caginalp and Xinfu Chen, Phase field equations in the singular limit of sharp interface problems
788   Robert P. Gilbert and Yongzhi Xu, An inverse problem for harmonic acoustics in stratified oceans
789   Roger Fosdick and Eric Volkmann, Normality and convexity of the yield surface in nonlinear plasticity
790   H.S. Brown, I.G. Kevrekidis and M.S. Jolly, A minimal model for spatio-temporal patterns in thin film flow
791   Chao-Nien Chen, On the uniqueness of solutions of some second order differential equations

May 1991

792   Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman, The thermistor problem for conductivity which vanishes at large temperature
793   Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman, The thermistor problem with one-zero conductivity
794   E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr., Separation of variables for the Dirac equation in Kerr Newman space time
795   E. Knobloch, M.R.E. Proctor and N.O. Weiss, Finite-dimensional description of doubly diffusive convection
796   V.V. Pukhnachov, Mathematical model of natural convection under low gravity
797   M.C. Knaap, Existence and non-existence for quasi-linear elliptic equations with the p-laplacian involving critical Sobolev exponents
798   Stathis Filippas and Wenxiong Liu, On the blowup of multidimensional semilinear heat equations
799   A.M. Meirmanov, The Stefan problem with surface tension in the three dimensional case with spherical symmetry: non-existence of the classical solution

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800   Bo Guan and Joel Spruck, Interior gradient estimates for solutions of prescribed curvature equations of parabolic type
801   Hi Jun Choe, Regularity for solutions of nonlinear variational inequalities with gradient constraints
802   Peter Shi and Yongzhi Xu, Quasistatic linear thermoelasticity on the unit disk
803   Satyanad Kichenassamy and Peter J. Olver, Existence and non-existence of solitary wave solutions to higher order model evolution equations
804   Dening Li, Regularity of solutions for a two-phase degenerate Stefan Problem
805   Marek Fila, Bernhard Kawohl and Howard A. Levine, Quenching for quasilinear equations
806   Yoshikazu Giga, Shun'ichi Goto and Hitoshi Ishii, Global existence of weak solutions for interface equations coupled with diffusion equations
807   Mark J. Friedman and Eusebius J. Doedel, Computational methods for global analysis of homoclinic and hetero-clinic orbits: a case study
808   Mark J. Friedman, Numerical analysis and accurate computation of heteroclinic orbits in the case of center manifolds
809   Peter W. Bates and Songmu Zheng, Inertial manifolds and inertial sets for the phase-field equations
810   J. López Gómez, V. Márquez and N. Wolanski, Global behavior of positive solutions to a semilinear equation with a nonlinear flux condition
811   Xinfu Chen and Fahuai Yi, Regularity of the free boundary of a continuous casting problem
812   A. Eden, C. Foias, B. Nicolaenko, and R. Temam, Inertial sets for dissipative evolution equations Part I: Construction and applications
813   Jose-Francisco Rodrigues and Boris Zaltzman, On classical solutions of the two-phase steady-state Stefan problem in strips
814   Viorel Barbu and Srdjan Stojanovic, Controlling the free boundary of elliptic variational inequalities on a variable domain
815   Viorel Barbu and Srdjan Stojanovic, A variational approach to a free boundary problem arising in electro-photography
816   B.H. Gilding and R. Kersner, Diffusion-convection-reaction, free boundaries, and an integral equation
817   Shoshana Kamin, Lambertus A. Peletier and Juan Luis Vazquez, On the Barenblatt equation of elasto- plastic filtration

June 1991

818   Avner Friedman and Bei Hu, The Stefan problem with kinetic condition at the free boundary
819   M.A. Grinfeld, The stress driven instabilities in crystals: mathematical models and physical manifestations
820   Bei Hu and Lihe Wang, A free boundary problem arising in electrophotography: solutions with connected toner region
821   Yongzhi Xu, T. Craig Poling, and Trent Brundage, Direct and inverse scattering of time harmonic acoustic waves in an inhomogeneous shallow ocean
822   Steven J. Altschuler, Singularities of the curve shrinking flow for space curves
823   Steven J. Altschuler and Matthew A. Grayson, Shortening space curves and flow through singularities
824   Tong Li, On the Riemann problem of a combustion model
825   L.A. Peletier and W.C. Troy, Self-similar solutions for diffusion in semiconductors
826   C.J. van Duijn, L.A. Peletier, and R.J. Schotting, On the analysis of brine transport in porous media
827   Minkyu Kwak, Finite dimensional description of convective reaction-diffusion equations
828   Minkyu Kwak, Finite dimensional inertial forms for the 2D Navier-Stokes equations
829   Victor A, Galaktionov and Sergey A. Posashkov, On some monotonicity in time properties for a quasilinear parabolic equation with source
830   Victor A. Galaktionov, Remark on the fast diffusion equation in a ball
831   Hi Jun Choe and Lihe Wang, A regularity theory for degenerate vector valued variational inequalities
832   Vladimir I. Oliker and Nina N. Uraltseva, Evolution of nonparametric surfaces with speed depending on curvature, II. The mean curvature case.
833   S. Kamin and W. Liu, Large time behavior of a nonlinear diffusion equation with a source
834   Shoshana Kamin and Juan Luis Vazquez, Singular solutions of some nonlinear parabolic equations
835   Bernhard Kawohl and Robert Kersner, On degenerate diffusion with very strong absorption

August 1991

836   Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich, Parameter identification in reaction-diffusion models
837   E.G. Kalnins, H.L. Manocha and Willard Miller, Jr., Models of q-algebra representations I. Tensor products of special unitary and oscillator algebras
838   Robert J. Sacker and George R. Sell, Dichotomies for linear evolutionary equations in Banach spaces
839   Oscar P. Bruno and Fernando Reitich, Numerical solution of diffraction problems: a method of variation of boundaries
840   Oscar P. Bruno and Fernando Reitich, Solution of a boundary value problem for Helmholtz equation via variation of the boundary into the complex domain
841   Victor A. Galaktionov and Juan L. Vazquez, Asymptotic behaviour for an equation of superslow diffusion. The Cauchy problem
842   Josephus Hulshof and Juan Luis Vazquez, The Dipole solution for the porous medium equation in several space dimensions
843   Shoshana Kamin and Juan Luis Vazquez, The propagation of turbulent bursts
844   Miguel Escobedo, Juan Luis Vazquez and Enrike Zuazua, Source-type solutions and asymptotic behaviour for a diffusion-convection equation
845   Marco Biroli and Umberto Mosco, Discontinuous media and Dirichlet forms of diffusion type
846   Stathis Filippas and Jong-Shenq Guo, Quenching profiles for one-dimensional semilinear heat equations
847   H. Scott Dumas, A Nekhoroshev-like theory of classical particle channeling in perfect crystals
848   R. Natalini and A. Tesei, On a class of perturbed conservation laws
849   Paul K. Newton and Shinya Watanabe, The geometry of nonlinear Schrodinger standing waves

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850   S.S. Sritharan, On the nonsmooth verification technique for the dynamic programming of viscous flow
851   Mario Taboada and Yuncheng You, Global attractor, inertial manifolds and stabilization of nonlinear damped beam equations
852   Shigeru Sakaguchi, Critical points of solutions to the obstacle problem in the plane
853   F. Abergel, D. Hilhorst and F. Issard-Roch, On a dissolution-growth problem with surface tension in the neighborhood of a stationary solution
854   Erasmus Langer, Numerical simulation of MOS transistors
855   Haim Brezis and Shoshana Kamin, Sublinear elliptic equations in Rn
856   Johannes C.C. Nitsche, Boundary value problems for variational integrals involving surface curvatures
857   Chao-Nien Chen, Multiple solutions for a semilinear elliptic equation on RN with nonlinear dependence on the gradient
858   D. Brochet, X. Chen and D. Hilhorst, Finite dimensional exponential attractor for the phase field model
859   Joseph D. Fehribach, Mullins-Sekerka stability analysis for melting-freezing waves in helium-4
860   Walter Schempp, Quantum holography and neurocomputer architectures
861   D.V. Anosov, An introduction to Hilbert's 21st problem
862   Herbert E Huppert and M Grae Worster, Vigorous motions in magma chambers and lava lakes
863   Robert L. Pego and Michael I. Weinstein, A class of eigenvalue problems, with applications to instability of solitary waves
864   Mahmoud Affouf, Numerical study of a singular system of conservation laws arising in enhanced oil reservoirs
865   Darin Beigie, Anthony Leonard and Stephen Wiggins, The dynamics associated with the chaotic tangles of two dimensional quasiperiodic vector fields: theory and applications
866   Gui-Qiang Chen and Tai-Ping Liu, Zero relaxation and dissipation limits for hyperbolic conservation laws
867   Gui-Qiang Chen and Jian-Guo Liu, Convergence of second-order schemes for isentropic gas dynamics
868   Aleksander M. Simon and Zbigniew J. Grzywna, On the Larch'e-Cahn theory for stress-induced diffusion
869   Jerzy Luczak, Adam Gadomski and Zbigniew J. Grzywna, Growth driven by diffusion
870   Mitchell Luskin and Tsorng-Whay Pan, Nonplanar shear flows for nonaligning nematic liquid crystals
871   Mahmoud Affouf, Unique global solutions of initial-boundary value problems for thermodynamic phase transitions
872   Richard A. Brualdi and Keith L. Chavey, Rectangular L-matrices

October 1991

873   Xinfu Chen, Avner Friedman and Bei Hu, The thermistor problem with zero-one conductivity II
874   Raoul LePage, Controlling a diffusion toward a large goal and the Kelly principle
875   Raoul LePage, Controlling for optimum growth with time dependent returns
876   Marc Hallin and Madan L. Puri, Rank tests for time series analysis a survey
877   V.A. Solonnikov, Solvability of an evolution problem of thermocapillary convection in an infinite time interval
878   Horia I. Ene and Bogdan Vernescu, Viscosity dependent behaviour of viscoelastic porous media
879   Kaushik Bhattacharya, Self-accommodation in martensite
880   D. Lewis, T. Ratiu, J.C. Simo and J.E. Marsden, The heavy top: a geometric treatment
881   Leonid V. Kalachev, Some applications of asymptotic methods in semiconductor device modeling
882   David C. Dobson, Phase reconstruction via nonlinear least-squares
883   Patricio Aviles and Yoshikazu Giga, Minimal currents, geodesics and relaxation of variational integrals on mappings of bounded variation
884   Patricio Aviles and Yoshikazu Giga, Partial regularity of least gradient mappings
885   Charles R. Johnson and Michael Lundquist, Operator matrices with chordal inverse patterns
886   B.J. Bayly, Infinitely conducting dynamos and other horrible eigenproblems
887   Charles M. Elliott and Stefan Luckhaus, `A generalised diffusion equation for phase separation of a multi-component mixture with interfacial free energy'
888   Christian Schmeiser and Andreas Unterreiter, The derivation of analytic device models by asymptotic methods
889   LeRoy B. Beasley and Norman J. Pullman, Linear operators that strongly preserve the index of imprimitivity
890   Jerry Donato, The Boltzmann equation with lie and cartan
891   Thomas R. Hoffend Jr., Peter Smereka and Roger J. Anderson, A method for resolving the laser induced local heating of moving magneto-optical recording media

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December 1991

892   E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr. and Sanchita Mukherjee, Models of q-algebra representations: the group of plane motions
893   T.R. Hoffend Jr. and R.K. Kaul, Relativistic theory of superpotentials for a nonhomogeneous, spatially isotropic medium
894   Reinhold von Schwerin, Two metal deposition on a microdisk electrode
895   Vladimir I. Oliker and Nina N. Uraltseva, Evolution of nonparametric surfaces with speed depending on curvature, III. Some remarks on mean curvature and anisotropic flows
896   Wayne Barrett, Charles R. Johnson, Raphael Loewy and Tamir Shalom, Rank incrementation via diagonal perturbations
897   (Withdrawn)
898   Mingxiang Chen, Xu-Yan Chen and Jack K. Hale, Structural stability for time-periodic one-dimensional parabolic equations
899   Hong-Ming Yin, Global solutions of Maxwell's equations in an electromagnetic field with the temperature-dependent electrical conductivity
900   Robert Grone, Russell Merris and William Watkins, Laplacian unimodular equivalence of graphs
901   Miroslav Fiedler, Structure-ranks of matrices
902   Miroslav Fiedler, An estimate for the nonstochastic eigenvalues of doubly stochastic matrices
903   Miroslav Fiedler, Remarks on eigenvalues of Hankel matrices
904   Charles R. Johnson, D.D. Olesky, Michael Tsatsomeros and P. van den Driessche, Spectra with positive elementary symmetric functions
905   Pierre-Alain Gremaud, Thermal contraction as a free boundary problem
906   K.L. Cooke, Janos Turi and Gregg Turner, Stabilization of hybrid systems in the presence of feedback delays
907   Robert P. Gilbert and Yongzhi Xu, A numerical transmutation approach for underwater sound propagation
908   LeRoy B. Beasley, Richard A. Brualdi and Bryan L. Shader, Combinatorial orthogonality
909   Richard A. Brualdi and Bryan L. Shader, Strong hall matrices
910   Haa kan Wennerstrom and David M. Anderson, Difference versus Gaussian curvature energies; monolayer versus bilayer curvature energies applications to vesicle stability
911   Shmuel Friedland, Eigenvalues of almost skew symmetric matrices and tournament matrices

February 1992

912   Avner Friedman, Bei Hu and J.L. Velázquez, A Free Boundary Problem Modeling Loop Dislocations in Crystals
913   Ezio Venturino, The Influence of Diseases on Lotka-Volterra Systems
914   Steve Kirkland and Bryan L. Shader, On Multipartite Tournament Matrices with Constant Team Size
915   Richard A. Brualdi and Jennifer J.Q. Massey, More on Structure-Ranks of Matrices
916   Douglas B. Meade, Qualitative Analysis of an Epidemic Model with Directed Dispersion
917   Kazuo Murota, Mixed Matrices Irreducibility and Decomposition
918   Richard A. Brualdi and Jennifer J.Q. Massey, Some Applications of Elementary Linear Algebra in Combinations
919   Carl D. Meyer, Sensitivity of Markov Chains
920   Hong-Ming Yin, Weak and Classical Solutions of Some Nonlinear Volterra Integrodifferential Equations
921   B. Leinkuhler and A. Ruehli, Exploiting Symmetry and Regularity in Waveform Relaxation Convergence Estimation
922   Xinfu Chen and Charles M. Elliott, Asymptotics for a Parabolic Double Obstacle Problem
923   Yongzhi Xu and Yi Yan, An Approximate Boundary Integral Method for Acoustic Scattering in Shallow Oceans
924   Yongzhi Xu and Yi Yan, Source Localization Processing in Perturbed Waveguides
925   Kenneth L. Cooke and Janos Turi, Stability, Instability in Delay Equations Modeling Human Respiration
926   F. Bethuel, H. Brezis, B.D. Coleman and F. Hélein, Bifurcation Analysis of Minimizing Harmonic Maps Describing the Equilibrium of Nematic Phases Between Cylinders
927   Frank W. Elliott, Jr., Signed Random Measures: Stochastic Order and Kolmogorov Consistency Conditions
928   D.A. Gregory, S.J. Kirkland and B.L. Shader, Pick's Inequality and Tournaments
929   J.W. Demmel, N.J. Higham and R.S. Schreiber, Block LU Factorization
930   Victor A. Galaktionov and Juan L. Vazquez, Regional Blow-Up in a Semilinear Heat Equation with Convergence to a Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
931   Bryan L. Shader, Convertible, Nearly Decomposable and Nearly Reducible Matrices
932   Dianne P. O'Leary, Iterative Methods for Finding the Stationary Vector for Markov Chains

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April 1992

933   Nicholas J. Higham, Perturbation theory and backward error for AX-XB=C*
934   Z. Strakos and A. Greenbaum, Open questions in the convergence analysis of the lanczos process for the real symmetric eigenvalue problem
935   Zhaojun Bai, Error analysis of the lanczos algorithm for the nonsymmetric eigenvalue problem
936   Pierre-Alain Gremaud, On an elliptic-parabolic problem related to phase transitions in shape memory alloys
937   Bojan Mohar and Neil Robertson, Disjoint essential circuits in toroidal maps
938   Bojan Mohar, Convex representations of maps on the torous and other flat surfaces
939   Bojan Mohar and Svatopluk Poljak, Eigenvalues in combinatorial optimization
940   Richard A. Brualdi, Keith L. Chavey and Bryan L. Shader, Conditional sign-solvability
941   Roger Fosdick and Ying Zhang, The torsion problem for a nonconvex stored energy function
942   René Ferland and Gaston Giroux, An unbounded mean-field intensity model: Propagation of the convergence of the empirical laws and compactness of the fluctuations
943   Wei-Ming Ni and Izumi Takagi, Spike-layers in semilinear elliptic singular Perturbation Problems
944   Henk A. Van der Vorst and Gerard G.L. Sleijpen, The effect of incomplete decomposition preconditioning on the convergence of conjugate gradients
945   S.P. Hastings and L.A. Peletier, On the decay of turbulent bursts
946   Apostolos Hadjidimos and Robert J. Plemmons, Analysis of p-cyclic iterations for Markov chains
947   A. Björck, H. Park and L. Eldén, Accurate downdating of least squares solutions
948   E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr. and G.C. Williams, Recent advances in the use of separation of variables methods in general relativity
949   G.W. Stewart, On the perturbation of LU, Cholesky and QR factorizations
950   G.W. Stewart, Gaussian elimination, perturbation theory and Markov chains
951   G.W. Stewart, On a new way of solving the linear equations that arise in the method of least squares
952   G.W. Stewart, On the early history of the singular value decomposition
953   G.W. Stewart, On the perturbation of Markov chains with nearly transient states
954   Umberto Mosco, Composite media and asymptotic dirichlet forms
955   Walter F. Mascarenhas, The structure of the eigenvectors of sparse matrices
956   Walter F. Mascarenhas, A note on Jacobi being more accurate than QR
957   Raymond H. Chan, James G. Nagy and Robert J. Plemmons, FFT-based preconditioners for Toeplitz-Block least squares problems
958   Zhaojun Bai, The CSD, GSVD, their applications and computations
959   D.A. Gregory, S.J. Kirkland and N.J. Pullman, A bound on the exponent of a primitive matrix using Boolean rank
960   Richard A. Brualdi, Shmuel Friedland and Alex Pothen, Sparse bases, elementary vectors and nonzero minors of compound matrices
961   J.W. Demmel, Open problems in numerical linear algebra
962   James W. Demmel and William Gragg, On computing accurate singular values and eigenvalues of acyclic matrices
963   James W. Demmel, The inherent inaccuracy of implicit tridiagonal QR
964   J.J.L. Velázquez, Estimates on the (N-1)-dimensional Hausdorff measure of the blow-up set for a semilinear heat equation

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May 1992

965   David C. Dobson, Optimal design of periodic antireflective structures for the Helmholtz equation
966   C.J. van Duijn and Joseph D. Fehribach, Analysis of planar model for the molten carbonate fuel cell
967   Yongzhi Xu, T. Craig Poling and Trent Brundage, Source localization in a waveguide with unknown large inclusions
968   J.J.L. Velázquez, Higher dimensional blow up for semilinear parabolic equations
969   E.G. Kalnins and Willard Miller, Jr., Separable coordinates, integrability and the Niven equations
970   John M. Chadam and Hong-Ming Yin, A diffusion equation with localized chemical reactions
971   A. Greenbaum and L. Gurvits, Max-min properties of matrix factor norms
972   Bei Hu, A free boundary problem arising in smoulder combustion
973   C.M. Elliott and A.M. Stuart, The global dynamics of discrete semilinear parabolic equations
974   Avner Friedman and Jianhua Zhang, Swelling of a rubber ball in the presence of good solvent
975   Avner Friedman and Juan J.L. Velázquez, A time-dependence free boundary problem modeling the visual image in electrophotography
976   Richard A. Brualdi, Hyung Chan Jung and William T. Trotter, Jr., On the poset of all posets on n elements
977   Ricardo D. Fierro and James R. Bunch, Multicollinearity and total least squares
978   Adam W. Bojanczyk, James G. Nagy and Robert J. Plemmons, Row householder transformations for rank-k Cholesky inverse modifications
979   Chaocheng Huang, An age-dependent population model with nonlinear diffusion in Rn
980   Emad Fatemi and Farouk Odeh, Upwind finite difference solution of Boltzmann equation applied to electron transport in semiconductor devices
981   Esmond G. Ng and Barry W. Peyton, A tight and explicit representation of Q in sparse QR factorization
982   Robert J. Plemmons, A proposal for FFT-based fast recursive least-squares
983   Anne Greenbaum and Zdenek Strakos, Matrices that generate the same Krylov residual spaces
984   Alan Edelman and G.W. Stewart, Scaling for orthogonality
985   G.W. Stewart, Note on a generalized sylvester equation
986   G.W. Stewart, Updating URV decompositions in parallel

July 1992

987   Angelika Bunse-Gerstner, Volker Mehrmann and Nancy K. Nichols, Numerical methods for the regularization of descriptor systems by output feedback
988   Ralph Byers and N.K. Nichols, On the stability radius of generalized state-space systems
989   David C. Dobson, Designing periodic structures with specified low frequency scattered in far-field data
990   C.-T. Pan and Kermit Sigmon, A bottom-up inductive proof of the singular value decomposition
991   Ricardo D. Fierro and James R. Bunch, Orthogonal projection and total least squares
992   Chiou-Ming Huang and Dianne P. O'Leary, A Krylov multisplitting algorithm for solving linear systems of equations
993   A.C.M Ran and L. Rodman, Factorization of matrix polynomials with symmetries
994   Mike Boyle, Symbolic dynamics and matrices
995   A. Novick-Cohen and L.A. Peletier, Steady states of the one-dimensional Cahn-Hilliard equation
996   Zhangxin Chen, Large-scale averaging analysis of single phase flow in fractured reservoirs
997   Boris Mordukhovich, Stability theory for parametric generalized equations and variational inequalities via nonsmooth analysis
998   Yongzhi Xu, CW mode structure and constraint beamforming in a waveguide with unknown large inclusions
999   R.P. Gilbert and Yongzhi Xu, Acoustic waves and far-field patterns in two dimensional oceans with porous-elastic seabeds
1000   M.A. Herrero and J.J.L. Vel&accute;zquez, Some results on blow up for semilinear parabolic problems

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1001   Pierre-Alain Gremaud, Numerical analysis of a nonconvex variational problem related to solid-solid phase transitions
1002   Izchak Lewkowicz, Stability robustness of state space systems inter-relations between the continuous and discrete time cases
1003   Kenneth R. Driessel and Wasin So, Linear operators on matrices: Preserving spectrum and displacement structure

August 1992

1004   Carolyn Eschenbach, Idempotence for sign pattern matrices
1005   Carolyn Eschenbach, Frank J. Hall and Charles R. Johnson, Self-inverse sign patterns
1006   Marc Moonen, Paul Van Dooren and Filiep Vanpoucke, On the QR algorithm and updating the SVD and URV decomposition in parallel
1007   Paul Van Dooren, Upcoming numerical linear algebra issues in systems and control theory
1008   Avner Friedman and Juan J.L. Velázquez, The analysis of coating flows near the contact line
1009   Stephen J. Kirkland and Michael Neumann, Convexity and concavity of the Perron root and vector of Leslie matrices with applications to a population model
1010   Stephen J. Kirkland and Bryan L. Shader, Tournament matrices with extremal spectral properties
1011   E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr. and Sanchita Mukherjee, Models of q-algebra representations: Matrix Elements of Uq(su2)
1012   Zhangxin Chen and Bernardo Cockburn, Error estimates for a finite element method for the drift-diffusion semiconductor device equations
1013   Chaocheng Huang, Drying of gelatin asymptotically in photographic film
1014   Richard E. Ewing and Hong Wang, Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint methods for reactive transport in groundwater
1015   Bing-Yu Zhang, Taylor series expansion for solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation with respect to their initial values
1016   Kenneth R. Driessel, Some remarks on the geometry of some surfaces of matrices associated with Toeplitz eigenproblems
1017   C.J. Van Duijn and Peter Knabner, Flow and reactive transport in porous media induced by well injection: Similarity solution
1018   Wasin So, Rank one perturbation and its application to the Laplacian spectrum of a graph
1019   G. Baccarani, F. Odeh, A. Gnudi and D. Ventura, A critical review of the fundamental semiconductor equations
1020   T.R. Hoffend Jr., Magnetostatic interactions for certain types of stacked, cylindrically symmetric magnetic particles

September 1992

1021   Avner Friedman and Willard Miller, Jr. - Organizers, Mathematical Modeling - IMA Summer Program for Graduate Students, August 3-28, 1992
1022   Wayne Barrett, Charles R. Johnson, and Pablo Tarazaga, The real positive definite completion problem for a simple cycle
1023   Charles A. McCarthy, Fourth order accuracy for a cubic spline collocation method
1024   Martin Hanke, James Nagy, and Robert Plemmons, Preconditioned iterative regularization for Ill-posed problems
1025   John R. Gilbert, Esmond G. Ng, and Barry W. Peyton, An efficient algorithm to compute row and column counts for sparse Cholesky factorization
1026   Xinfu Chen, Existence and regularity of solutions of a nonlinear nonuniformly elliptic system arising from a thermistor problem
1027   Xinfu Chen and Weiqing Xie, Discontinuous solutions of steady state, viscous compressible Navier-Stokes equations
1028   E.G. Kalnins, Willard Miller, Jr., and Sanchita Mukherjee, Models of q-algebra representations: Matrix elements of the q-oscillator algebra
1029   W. Miller, Jr. and Lee A. Rubel, Functional separation of variables for Laplace equations in two dimensions
1030   I. Gohberg and I. Koltracht, Structured condition numbers for linear matrix structures
1031   Xinfu Chen, Hele-Shaw problem and area preserved curve shortening motion
1032   Zhangxin Chen and Jim Douglas, Jr., Modelling of compositional flow in naturally fractured reservoirs
1033   Harald K. Wimmer, On the existence of a least and negative-semidefinite solution of the discrete-time algebraic Riccati equation
1034   Harald K. Wimmer, Monotonicity and parametrization results for continuous-time algebraic Riccati equations and Riccati inequalities
1035   Bart De Moor, Peter Van Overschee, and Geert Schelfhout, H2 model reduction for SISO systems
1036   Bart De Moor, Structured total least squares and L2 approximation problems
1037   Chjan Lim, Nonexistence of Lyapunov functions and the instability of the Von Karman vortex streets
1038   David C. Dobson and Fadil Santosa, Resolution and stability analysis of an inverse problem in electrical impedance tomography - dependence on the input current patterns
1039   C.N. Dawson, C.J. van Duijn, and M.F. Wheeler, Characteristic-Galerkin methods for contaminant transport with non-equilibrium adsorption kinetics
1040   Bing-Yu Zhang, Analyticity of solutions of the generalized Korteweg-de Vries equation with respect to their initial values
1041   Neerchal K. Nagaraj and Wayne A. Fuller, Least squares estimation of the linear model with autoregressive errors
1042   H.J. Sussmann and W. Liu, A characterization of continuous dependence of trajectories with respect to the input for control-affine systems

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November 1992

1043   Karen Rudie and W. Murray Wonham, Protocol verification using discrete-event systems
1044   Rohan Abeyaratne and James K. Knowles, Nucleation, kinetics and admissibility criteria for propagating phase boundaries
1045   Gang Bao and William W. Symes, Computation of pseudo-differential operators
1046   Srdjan Stojanovic, Nonsmooth analysis and shape optimization in flow problem
1047   Miroslav Tuma, Row ordering in sparse QR decomposition
1048   Onur Toker and Hitay Ozbay, On the computation of suboptimal Hinfinity controllers for unstable infinite dimensional systems
1049   Hitay Ozbay, Hinfty optimal controller design for a class of distributed parameter systems
1050   J.E. Dunn and Roger Fosdick, The Weierstrass condition for a special class of elastic materials
1051   Bei Hu and Jianhua Zhang, A free boundary problem arising in the modeling of internal oxidation of binary alloys
1052   Eduard Feireisl and Enrique Zuazua, Global attractors for semilinear wave equations with locally distributed nonlinear damping and critical exponent
1053   I-Heng McComb and Chjan C. Lim, Stability of equilibria for a class of time-reversible, Dn xO(2)-symmetric homogeneous vector fields
1054   Ruben D. Spies, A state-space approach to a one-dimensional mathematical model for the dynamics of phase transitions in pseudoelastic materials
1055   H.S. Dumas, F. Golse, and P. Lochak, Multiphase averaging for generalized flows on manifolds
1056   Bei Hu and Hong-Ming Yin, Global solutions and quenching to a class of quasilinear parabolic equations
1057   Zhangxin Chen, Projection finite element methods for semiconductor device equations
1058   Peter Guttorp, Statistical analysis of biological monitoring data
1059   Wensheng Liu and Hector J. Sussmann, Abnormal sub-Rieman nian minimizers
1060   Chjan C. Lim, A combinatorial perturbation method and Arnold's whiskered Tori in vortex dynamics
1061   Yong Liu, Axially symmetric jet flows arising from high speed fiber coating
1062   Li Qiu and Tongwen Chen, H2 and Hinfinity designs of multirate sampled-data systems
1063   Eduardo Casas and Jiongmin Yong, Maximum principle for state-constrained optimal control problems governed by quasilinear elliptic equations
1064   Suzanne M. Lenhart and Jiongmin Yong, Optimal control for degenerate parabolic equations with logistic growth
1065   Suzanne Lenhart, Optimal control of a convective-diffusive fluid problem

December 1992

1066   Enrique Zuazua, Weakly nonlinear large time behavior in scalar convection-diffusion equations
1067   Caroline Fabre, Jean-Pierre Puel, and Enrike Zuazua, Approximate controllability of the semilinear heat equation
1068   M. Escobedo, J.L. Vazquez, and Enrike Zuazua, Entropy solutions for diffusion-convection equations with partial diffusivity
1069   M. Escobedo, J.L. Vazquez, and Enrike Zuazua, A diffusion-convection equation in several space dimensions
1070   F. Fagnani and J.C. Willems, Symmetries of differential systems
1071   Zhangxin Chen, Bernardo Cockburn, Joseph W. Jerome, and Chi-Wang Shu, Mixed-RKDG finite element methods for the 2-D hydrodynamic model for semiconductor device simulation
1072   M.E. Bradley and Suzanne Lenhart, Bilinear optimal control of a Kirchhoff plate
1073   Héctor J. Sussmann, A cornucopia of abnormal subriemannian minimizers. Part I: The four-dimensional case
1074   Marek Rakowski, Transfer function approach to disturbance decoupling problem
1075   Yuncheng You, Optimal control of Ginzburg-Landau equation for superconductivity
1076   Yuncheng You, Global dynamics of dissipative modified Korteweg-de Vries equations
1077   Mario Taboada and Yuncheng You, Nonuniformly attracting inertial manifolds and stabilization of beam equations with structural and Balakrishnan-Taylor damping
1078   Michael Bohm and Mario Taboada, Global existence and regularity of solutions of the nonlinear string equation
1079   Zhangxin Chen, BDM mixed methods for a nonlinear elliptic problem

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1080   J.J.L. Velázquez, On the dynamics of a closed thermosyphon
1081   Frédéric Bonnans and Eduardo Casas, Some stability concepts and their applications in optimal control problems
1082   Hong-Ming Yin, L2, µ (Q)-estimates for parabolic equations and applications
1083   David L. Russell and Bing-Yu Zhang, Smoothing and decay properties of solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries equation on a periodic domain with point dissipation
1084   J.E. Dunn and K.R. Rajagopal, Fluids of differential type: Critical review and thermodynamic analysis
1085   Mary Elizabeth Bradley and Mary Ann Horn, Global stabilization of the von Kármán plate with boundary feedback acting via bending moments only
1086   Mary Ann Horn and Irena Lasiecka, Global stabilization of a dynamic von Kármán plate with nonlinear boundary feedback
1087   Vilmos Komornik, Decay estimates for a petrovski system with a nonlinear distributed feedback
1088   Jesse L. Barlow, Perturbation results for nearly uncoupled Markov chains with applications to iterative methods
1089   Jong-Shenq Guo, Large time behavior of solutions of a fast diffusion equation with source
1090   Tongwen Chen and Li Qiu, Hinfinity design of general multirate sampled-data control systems
1091   Satyanad Kichenassamy and Walter Littman, Blow-up surfaces for nonlinear wave equations, I
1092   Nahum Shimkin, Asymptotically efficient adaptive strategies in repeated games, Part I: certainty equivalence strategies
1093   Caroline Fabre, Jean-Pierre Puel, and Enrique Zuazua, On the density of the range of the semigroup for semilinear heat equations

January 1993

1094   Robert F. Stengel, Laura R. Ray, and Christopher I. Marrison, Probabilistic evaluation of control system robustness
1095   H.O. Fattorini and S.S. Sritharan, Optimal chattering controls for viscous flow
1096   Kathryn E. Lenz, Properties of certain optimal weighted sensitivity and weighted mixed sensitivity designs
1097   Gang Bao and David C. Dobson, Second harmonic generation in nonlinear optical films
1098   Avner Friedman and Chaocheng Huang, Diffusion in network
1099   Xinfu Chen, Avner Friedman and Tsuyoshi Kimura, Nonstationary filtration in partially saturated porous media
1100   Walter Littman and Baisheng Yan, Rellich type decay theorems for equations P(D)uf with f having support in a cylinder
1101   Satyanad Kichenassamy and Walter Littman, Blow-up surfaces for nonlinear wave equations, II
1102   Nahum Shimkin, Extremal large deviations in controlled I.I.D. processes with applications to hypothesis testing
1103   A. Narain, Interfacial shear modeling and flow predictions for internal flows of pure vapor experiencing film condensation
1104   Andrew Teel and Laurent Praly, Global stabilizability and observability imply semi-global stabilizability by output feedback

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March 1993

1105   Karen Rudie and Jan C. Willems, The computational complexity of decentralized discrete-event control problems
1106   John A. Burns and Ruben D. Spies, A numerical study of parameter sensitivities in Landau-Ginzburg models of phase transitions in shape memory alloys
1107   Gang Bao and William W. Symes, Time like trace regularity of the wave equation with a nonsmooth principal part
1108   Lawrence Markus, A brief history of control
1109   Richard A. Brualdi, Keith L. Chavey, and Bryan L. Shader, Bipartite graphs and inverse sign patterns of strong sign-nonsingular matrices
1110   A. Kersch, W. Morokoff, and A. Schuster, Radiative heat transfer with quasi-Monte Carlo methods
1111   Jianhua Zhang, A free boundary problem arising from swelling-controlled release processes
1112   Walter Littman and Stephen Taylor, Local smoothing and energy decay for a semi-infinite beam pinned at several points and applications to boundary control
1113   Srdjan Stojanovic and Thomas Svobodny, A free boundary problem for the Stokes equation via nonsmooth analysis
1114   Bronislaw Jakubczyk, Filtered differential algebras are complete invariants of static feedback
1115   Boris Mordukhovich, Discrete approximations and refined Euler-Lagrange conditions for nonconvex differential inclusions
1116   Bei Hu and Hong-Ming Yin, The profile near blowup time for solution of the heat equation with a nonlinear boundary condition
1117   Jin Ma and Jiongmin Yong, Solvability of forward-backward SDEs and the nodal set of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
1118   Chaocheng Huang and Yong, Coupled parabolic and hyperbolic equations modeling age-dependent epidemic dynamics with nonlineardiffusion
1119   Jiongmin Yong, Necessary conditions for minimax control problems of second order elliptic partial differential equations
1120   Eitan Altman and Nahum Shimkin, Worst-case and Nash routing policies in parallel queues with uncertain service allocations
1121   Nahum Shimkin and Adam Shwartz, Asymptotically efficient adaptive strategies in repeated games, part II: Asymptotic optimality
1122   M.E. Bradley, Well-posedness and regularity results for a dynamic Von Kármán plate
1123   Zhangxin Chen, Finite element analysis of the 1D full drift diffusion semiconductor model
1124   Gang Bao and David C. Dobson, Diffractive optics in nonlinear media with periodic structure
1125   Steven Cox and Enrique Zuazua, The rate at which energy decays in a damped string
1126   Anthony W. Leung, Optimal control for nonlinear systems of partial differential equations related to ecology
1127   H.J. Sussmann, A continuation method for nonholonomic path-finding problems

April 1993

1128   Yung-Jen Guo and Walter Littman, The null boundary controllability for semilinear heat equations
1129   Q. Zhang and G. Yin, Turnpike sets in stochastic manufacturing systems with finite time horizon
1130   I. Gyori, F. Hartung, and J. Turi, Approximation of functional differential equations with time- and state-dependent delays by equations with piecewise constant arguments
1131   I. Gyori, F. Hartung, and J. Turi, Stability in delay equations with perturbed time lags
1132   F. Hartung and J. Turi, On the asymptotic behavior of the solutions of a state-dependent delay equation
1133   Pierre-Alain Gremaud, Numerical optimization and quasiconvexity
1134   Jie Tai Yu, Resultants and inversion formula for N polynomials in N variables
1135   Avner Friedman and J.L. Velázquez, The analysis of coating flows in a strip
1136   Eduardo D. Sontag, Control of systems without drift via generic loops
1137   Yuan Wang and Eduardo D. Sontag, Orders of input/output differential equations and state space dimensions
1138   Scott W. Hansen, Boundary control of a one-dimensional, linear, thermoelastic rod

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June 1993

1139   Robert Lipton and Bogdan Vernescu, Homogenization of two phase emulsions with surface tension effects
1140   Scott Hansen and Enrique Zuazua, Exact controllability and stabilization of a vibrating string with an interior point mass
1141   Bei Hu and Jiongmin Yong, Pontryagin Maximum principle for semilinear and quasilinear parabolic equations with pointwise state constraints
1142   Mark H.A. Davis, A deterministic approach to optimal stopping with application to a prophet inequality
1143   M.H.A. Davis and M. Zervos, A problem of singular stochastic control with discretionary stopping
1144   Bernardo Cockburn and Pierre-Alain Gremaud, An error estimate for finite element methods for scalar conservation laws
1145   David C. Dobson and Fadil Santosa, An image enhancement technique for electrical impedance tomography
1146   Jin Ma, Philip Protter, and Jiongmin Yong, Solving forward-backward stochastic differential equations explicitly - a four step scheme
1147   Yong Liu, The equilibrium plasma subject to skin effect
1148   Ulrich Hornung, Models for flow and transport through porous media derived by homogenization
1149   Avner Friedman, Chaocheng Huang, and Jiongmin Yong, Effective permeability of the boundary of a domain
1150   Gang Bao, A uniqueness theorem for an inverse problem in periodic diffractive optics
1151   Angelo Favini, Mary Ann Horn, and Irena Lasiecka, Global existence and uniqueness of regular solutions to the dynamic von Kármán system with nonlinear boundary dissipation

July 1993

1152   E.G. Kalnins and Willard Miller, Jr., Models of q-algebra representations: q-integral transforms and "addition theorems"
1153   E.G. Kalnins, V.B. Kuznetsov, and Willard Miller, Jr., Quadrics on complex Riemannian spaces of constant curvature, separation of variables and the Gaudin magnet
1154   A. Kersch, W. Morokoff, and Chr. Werner, Selfconsistent simulation of sputtering with the DSMC method
1155   Bing-Yu Zhang, A remark on the Cauchy problem for the Korteweg-de Vries equation on a periodic domain
1156   Gang Bao, Finite element approximation of time harmonic waves in periodic structures
1157   Tao Lin and Hong Wang, Recovering the gradients of the solutions of second-order hyperbolic equations by interpolating the finite element solutions
1158   Zhangxin Chen, Lp-posteriori error analysis of mixed methods for linear and quasilinear elliptic problems
1159   Todd Arbogast and Zhangxin Chen, Homogenization of compositional flow in fractured porous media
1160   L. Qiu, B. Bernhardsson, A. Rantzer, E.J. Davison, P.M. Young, and J.C. Doyle, A formula for computation of the real stability radius
1161   Maria In'es Troparevsky, Adaptive control of linear discrete time systems with external disturbances under inaccurate modelling: A case study
1162   Petr Kloucek and Franz S. Rys, Stability of the fractional step $\Theta$ -scheme for the nonstationary Navier-Stokes equations
1163   Eduardo Casas, Luis A. Fern'andez, and Jiongmin Yong, Optimal control of quasilinear parabolic equations
1164   Darrell Duffie, Jin Ma, and Jiongmin Yong, Black's consol rate conjecture
1165   D.G. Aronson and J.L. Vazquez, Anomalous exponents in nonlinear diffusion

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September 1993

1166   Ruben D. Spies, Local existence and regularity of solutions for a mathematical model of thermomechanical phase transitions in shape memory materials with Landau-Ginzburg free energy
1167   Pu Sun, On circular pipe Poiseuille flow instabilities
1168   Angelo Favini, Mary Ann Horn, Irena Lasiecka, and Daniel Tataru, Global existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions to a Von Kármán system with nonlinear boundary dissipation
1169   A. Dontchev, Tz. Donchev, and I. Slavov, On the upper semicontinuity of the set of solutions of differential inclusions with a small parameter in the derivative
1170   Jin Ma and Jiongmin Yong, Regular-singular stochastic controls for higher dimensional diffusions - dynamic programming approach
1171   Alex Solomonoff, Bayes finite difference schemes
1172   Todd Arbogast and Zhangxin Chen, On the implementation of mixed methods as nonconforming methods for second order elliptic problems
1173   Zhangxin Chen and Bernardo Cockburn, Convergence of a fin ite element method for the drift-diffusion semiconductor device equations: The multidimensional case
1174   Boris Mordukhovich, Optimization and finite difference approximations of nonconvex differential inclusions with free time

October 1993

1175   Avner Friedman, David S. Ross, and Jianhua Zhang, A Stefan problem for reaction-diffusion system
1176   Alex Solomonoff, Fast algorithms for micromagnetic computations
1177   Nikan B. Firoozye, Homogenization on lattices: Small parameter limits, H-measures, and discrete Wigner measures
1178   G. Yin, Adaptive filtering with averaging
1179   Wlodzimierz Byrc and Amir Dembo, Large deviations for quadratic functionals of Gaussian processes
1180   Ilja Schmelzer, 3D anisotropic grid generation with intersection-based geometry interface

November 1993

1181   Alex Solomonoff, Application of multipole methods to two matrix eigenproblems
1182   A.M. Latypov, Numerical solution of steady euler equations in streamline-aligned orthogonal coordinates
1183   Bei Hu and Hong-Ming Yin, Semilinear parabolic equations with prescribed energy
1184   Bei Hu and Jianhua Zhang, Global existence for a class of Non-Fickian polymer-penetrant systems
1185   Rongze Zhao and Thomas A. Posbergh, Robust stabilization of a uniformly rotating rigid body
1186   Mary Ann Horn and Irena Lasiecka, Uniform decay of weak solutions to a von Kármán plate with nonlinear boundary dissipation
1187   Mary Ann Horn, Irena Lasiecka, and Daniel Tataru, Well-posedness and uniform decay rates for weak solutions to a von Kármán system with nonlinear dissipative boundary conditions
1188   Mary Ann Horn, Nonlinear boundary stabilization of a von Kármán plate via bending moments only
1189   Frank H. Shaw and Charles J. Geyer, Constrained covariance component models
1190   Tomasz Luczak, A greedy algorithm estimating the height of random trees
1191   Timo Seppalainen, Maximum entropy principles for disordered spins
1192   Yuandan Lin, Eduardo D. Sontag, and Yuan Wang, Recent results on Lyapunov-theoretic techniques for nonlinear stability
1193   Svante Janson, Random regular graphs: Asymptotic distributions and contiguity
1194   Rachid Ababou, Random porous media flow on large 3-D grids: Numerics, performance, and application to homogenization

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January 1994

1195   Moshe Fridman, Hidden Markov model regression
1196   Petr Klouucek, Bo Li, and Mitchell Luskin, Analysis of a class of nonconforming finite elements for Crystalline microstructures
1197   Steven P. Lalley, Random series in inverse Pisot powers
1198   Rudy Yaksick, Expected optimal exercise time of a perpetual American option: A closed-form solution
1199   Rudy Yaksick, Valuation of an American put catastrophe insurance futures option: A Martingale approach
1200   János Pach, Farhad Shahrokhi, and Mario Szegedy, Application of the crossing number
1201   Avner Friedman and Chaocheng Huang, Averaged motion of charged particles under their self-induced electric field
1202   Joel Spencer, The Erdos-Hanani conjecture via Talagrand's inequality
1203   Zhangxin Chen, Superconvergence results for Galerkin methods for wave propagation in various porous media
1204   Russell Lyons, Robin Pemantle and Yuval Peres, When does a branching process grow like its mean? Conceptual proofs of L log L criteria
1205   Robin Pemantle, Maximum variation of total risk
1206   Robin Pemantle and Yuval Peres, Galton-Watson trees with the same mean have the same polar sets
1207   Robin Pemantle, A shuffle that mixes sets of any fixed size much faster than it mixes the whole deck
1208   Itai Benjamini, Robin Pemantle and Yuval Peres, Martin capacity for Markov chains and random walks in varying dimensions
1209   Wlodzimierz Bryc and Amir Dembo, On large deviations of empirical measures for stationary Gaussian processes
1210   Martin Hildebrand, Some random processes related to affine random walks
1211   Alexander E. Mazel and Yurii M. Suhov, Ground states of a Boson quantum lattice model

March 1994

1212   Roger L. Fosdick and Darren E. Mason, Single phase energy minimizers for materials with nonlocal spatial dependence
1213   Bruce Hajek, Load balancing in infinite networks
1214   Petr Klouu cek, The transonic flow problems stability analysis and numerical results
1215   Petr Klouu cek, On the existence of the entropic solutions for the transonic flow problem
1216   David A. Schmidt and Chjan C. Lim, Full sign-invertibility and symplectic matrices
1217   Piermarco Cannarsa and Maria Elisabetta Tessitore, Infinite dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi equations and Dirichlet boundary control problems of parabolic type
1218   Zhangxin Chen, Multigrid algorithms for mixed methods for second order elliptic problems
1219   Zhangxin Chen, Expanded mixed finite element methods for linear second order elliptic problems I
1220   Gang Bao, A note on the uniqueness for an inverse diffraction problem
1221   Moshe Fridman, A two state capital asset pricing mode
1222   Paolo Baldi, Exact asymptotics for the probability of exit from a domain and applications to simulation
1223   Carl Dou and Martin Hildebrand, Enumeration and random walks on finite groups
1224   Jaksa Cvitanic and Ioannis Karatzas, On portfolio optimization under "drawdown" constraints
1225   Avner Friedman and Yong Liu, A free boundary problem arising in magnetohydrodynamic system

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April 1994

1226   Dominic Welsh, Randomised approximation schemes for Tutte-Grothendieck invariants
1227   Zhangxin Chen, Bernardo Cockburn, Carl L. Gardner, and Joseph W. Jerome, Quantum hydrodynamic simulation of hysteresis in the resonant tunneling diode
1228   E.G. Kalnins, G.C. Williams, and Willard Miller, Jr., Intrinsic characterisation of the separation constant for spin one and gravitational perturbations in Kerr geometry
1229   Zhangxin Chen, Large-scale averaging analysis of multiphase flow in fractured reservoirs
1230   Bruce Hajek and Babu Narayanan, Multigraphs with the most edge covers
1231   K.B. Athreya, Entropy maximization
1232   F.I. Karpelevich and Yu.M. Suhov, Functional equations in the problem of boundedness of stochastic branching dynamics
1233   E. Dibenedetto and V. Vespri, On the singular equation $\beta$t $\Delta$ u

July 1994

1234   M.Ya. Kelbert and Yu.M. Suhov, The Markov branching random walk and systems of reaction-diffusion (Kolmogorov-Petrovskii-Piskunov) equations
1235   M. Hildebrand, Random walks on random regular simple graphs
1236   W.S. Don and A. Solomonoff, Accuracy enhancement for higher derivatives using Chebyshev collocation and a mapping technique
1237   D. Gurarie, Symmetries and conservation laws of two-dimensional hydrodynamics
1238   Z. Chen, Finite element methods for the black oil model in petroleum reservoirs
1239   G. Bao and A. Friedman, Inverse problems for scattering by periodic structure
1240   G. Bao, Some inverse problems in partial differential equations
1241   G. Bao, Diffractive optics in periodic structures: The TM polarization
1242   C.C. Lim and D.A. Schmidt, On noneven digraphs and symplectic pairs
1243   H.M. Soner, S.E. Shreve and J. Cvitani'c, There is no nontrivial hedging portfolio for option pricing with transaction costs
1244   D.L. Russell and B-Yu Zhang, Exact controllability and stabilizability of the Korteweg-de Vries equation
1245   B. Morton, D. Enns and B-Yu Zhang, Stability of dynamic inversion control laws applied to nonlinear aircraft pitch-axis models
1246   S. Hansen and G. Weiss, New results on the operator Carleson measure criterion
1247   V.A. Malyshev and F.M. Spieksma, Intrinsic convergence rate of countable Markov chains

September 1994

1248   G. Bao, D.C. Dobson and J.A. Cox, Mathematical studies in rigorous grating theory
1249   G. Bao and W.W. Symes, On the sensitivity of solutions of hyperbolic equations to the coefficients
1250   D.A. Huntley and S.H. Davis, Oscillatory and cellular mode coupling in rapid directional solidification
1251   M.J. Donahue, L. Gurvits, C. Darken and E. Sontag, Rates of convex approximation in non-Hilbert spaces
1252   A. Friedman and B. Hu, A Stefan problem for multi-dimensional reaction diffusion systems
1253   J.L. Bona and B-Y. Zhang, The initial-value problem for the forced Korteweg-de Vries equation

October 1994

1254   A. Friedman and R. Gulliver - Organizers, Mathematical modeling for instructors - IMA Summer Program for Graduate Students, August 1-19, 1994
  (There are eight papers in this Preprint:
   - Federal bumper standards and fuel economy for automobiles, Scott Adams, Jack Goldberg, Chaitan Gupta, Xiaoyun Ma, Mohammad Salmassi, Rebeka Valdivia, and Jennifer Zhao (Dan Drew, mentor)
   - Photo-polymerization applied to stereolithography, Jack Bryant et al. (Gerald Young, mentor)
   - Chemical reactor modeling, C. Chieu et al. (Patrick Hagan, mentor)
   - Modeling a densitometer, Diego Bernardete et al. (Ellis Cumberbatch, mentor)
   - Traffic flow, Beth Bradley et al. (Donald Drew, mentor)
   - Modeling of two-phase reactors and pheumatic lifters, Scott Adams et al. (Pat Hagan, mentor)
   - Zen and the art of printing press control, Chaitan Gupta et al. (Colin Please, mentor)
   - Crystal size distribution in a sidearm precipitator, Diego Bernardete et al. (David Ross, mentor))
1255   S. Kichenassamy, The prolongation formula for tensor fields
1256   S. Kichenassamy, Fuchsian equations in Sobolev spaces and blow-up
1257   H.S. Dumas, L. Dumas, and F. Golse, On the mean free path for a periodic array of spherical obstacles
1258   C. Liu, Global estimates for solutions of partial differential equations
1259   C. Liu, Exponentially growing solutions for inverse problems in PDE
1260   Mary Ann Horn and I. Lasiecka, Nonlinear boundary stabilization of parallelly connected Kirchhoff plates
1261   B. Cockburn and H. Gau, A posteriori error estimates for general numerical methods for scalar conservation laws
1262   B. Cockburn and P-A. Gremaud, A priori error estimates for numerical methods for scalar conservation laws. Part I: The general approach
1263   R. Spigler and M. Vianello, Convergence analysis of the semi-implicit euler method for abstract evolution equations
1264   R. Spigler and M. Vianello, WKB-type approximation for second-order differential equations in C*-algebras
1265   M. Menshikov and R.J. Williams, Passage-time moments for continuous non-negative stochastic processes and applications
1266   C. Mazza, On the storage capacity of nonlinear neural networks
1267   Z. Chen, R.E. Ewing and R. Lazarov, Domain decomposition algorithms for mixed methods for second order elliptic problems
1268   Z. Chen, M. Espedal and R.E. Ewing, Finite element analysis of multiphase flow in groundwater hydrology
1269   Z. Chen, R.E. Ewing, Y.A. Kuznetsov, R.D. Lazarov and S. Maliassov, Multilevel preconditioners for mixed methods for second order elliptic problems

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December 1994

1270   S. Kichenassamy and G.K. Srinivasan, The structure of WTC expansions and applications
1271   A. Zinger, Positiveness of Wigner quasi-probability density and characterization of Gaussian distribution
1272   V. Malkin and G. Papanicolaou, On self-focusing of short laser pulses
1273   J.N. Kutz and W.L. Kath, Stability of pulses in nonlinear optical fibers using phase-sensitive amplifiers
1274   S.K. Patch, Recursive recovery of a family of Markov transition probabilities from boundary value data
1275   C. Liu, The completeness of plane waves
1276   Z. Chen and R.E. Ewing, Stability and convergence of a finite element method for reactive transport in ground water
1277   Z. Chen and Do Y. Kwak, The analysis of multigrid algorithms for nonconforming and mixed methods for second order elliptic problems
1278   Z. Chen, Expanded mixed finite element methods for quasilinear second order elliptic problems II
1279   M.A. Horn and W. Littman, Boundary control of a Schrodinger equation with nonconstant principal part
1280   R.E. Ewing, Yu.A. Kuznetsov, R.D. Lazarov and S. Maliassov, Substructuring preconditioning for finite element approximations of second order elliptic problems. I. Nonconforming linear elements for the Poisson equation in a parallelepiped
1281   S. Maliassov, Substructuring preconditioning for finite element approximations of second order elliptic problems. II. Mixed method for an elliptic operator with scalar tensor
1282   V. Jaksic and C.-A. Pillet, On model for quantum friction II. Fermi's golden rule and dynamics at positive temperatures
1283   V.M. Malkin, Kolmogorov and nonstationary spectra of optical turbulence

February 1995

1284   E.G. Kalnins, V.B. Kuznetsov and W. Miller, Jr., Separation of variables and the XXZ Gaudin magnet
1285   E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr., A note on tensor products of q-algebra representations and orthogonal polynomials
1286   E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr., q-algebra representations of the Euclidean, pseudo-Euclidean and oscillator algebras, and their tensor products
1287   L.A. Pastur, Spectral and probabalistic aspects of matrix models
1288   K. Kastella, Discrimination gain to optimize detection and classification
1289   L.A. Peletier and W.C. Troy, Spatial patterns described by the Extended Fisher-Kolmogorov (EFK) equation: Periodic solutions
1290   A. Friedman and Y. Liu, Propagation of cracks in elastic media
1291   A. Friedman and C. Huang, Averaged motion of charged particles in a curved strip
1292   G. R. Sell, Global attractors for the 3D Navier-Stokes equations
1293   C. Liu, A uniqueness result for a general class of inverse problems
1294   H-O. Kreiss, Numerical solution of problems with different time scales II
1295   B. Cockburn, G. Gripenberg, S-O. Londen, On convergence to entropy solutions of a single conservation law
1296   S-H. Yu, On stability of discrete shock profiles for conservative finite difference scheme
1297   H. Behncke and P. Rejto, A limiting absorption principle for separated Dirac operators with Wigner Von Neumann type potentials

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March 1995

1298   R. Lipton and B. Vernescu, Composites with imperfect interface
1299   E. Casas, Pontryagin's principle for state-constrained boundary control problems of semilinear parabolic equations
1300   G.R. Sell, References on dynamical systems
1301   J. Zhang, Swelling and dissolution of polymer: A free boundary problem
1302   J. Zhang, A nonlinear nonlocal multi-dimensional conservation law
1303   M.E. Taylor, Estimates for approximate solutions to acoustic inverse scattering problems
1304   J. Kim and D. Sheen, A priori estimates for elliptic boundary value problems with nonlinear boundary conditions
1305   B. Engquist and E. Luo, New coarse grid operators for highly oscillatory coefficient elliptic problems
1306   A. Boutet de Monvel and I. Egorova, On the almost periodicity of solutions of the nonlinear Schrodinger equation with the cantor type spectrum
1307   A. Boutet de Monvel and V. Georgescu, Boundary values of the resolvent of a self-adjoint operator: Higher order estimates
1308   S.K. Patch, Diffuse tomography modulo Graßmann and Laplace
1309   A. Friedman and J.J.L. Velázquez, Liouville type theorems for fourth order elliptic equationsin a half plane

May 1995

1310   T. Aktosun, M. Klaus and C. van der Mee, Recovery of discontinuities in a nonhomogeneous medium
1311   V. Bondarevsky, On the global regularity problem for 3-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations
1312   M. Cheney and D. Isaacson, Inverse problems for a perturbed dissipative half-space
1313   B. Cockburn, D.A. Jones and E.S. Titi, Determining degrees of freedom for nonlinear dissipative equations
1314   B. Engquist and E. Luo, Convergence of a multigrid method for elliptic equations with highly oscillatory coefficients
1315   L. Pastur and M. Shcherbina, Universality of the local eigenvalue statistics for a class of unitary invariant random matrix ensembles

July 1995

1316   V. Jaksic, S. Molchanov and L. Pastur, On the propagation properties of surface waves
1317   J. Necas, M. Ruzicka and V. Sverák, On self-similar solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations
1318   S. Stojanovic, Remarks on W2,p-solutions of bilateral obstacle problems
1319   E. Luo and H-O. Kreiss, Pseudospectral vs. Finite difference methods for initial value problems with discontinuous coefficients t>
1320   V.E. Grikurov, Soliton's rebuilding in one-dimensional Schrodinger model with polynomial nonlinearity
1321   J.M. Harrison and R.J. Williams, A multiclass closed queueing network with unconventional heavy traffic behavior
1322   M.E. Taylor, Microlocal analysis on Morrey spaces
1323   C. Huang, Homogenization of biharmonic equations in domains perforated with tiny holes
1324   C. Liu, An inverse obstacle problem: A uniqueness theorem for spheres

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August 1995

1325   M. Luskin, Approximation of a laminated microstructure for a rotationally invariant, double well energy density
1326   Rakesh and P. Sacks, Impedance inversion from transmission data for the wave equation
1327   O. Lafitte, Diffraction for a Neumann boundary condition
1328   E. Sobel, K. Lange, J.R. O'Connell and D.E. Weeks, Haplotyping algorithms
1329   B. Cockburn, D.A. Jones and E.S. Titi, Estimating the number of asymptotic degrees of freedom for nonlinear dissipative systems
1330   T. Aktosun, Inverse Schrodinger scattering on the line with partial knowledge of the potential
1331   T. Aktosun and C. van der Mee, Partition of the potential of the one-dimensional Schrodinger equation
1332   B. Engquist and E. Luo, Convergence of the multigrid method with a wavelet coarse grid operator
1333   V. Jakv si'c and C.-A. Pillet, Ergodic properties of the Spin-Boson system
1334   S.K. Patch, Recursive solution for diffuse tomographic systems of arbitrary size
1335   J.C. Bronski, Semiclassical eigenvalue distribution of the non self-adjoint Zakharov-Shabat eigenvalue problem
1336   J.C. Cockburn, Bitangential structured interpolation theory

October 1995

1337   S. Kichenassamy, The blow-up problem for exponential nonlinearities
1338   F.A. Grunbaum and S.K. Patch, How many parameters can one solve for in diffuse tomography?
1339   R. Lipton, Reciprocal relations, bounds and size effects for composites with highly conducting interface
1340   H.A. Levine and J. Serrin, A global nonexistence theorem for quasilinear evolution equations with dissipation
1341   A. Boutet de Monvel and R. Purice, The conjugate operator method: Application to DIRAC operators and to stratified media
1342   G. Michele Graf, Stability of matter through an electrostatic inequality
1343   G. Avalos, Sharp regularity estimates for solutions of the wave equation and their traces with prescribed Neumann data
1344   G. Avalos, The exponential stability of a coupled hyperbolic/parabolic system arising in structural acoustics
1345   G. Avalos and I. Lasiecka, A differential Riccati equation for the active control of a problem in structural acoustics
1346   G. Avalos, Well-posedness for a coupled hyperbolic/parabolic system seen in structural acoustics
1347   G. Avalos and I. Lasiecka, The strong stability of a semigroup arising from a coupled hyperbolic/parabolic system
1348   A.V. Fursikov, Certain optimal control problems for Navier-Stokes system with distributed control function
1349   F. Gesztesy, R. Nowell and W. Potz, One-dimensional scattering theory for quantum systems with nontrivial spatial asymptotics
1350   F. Gesztesy and H. Holden, On trace formulas for Schrodinger-type operators
1351   X. Chen, Global asymptotic limit of solutions of the Cahn-Hilliard equation
1352   X. Chen, Lorenz equations, Part I: Existence and nonexistence of homoclinic orbits
1353   X. Chen, Lorenz equations Part II: "Randomly" rotated homoclinic orbits and chaotic trajectories
1354   X. Chen, Lorenz equations, Part III: Existence of hyperbolic sets
1355   R. Abeyaratne, C. Chu and R.D. James, Kinetics of materials with wiggly energies: Theory and application to the evolution of twinning microstructures in a Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloy
1356   C. Liu, The Helmholtz equation on Lipschitz domains

November 1995

1357   G. Avalos and I. Lasiecka, Exponential stability of a thermoelastic system without mechanical dissipation
1358   R. Lipton, Heat conduction in fine scale mixtures with interfacial contact resistance
1359   V. Odisharia and J. Peradze, Solvability of a nonlinear problem of Kirchhoff shell
1360   P.J. Olver, G. Sapiro and A. Tannenbaum, Affine invariant edge maps and active contours
1361   R.D. James, Hysteresis in phase transformations
1362   A. Sei and W. Symes, A note on consistency and adjointness for numerical schemes
1363   A. Friedman and B. Hu, Head-media interaction in magnetic recording
1364   A. Friedman and J.J.L. Velázquez, Time-dependent coating flows in a strip, part I: The linearized problem
1365   X. Ren and M. Winter, Young measures in a nonlocal phase transition problem
1366   K. Bhattacharya and R.V. Kohn, Elastic energy minimization and the recoverable strains of polycrystalline shape-memory materials
1367   G.A. Chechkin, Operator pencil and homogenization in the problem of vibration of fluid in a vessel with a fine net on the surface
1368   M. Carme Calderer and B. Mukherjee, On Poiseuille flow of liquid crystals
1369   M.A. Pinsky and M.E. Taylor, Pointwise Fourier inversion: A wave equation approach
1370   D. Brandon and R.C. Rogers, Order parameter models of elastic bars and precursor oscillations
1371   H.A. Levine and B.D. Sleeman, A system of reaction diffusion equations arising in the theory of reinforced random walks
1372   B. Cockburn and P.-A. Gremaud, A priori error estimates for numerical methods for scalar conservation laws. Part II: Flux-splitting monotone schemes on irregular Cartesian grids

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January 1996

1373   B. Li and M. Luskin, Finite element analysis of microstructure for the cubic to tetragonal transformation
1374   M. Luskin, On the computation of crystalline microstructure
1375   J.P. Matos, On gradient young measures supported on a point and a well
1376   M. Nitsche, Scaling properties of vortex ring formation at a circular tube opening
1377   J.L. Bona and Y.A. Li, Decay and analyticity of solitary waves
1378   V. Isakov, On uniqueness in a lateral cauchy problem with multiple characteristics
1379   M.A. Kouritzin, Averaging for fundamental solutions of parabolic equations
1380   T. Aktosun, M. Klaus, and C. van der Mee, Integral equation methods for the inverse problem with discontinuous wavespeed

March 1996

1381   P. Morin and R.D. Spies, Convergent spectral approximations for the thermomechanical processes in shape memory allows
1382   D.N. Arnold and X. Liu, Interior estimates for a low order finite element method for the Reissner-Mindlin plate model
1383   D.N. Arnold and R.S. Falk, Analysis of a linear-linear finite element for the Reissner-Mindlin plate model
1384   D.N. Arnold, R.S. Falk and R. Winther, Preconditioning in H(div) and applications
1385   M. Lavrentiev, Nonlinear parabolic problems possessing solutions with unbounded gradients
1386   O.P. Bruno and P. Laurence, Existence of three-dimensional toroidal MHD equilibria with nonconstant pressure
1387   O.P. Bruno, F. Reitich, and P.H. Leo, The overall elastic energy of polycrystallin martensitic solids
1388   M. Fila and H.A. Levine, On critical exponents for a semilinear parabolic system coupled in an equation and a boundary condition
1389   J.M. Berg, W.G. Frazier, A. Chaudhary, and S.S. Banda, Optimal open-loop ram velocity profiles for isothermal forging: A variational approach
1390   J.M. Berg and H.G. Kwatny, Unfolding the zero structure of a linear control system
1391   A. Sei, High order finite-difference approximations of the wave equation with absorbing boundary conditions: A stability analysis
1392   A.V. Coward and Y.Y. Renardy, Small amplitude oscillatory forcing on two-layer plane channel flow
1393   V.A. Pliss and G.R. Sell, Approximation dynamics and the stability of invariant sets
1394   J.G. Cao and P. Roblin, A new computational model for heterojunction resonant tunneling diode
1395   Changmei Liu, Inverse obstacle problem: Local uniqueness for rougher obstacles and the identification of a ball
1396   K.A. Pericak-Spector and S.J. Spector, Dynamic cavitation with shocks in nonlinear elasticity
1397   G. Avalos and I. Lasiecka, Exponential stability of a thermoelastic system without mechanical dissipation II: The case of simply supported boundary conditions
1398   B. Brighi and M. Chipot, Approximation of infima in the calculus of variations

May 1996

1399   G. Avalos, Concerning the well-posedness of a nonlinearly coupled semilinear wave and beam-like equation
1400   R. Lipton, Variational methods, bounds and size effects for composites with highly conducting interface
1401   B.T. Hayes and P.G. LeFloch, Non-classical shock waves in scalar conservation laws
1402   K.T. Joseph and P.G. LeFloch, Boundary layers in weak solutions to hyperbolic conservation laws
1403   Y. Diao, C. Ernst, and E.J.J. Van Rensburg, Energies of knots
1404   Xiaofeng Ren, Multi-layer local minimum solutions of the bistable equation in an infinite tube
1405   Vlastimil Pták, Krylov sequences and orthogonal polynomials
1406   T. Aktosun, M. Klaus, and C. van der Mee, Factorization of scattering matrices due to partitioning of potentials in one-dimensional Schrodinger-type equations
1407   C.-S. Man and R. Paroni, On the separation of stress-induced and texture-induced birefringence in acoustoelasticity
1408   D.N. Arnold, R.S. Falk, and R. Winther, Preconditioning discrete approximations of the Reissner-Mindlin plate model
1409   M.A. Kouritzin, On exact filters for continuous signals with discrete observations

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July 1996

1410   R. Lipton, The second Stekloff eigenvalue and energy dissipation inequalities for functionals with surface energy
1411   R. Lipton, The second Stekloff eigenvalue of an inclusion and new size effects for composites with imperfect interface
1412   W. Littman and B. Liu, The regularity and singularity of solutions of certain elliptic problems on polygonal domains
1413   C.R. Collins, Spurious oscillations are not fatal in computing microstructures
1414   M.A. Horn, Sharp trace regularity for the solutions of the equations of dynamic elasticity
1415   A. Friedman, B. Hu and Y. Liu, A boundary value problem for the Poisson equation with multi-scale oscillating boundary
1416   P. Bauman, D. Phillips and Q. Tang, Stable nucleation for the Ginzburg-Landau system with an applied magnetic field
1417   J.M. Berg, A strain profile for robust control of microstructure using dynamic recrystallization
1418   P. Kloucek, Toward the computational modeling of nonequilibrium thermodynamics of the Martensitic transformations
1419   S. Chawla and S.M. Lenhart, Application of optimal control theory to in Situ bioremediation
1420   B. Li and M. Luskin, Nonconforming finite element approximation of crystalline microstructure
1421   H. Kang and J.K. Seo, Inverse conductivity problem with one measurement: Uniqueness of balls in R3

September 1996

1422   Avner Friedman and Robert Gulliver - Organizers, Mathematical modeling for instructors - IMA Summer Program for Graduate Students, July 29 - August 16, 1996
  (There are seven papers in this Preprint:
   - 1422-1    A fluid mechanics approach to mixing problems, Donald Drew et al.
   - 1422-2    A mathematical model for the effect of surfactants in the production of photographic films, David Ross et al.
   - 1422-3    Mathematical modeling of electronic rectifiers, Gregory Kriegsmann et al.
   - 1422-4    Error analysis of a pendulous integrating Gyro accelerometer, Blaise Morton et al.
   - 1422-5    A mathematical model for ore stack drying, Colin Please et al.
   - 1422-6    A mathematical model for an exhaust oxygen sensor, Daniel Baker et al.
   - 1422-7    Modeling UV-damage to E. Coli bacteria, Donald Drew et al.)
1423   G. Friesecke, Pair correlations and exchange phenomena in the free electron gas
1424   Y.A. Li and P.J. Olver, Convergence of solitary-wave solutions in a perturbed Bi-Hamiltonian dynamical system break I. Compactons and Peakons II. Complex Analytic Behavior III. Convergence to Non-Analytic Solutions
1425   C. Huang, On boundary regularity of vortex patches fo 3D incompressible euler systems
1426   C. Huang, A free boundary problem with nonlinear jump and kinetics on the free boundaries
1427   X. Chen, C. Huang and J. Zhao, A nonlinear parabolic equation modeling surfactant diffusion
1428   A. Friedman and B. Hu, Optimal control of chemical vapor deposition reactor
1429   A. Friedman and B. Hu, A non-stationary multi-scale oscillating free boundary for the Laplace and heat equations
1430   X. Chen, Existence, uniqueness, and asymptotic stability of traveling waves in nonlocal evolution equations
1431   J. Yong, Finding adapted solutions of forward-backward stochastic differential equations - Methods of continuation
1432   J. Yong, Linear forward-backward stochastic differential equations
1433   D.A. Dawson and M.A. Kouritzin, Invariance principles for parabolic equations with random coefficients
1434   R. Lipton, Energy minimizing configurations for mixtures of two imperfectly bonded conductors

November 1996

1435   D.C. Dobson and F. Santosa, Nondestructive evaluation of plates using Eddy current methods
1436   W. Littman and B. Liu, On the spectral properties and stabilization of acoustic flow
1437   S. Sarkar and S. Sundar Sarkar, Normal distribution as a method for data replication in a parallel data server
1438   S. Sarkar and S. Sundar Sarkar, Parallel view materialization with dynamic load balancing: A graph theoretic approach
1439   S. Sarkar and S. Sundar Sarkar, Internet and relational databases in a multi-tier client/server model
1440   J. Liang and S. Subramaniam, Numerical computing of molecular electrostatics through boundary integral equations
1441   J. Wu, Inviscid limits and regularity estimates for the solutions of the 2-D dissipative quasi-geostrophic equations
1442   P. Constantin and J. Wu, Statistical solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations on the phase space of vorticity and the inviscid limits
1443   M.A. Kouritzin, Stochastic processes and perturbation problems defined by parabolic equations with a small parameter
1444   M.A. Kouritzin, Approximations for singularly perturbed parabolic equations of arbitrary order
1445   A. Novick-Cohen Triple junction motion for Allen-Cahn/Cahn-Hilliard systems

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December 1996

1446   P. Klouv cek, Approximations of the laminated microstructures
1447   S. Sarkar and S.S. Sarkar, A graph theoretic approach for parallel view materialization with dynamic load balancing
1448   S. Chawla, A minmax problem for parabolic systems with competitive interactions
1449   B. Luong and F. Santosa, Quantitative imaging of corrosion in plates by Eddy current methods
1450   R. Jordan and B. Turkington, Ideal magnetofluid turbulence in two dimensions
1451   M. Fels and P.J. Olver, Moving coframes. I. A practical algorithm
1452   S.Y. Maliassov, On the Schwarz alternating method for eigenvalue problems

February 1997

1453   R. Lipton, Design of particle reinforced heat conducting composites with interfacial thermal barriers
1454   J. Berg, A. Yezzi, and A. Tannenbaum, Phase transitions curve evolution, and the control of semiconductor manufacturing processes
1455   G. Avalos and I. Lasiecka, Uniform decay rates of solutions to a structural acoustics model with nonlinear dissipation
1456   M. Nitsche, 3-D Visualization of blood flow fields obtained with MR Imaging Techniques
1457   L. Wang, J.A. Cox, and A. Friedman, Model analysis of homogeneous optical waveguides by boundary integral method
1458   C.P. Fung and S. Lototsky, Nonlinear filtering: Separation of parameters and observations using Galerkin approximation and Wiener chaos decomposition
1459   S. Northshield, Several proofs of Ihara's theorem
1460   T. Aktosun, M. Klaus and C. van der Mee, Wave scattering in one dimension with absorption
1461   F. Santosa, M. Vogelius, and J.-M. Xu, An effective nonlinear boundary condition for a corroding surface. Identification of the damage based on electrostatic data
1462   J. Wu, Well-posedness of a semilinear heat equation with weak initial data
1463   J. Wu, Quasi-geostrophic type equations with weak initial data
1464   J. Ma and J. Yong, Approximate solvability of forward-backward stochastic differential equations
1465   T.-P. Tsai, On Leray's self-similar solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations satisfying local energy estimates
1466   M.K. Gobbert, T.P. Merchant, L.J. Borucki, and T.S. Cale, A multiscale simulator for low pressure chemical vapor deposition
1467   M.C. Tesi, E.J. Janse van Rensburg, E. Orlandini, and S.G. Whittington, Torsion of polygons in Z3
1468   M. Grinfeld and A. Novick-Cohen, The viscous Cahn-Hilliard equation: Morse decomposition and structure of the global attractor

March 1997

1469   M. Mascagni, Polynomial versus matrix methods for leap-ahead in shift-register type pseudorandom number generators
1470   M. Mascagni, Parallel linear congruential generators with prime moduli
1471   B. Li and M. Luskin, Approximation of a Martensitic laminate with varying volume fractions
1472   D. Yang, Stabilized schemes for mixed finite element methods with applications to elasticity and compressible flow problems
1473   P.J. Olver and V.V. Sokolov, Integrable evolution equations on associative algebras
1474   A. Bondarenko, Singular structure of the fundamental solution of the transport equation
1475   S. Sarkar and S.S. Sarkar, Views and data mining in a parallel data server
1476   P.E. Bigeleisen and M. Cheney, Models for an anesthesia breathing circuit
1477   R. Lipton, Influence of interfacial surface conduction on the DC electrical conductivity of particle reinforced composites
1478   B. Cockburn and C.-W. Shu, The local discontinuous Galerkin method for time-dependent convection-diffusion systems

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June 1997

1479   A. Friedman and F. Reitich, Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Coagulation-Fragmentation Models
1480   A. Friedman and C. Huang, Averaged Motion Approach to Brownian Dynamics
1481   T. Aktosun, M. Klaus and C. van der Mee, Inverse Scattering in One-Dimensional Nonconservative Media
1482   X. Feng, Absorbing Boundary Conditions for Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
1483   J.E. Flaherty, R.M. Loy, M.S. Shephard, B.K. Szymanski, J.D. Teresco, and L.H. Ziantz, Adaptive Local Refinement with Octree Load-Balancing for the Parallel Solution of Three-Dimensional Conservation Laws
1484   D. Homberg and J. Sokolowski, Optimal Control of Laser Hardening
1485   M. Kruzik, Numerical Approach to Double Well Problems
1486   S. Lototsky, Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Parabolic Equations: Asymptotic Properties of a Two-Dimensional Projection Based Estimate
1487   D.E. Norman, A Model for Chemically Reacting Fluid Flows: Weak Solutions and Global Attractors
1488   S. Sarkar and S.S. Sarkar, Data Mining on Views in Relational Databases Using Bayesian Networks
1489   D. Yang, Dynamic Finite Element Methods for Second Order Parabolic Equations
1490   S. Evje and K.H. Karlsen, A Note on Viscous Splitting of Degenerate Convection-Diffusion Equations
1491   X. Feng, Analysis of a Domain Decomposition Method for the Nearly Elastic Wave Equations Based on Mixed Finite Element Methods
1492   B. Cockburn and C.-W. Shu, The Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Conservation Laws V: Multidimensional Systems
1493   P. Korman and Y. Li, On the Exactness of an S-Shaped Bifurcation Curve
1494   M. Kruzík, DiPerna-Majda Measures and Uniform Integrability

August 1997

1495   Xiaobing Feng, Ping Lee and Yuting Wei, Formulation and Mathematical Analysis of a Fluid-Solid Interaction Problem
1496   Xiaobing Feng, Ping Lee and Yuting Wei, Finite Element Methods and Domain Decomposition Algorithms for A Fluid-Solid Interaction Problem
1497   B. Cockburn and G. Gripenberg, Continuous Dependence on the Nonlinearities of Solutions of Degenerate Parabolic Equations
1498   Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen and Knut-Andreas Lie, An Unconditionally Stable Splitting Scheme for a Class of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
1499   Pangfeng Liu and Jan-Jan Wu, A Framework for Parallel Tree-Based Scientific Simulations
1500   Jan-Jan Wu and Pangfeng Liu, VGDS: An Object-Oriented Framework for Distributed Scientific Computing
1501   Sergey V. Lototsky and Boris L. Rosovskii, Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Evolution Equations with Non-commuting Operators
1502   D.J. Cedio-Fengya, S. Moskow and M.S. Vogelius, Identification of Conductivity Imperfections of Small Diameter by Boundary Measurements. Continuous Dependence and Computational Reconstruction.
1503   Qing Nie and Greg Baker, Application of Adaptive Quadrature to Axi-symmetric Vortex Sheet Motion
1504   Qing Nie and Saleh A. Tanveer, The Evolution of An Axi-symmetric Stokes Bubble with Volumetric Change
1505   Q. Nie and S. Tanveer, A Note on Third Order Structure Functions in Turbulence
1506   Harald Garcke and Amy Novick-Cohen, A Singular Limit for a System of Degenerate Cahn-Hilliard Equations
1507   Mark Fels and Peter J. Olver, Moving Coframes: II. Regularization and Theoretical Foundations
1508   Daoqi Yang, A Parallel Nonoverlapping Schwarz Domain Decomposition Method for Elliptic Interface Problems
1509   Tuncay Aktosun, Martin Klaus and Cornelis van der Mee, On the Number of Bound States for the 1-D Schrodinger Equation
1510   Sanhita Sarkar, Strategies for Optimal Performance of Relational Databases

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October 1997

1511 Tuncay Aktosun and Paul E. Sacks, Inverse Problem on the Line without Phase Information
1512 Susanne C. Brenner and Li-yeng Sung, Balancing Domain Decomposition for Nonconforming Plate Elements
1513 Amadeu Delshams and Tere M. Seara, Splitting of Separatrices in Hamiltonian Systems with one and a half Degrees of Freedom
1514 David E. Keyes, Dinesh K. Kaushik and Barry F. Smith, Prospects for CFD on Petaflops Systems
1515 Jens Lorenz, Steven Jackett and Wangguo Qin, Self-Organized Criticality: Analysis and Simulation of a 1D Sandpile
1516 Gary Hatfield and Peter J. Olver, Canonical Forms and Conservation Laws in Linear Elastostatics
1517 Bernd Krauskopf and Hinke Osinga, Growing Unstable Manifolds of Planar Maps
1518 Kazufumi Ito and Fernando Reitich, A High-Order Perturbation Approach to Profile Reconstruction. I: Perfectly Conducting Gratings
1519 Brian J. Suchomel, Benito M. Chen and Myron B. Allen III, Network Model of Flow, Transport and Biofilm Effects in Porous Media
1520 Avner Friedman, Bei Hu and Juan J. L. Velazquez, Asymptotics for the Biharmonic Equation near the tip of a Crack

December 1997

1521 Avner Friedman, Bei Hu, and Juan J.L. Velazquez, Propagation of cracks in elastic media
1522 M.J. Friedman and J.W. Demmel, An efficient algorithm for locating and continuing connecting orbits
1523 Matti Lassas, Margaret Cheney, and Gunther Uhlmann, Uniqueness for a wave propagation inverse problem in a half space
1524 Amadeu Delshams and Rafael Ramirez-Ros, Singular separatrix splitting and Melnikov method: an experimental study
1525 Miaohua Jiang and Yakov B. Pesin, Equilibrium measures for coupled map lattices: existence, uniqueness and finite-dimensional approximations
1526 Christopher K.R.T. Jones, A geometric approach to systems with multiple time scales
1527 Yi A. Li and Peter J. Olver, Well-posedness and blow-up solutions for an integrable nonlinearly dispersive model wave equation
1528 Brian J. Suchomel, Benito M. Chen, and Myron B. Allen, Macroscale properties of porous media from a network model of biofilm processes
1529 Angel Jorba, A methodology for the numerical computation of normal forms, centre manifolds and first integrals of Hamiltonian systems
1530 Bennett Chow and Robert Gulliver, Aleksandrov reflection and nonlinear evolution equations, I: the n-sphere and n-ball

February 1998

1531 A. Litman, D. Lesselier, and F. Santosa, Reconstruction of a 2-D binary obstacle by controlled evolution of a level-set
1532 George Avalos, Exact controllability of a thermoelastic system with control in the thermal component only
1533 Susanne C. Brenner, The condition number of the Schur complement in domain decomposition
1534 Avner Friedman and Bei Hu, A Stefan problem for a protocell model
1535 Laurent O. Jay and Thierry Braconnier, A parallelizable preconditioner for the iterative solution of implicit Runge-Kutta type methods
1536 Kurt Lust and Dirk Roose, Computation and bifurcation analysis of periodic solutions of large-scale systems
1537 Brian T. Nguyen, On comparisons of time-domain scattering schemes
1538 Yi A. Li, Brian Nguyen, and Peter J. Olver, Solitary waves in the critical surface tension model
1539 Matthias K. Gobbert and Andreas Prohl, A discontinuous finite element method for solving a multi-well problem
1540 Andreas Prohl, A first order projection-based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows
1541 Andreas Prohl, A second order projection based time-splitting scheme for computing chemically reacting flows
1542 Andreas Prohl, An adaptive finite element method for solving a double well problem describing crystalline microstructure
1543 Stephen Schecter, Traveling-wave solutions of convection-diffusion systems by center manifold reduction
1544 Stefan Muller, Jeyabal Sivaloganathan, and Scott J. Spector, An isoperimetric estimate and W1, p-quasiconvexity in nonlinear elasticity
1545 Dwight Barkley and Laurette S. Tuckerman, Stability analysis of perturbed plane couette flow
1546 Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich, Analysis of a mathematical model for the growth of tumors
1547 Jordan M. Berg, On parameter estimation using level sets

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April 1998

1548 Tuncay Aktosun and Martin Klaus, Asymptotics of the scattering coefficients for a generalized Schrodinger equation
1549 Yi-Ju Chao, Mathematical approaches to predictive health monitoring for heart failure patients
1550 Yi-Ju Chao, Limit non-stationary behavior of large closed queuing networks with bottlenecks
1551 Shangbin Cui, Global behavior of solutions to a reaction-diffusion system
1552 Shangbin Cui, Existence and nonexistence of positive solutions for singular semilinear elliptic boundary value problems
1553 Shangbin Cui, Local and global existence of solutions to semilinear parabolic initial value problems
1554 Xiaobing Feng and Talal Rahman, A non-overlapping additive Schwarz method for the biharmonic equation
1555 Wayne Schmaedeke and Keith Kastella, Sensor Management using discrimination gain and interacting multiple model Kalman filters
1556 Keith Kastella and Aleksandar Zatezalo, A nonlinear filter for real-time joint tracking and recognition
1557 Tomás Roubí&cek and Martin Kruzik, Numerical treatment of microstructure evolution modeling
1558 Alexandra Milik and Peter Szmolyan, Multiple time scales and canards in a chemical oscillator
1559 Victor A. Pliss and George R. Sell, Robustness of exponential dichotomies in infinite dimensional dynamical systems
1560 George R. Sell and Yungcheng You, On the existence of global attractors
1561 David E. Norman, Chemically reacting fluid flows: weak solutions and global attractors
1562 David E. Norman, Chemically reacting fluid flows: strong solutions and global attractors
1563 T. Shardlow and A. M. Stuart, A perturbation theory for ergodic properties of Markov chains
1564 Laurette S. Tuckerman and Dwight Barkley, Bifurcation analysis for timesteppers
1565 Heiko von der Mosel, Minimizing the elastic energy of knots

June 1998

1566 Kaushik Bhattacharya, Bo Li, and Mitchell Luskin, Uniqueness and stability of the simply laminated microstructure for martensitic crystals that undergo a cubic to orthorhombic phase transformation
1567 George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka, Boundary controllability of thermoelastic plates with free boundary conditions
1568 Rolf-Martin Mantel and Dwight Barkley, Parametric forcing of scroll-wave patterns in three-dimensional excitable media
1569 Fernanda Botelho, Saturated linear recurrent neural networks with maximum capacity
1570 Fernanda Botelho, A characterization of hard-threshold boolean functions
1571 James R. Brannan, Jinqiao Duan, and Thomas Wanner, Dissipative quasigeostrophic dynamics under random forcing
1572 Jinqiao Duan, Passive tracer dispersion with random or periodic source
1573 Bernold Fiedler, Stefan Liebscher, and James C. Alexander, Generic Hopf bifurcation from lines of equilibria without parameters: I. Theory
1574 Bernold Fiedler and Stefan Liebscher, Generic Hopf bifurcation from lines of equilibria without parameters: II. Systems of viscous hyperbolic balance laws
1575 Marco A. Fontelos and Avner Friedman, Stationary non-Newtonian fluid flows in channel-like and pipe-like domains
1576 Matthias K. Gobbert and Andreas Prohl, A survey of classical and new finite element methods for the computation of crystalline microstructure
1577 Miaohua Jiang, The entropy formula for SRB-measures of lattice dynamical systems
1578 W.F. Langford and K. Zhan, Interactions of Andronov-Hopf and Bogdanov-Takens bifurcations
1579 Thomas F. Coleman, Fadil Santosa, and Arun Verma, Efficient calculation of Jacobian and adjoint vector products in wave propagational inverse problem using automatic differentiation
1580 Susanne C. Brenner, Lower bounds for two-level additive Schwarz preconditioners with small overlap

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August 1998

1581 Guoguang Lin, Hongjun Gao, Jinqiao Duan, and Vincent J. Ervin, Asymptotic dynamical difference between the nonlocal and local Swift-Hohenberg models
1582 Gabriela M. Gomes, Isabel S. Labouriau, and Eliana M. Pinho, Spatial hidden symmetries in pattern formation
1583 Miaohua Jiang, Dynamics and bifurcations of a 3D system modeling thermal instability
1584 Miaohua Jiang, Quasi-Monte Carlo studies of spatial averages of quadratic maps
1585 Bernold Fiedler, Stefan Liebscher, and James C. Alexander, Generic Hopf bifurcation from lines of equilibria without parameters: III. Binary oscillations
1586 J. Rubin and D. Terman, Geometric analysis of population rhythms in synaptically coupled neuronal networks
1587 Jurgen Socolowsky, The analysis of a coating flow with evaporation
1588 Shangbin Cui and Avner Friedman, Analysis of a mathematical model of the effect of inhibitors on the growth of tumors

October 1998

1589 Fernando Reitich and Fadil Santosa, Organizers, Mathematical modeling in industry - IMA Summer program for graduate students, July 22-31, 1998 (There are six papers in this preprint)
1589-1 Len Borucki, Cameron Connell, Hala Jadallah, Jianbo Li, Peter J. Park, Boris Petracovici, and David Zeigler, An analysis of the chemical-mechanical polishing process
1589-2 R.L. Auerbach, N. Kerbel, M. Megraw, R. Osburn, S. Shetty, and J. Hoffman, Problems in computer security
1589-3 John Alford, Nick Cogan, Charles Miller, Seth Patinkin, Bradford E. Peercy, and Noah A. Rosenberg, Boundary element analysis of intracardiac electrogram sensing
1589-4 David M. Ambrose, Connie Gerads Fournelle, Katharine Gurski, Danping Peng, Vivek Shekhar, Valsa Varghese, and David K. Misemer, Determining addition rates for the growth of uniform silver halide crystals
1589-5 Aleksei Beltukov, Jongho Choi, Leonard Hoffnung, Nilima Nigam, David Sterling, and Paul Tupper, Problems in ultra-high precision GPS position estimation
1589-6 Kashi Abhyankar, Tiernan Fogarty, Jennifer Leigh Kimber, Anhua Lin, Seung Seo, and Samer Takriti, Deterministic and stochastic models for the unit commitment problem
1590 T. Posbergh and M. Egorov, Robust stabilization of relative equilibria with application to a heavy top

December 1998

1591 Yi A. Li, Peter J. Olver and Philip Rosenau, Non-analytic solutions of nonlinear wave models
1592 T. Hillen and A. Stevens, Hyperbolic models for chemotaxis in 1-D
1593 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan, Coulomb-oscillator duality in spaces of constant curvature
1594 E.G. Kalnins, G.C. Williams, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan, Superintegrability in three dimensional Euclidean space
1595 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., Ye.M. Hakobyan, and G.S. Pogosyan, Superintegrability on the two dimensional hyperboloid II
1596 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Formation of finite multiplicative group for n-lateral multiple hypergeometeic functions

February 1999

1597 Shangbin Cui and Avner Friedman, Analysis of a mathematical model of the growth of necrotic tumors
1598 Tuncay Aktosun, Martin Klaus, and Cornelis van der Mee, Direct and inverse scattering for selfadjoint Hamiltonian systems on the line
1599 Hi Jun Choe and Bum Ja Jin, Global existence of solutions to slightly compressible Navier-Stokes equations in two dimension
1600 Hongjun Gao, James R. Brannan, and Jinqiao Duan, Nonlocal dynamics of passive tracer dispersion with random stopping
1601 Jinqiao Duan and Peter E. Kloeden, Dissipative quasigeostrophic motion under temporally almost periodic forcing
1602 M.S. Jolly, R. Rosa, and R. Temam, Accurate computations on inertial manifolds
1603 Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman, A free boundary problem arising in a model of wound healing
1604 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Multiplicative groups and subgroups for Lauriceella type multiple hypergeometric functions when parameters as well as the variables are increased
1605 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Genesis of groups and its ramification from n-lateral multiple hypergeometric function
1606 Tuncay Aktosun and Paul E. Sacks, Inversion of reflectivity data for nondecaying potentials
1607 Vladimír Sverák and Xiaodong Yan, A singular minimizer of a smooth strongly convex functional in three dimensions
1608 Yi-Ju Chao, Weak Convergence of a sequence of semimartingales to a process of diffusion type with discontinuous coefficients
1609 H.S. Dhami, Amalgamation of pattern primitives for the generation of standard form of language

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April 1999

1610 Shangbin Cui and Avner Friedman, Analysis of a mathematical model of protocell
1611 Steven Haker, Sigurd Angenent, Allen Tannenbaum, Ron Kikinis, Guillermo Sapiro, and Michael Halle, Conformal surface parameterization for texture mapping
1612 Zhilan Feng, Carlos Castillo-Chavez, and Wenzhang Huang, On the role of variable latent periods in mathematical models for TB
1613 Bingtuan Li, Exploitative competition in a chemostat for two complementary resources
1614 Dongho Chae and Jihoon Lee, Regularity criterion in terms of pressure for the Navier-Stokes equations
1615 Miaohua Jiang and Rafael De La LLave, Smooth dependence of thermodynamic limits of SRB-measures

June 1999

1616 George Avalos, Irena Lasiecka, and Richard Rebarber, Well-posedness of a structural acoustics control model with point observation of the pressure
1617 Elena Beretta, Arup Mukherjee, and Michael Vogelius, Asymptotic formuli for steady state voltage potentials in the presence of conductivity imperfections of small area
1618 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, A new generating function from the view point of change in the nature of random variable in hypergeometric distributions
1619 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Construction of generalized multiple hypergeometric function and contrivance of appell functions as its special cases
1620 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Expressions for the generating function of the hypergeometric distributions when the parameters are of different nature
1621 Tuncay Aktosun, Martin Klaus, and Cornelis van der Mee, On the direct and inverse scattering for the matrix Schrödinger equation on the line
1622 Donald A. French, Søren Jensen, and Thomas I. Seidman, Finite element approximation of solutions to a class of nonlinear hyperbolic-parabolic equations
1623 Donald A. French, Continuous Galerkin finite element methods for a forward-backward heat equation
1624 Carlos M. Hernández-Suárez and Carlos Castillo-Chavez, URN models and vaccine efficay estimation
1625 Carlos M. Hernández-Suárez and Carlos Castillo-Chavez, A basic result on the integral for birth-death Markov processes
1626 Juan P. Aparicio, Angel F. Capurro, and Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Social clustering and the transmission and dynamics of tuberculosis
1627 K.R. Heiderich, W. Huang, and C. Castillo-Chavez, Nonlocal response in a simple epidemiological model
1628 Zachariah Sinkala, Soliton/exciton transport in proteins
1629 Dongho Chae and Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov, The existence of non-topological multivortex solutions in the relativistic self-dual Chern-Simons theory
1630 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan, Contractions of Lie algebras: Applications to special functions and separation of variables
1631 Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Zhilan Feng, and Angel F. Capurro, A model for TB with exogenous reinfection

August 1999

1632 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Generation of basic, bilateral and basic bilateral series for B-function
1633 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Generation of linear algebraic spaces for multiple hypergeometric functions
1634 Tuncay Aktosun, On the Schrödinger equation with steplike potentials
1635 M.S. Jolly, R. Rosa, and R. Temam, Evaluating the dimension of an inertial manifold for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
1636 G.P. King, I. Mezic, G. Rowlands, M. Rudman, and A.N. Yannacopoulos, Can particle transport coefficients be extracted from symmetry measures ?
1637 H.S. Dhami and L.K. Verma, Justification of amalgamated pattern primitive variable for language description by the application of hypergeometric distribution
1638 H.S. Dhami and L.K. Verma, Development of algorithm for testing the influence of Indo-Aryan languages upon a language, which is in the process of standardisation
1639 M.A. Fontelos, Some results on the evolution of thin viscous jets
1640 M.A. Fontelos and A. Friedman, Analysis of the stick-slip problem for non-Newtonian flows
1641 Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich, Symmetry-breaking bifurcation of analytic solutions to free boundary problems: An application to a model of tumor growth

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October 1999

1642 Tuncay Aktosun, Darboux transformation for the schrödinger equation with steplike potentials
1643 Tuncay Aktosun and Paul E. Sacks, Phase recovery with nondecaying potentials
1644 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Generating function of hypergeometric functions from the view point of change in the nature of hypergeometric series
1645 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, n-lateral multiple hypergeometric functions
1646 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, A note on the paper of Andrews
1647 David C. Dobson, Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan, and Joseph E. Pasciak, An efficient method for band structure calculations in 3D photonic crystals
1648 Rolando Magnanini and Fadil Santosa, Wave propagation in a 2-D optical waveguide
1649 Alvaro Pardo and Guillermo Sapiro, Vector Probability diffusion
1650 Victor A. Pliss and George R. Sell, Perturbations of normally hyperbolic manifolds with applications to the Navier-Stokes equations
1651 Christopher Winfield, Further analysis of the Lippmann-Schwinger equation

December 1999

1652 Dominik Schötzau and Christoph Schwab, An HP a-priori error analysis of the DG time-stepping method for initial value problems
1653 N.V. Krylov, Mean value theorems for stochastic integrals
1654 Santiago Betelu, Guillermo Sapiro, Allen Tannenbaum, and Peter J. Giblin, Noise-resistant affine skeletons of planar curves
1655 Marcelo Bertalmio, Guillermo Sapiro, Vicent Caselles, and Coloma Ballester, Image inpainting
1656 Henri Schurz, Moment contractivity and stability exponents of nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems
1657 George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka, Exact-approximate boundary reachability of thermoelastic plates under variable thermal coupling
1658 Luis Jose Roman, A Runge-Kutta type scheme to solve   dXt=$\sigma$ (Xt)   o  dWt  under commutative noise
1659 Tuncay Aktosun, Factorization and small-energy asymptotics for the radial schrödinger equation
1660 B. Cockburn, G. Gripenberg, and S-O. Londen, Continuous dependence on the nonlinearity of viscosity solutions of parabolic equations
1661 Vadym Aizinger, Clint Dawson, Bernardo Cockburn, and Paul Castillo, The local discontinuous Galerkin method for contaminant transport
1662 Bernardo Cockburn, George E. Karniadakis, and Chi-Wang Shu, The development of discontinuous Galerkin methods
1663 Hongjun Gao, Jinqiao Duan, and Xinchu Fu, Almost periodic passive tracer dispersion
1664 Jinqiao Duan, Peter E. Kloeden, and Björn Schmalfuss, Exponential stability of the quasigeostrophic equation under random perturbations
1665 D. Schertzer, M. Larchevêque, J. Duan, V.V. Yanovsky, and S. Lovejoy, Fractional Fokker-Planck equation for nonlinear stochastic differential equations driven by non-Gaussian Levy stable noises
1666 D. Schertzer, M. Larchevêque, J. Duan, and S. Lovejoy, Generalized Stable Multivariate Distribution and Anisotropic Dilations
1667 Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan, Mortar estimates independent of number of subdomains
1668 Avner Friedman, Bei Hu, and Juan J.L. Velazquez, A Stefan problem for a protocell model with symmetry-breaking bifurcations of analytic solutions
1669 Henri Schurz, General principles for numerical approximation of stochastic processes on some stochastically weak Banach spaces
1670 Henri Schurz, A brief introduction to numerical analysis of (ordinary) stochastic differential equations without tears
1671 Henri Schurz, On Taylor series expansions and conditional expectations for (ordinary) Stratonovich stochastic differential equations with complete V-commutativity
1672 Avner Friedman and J.I. Tello, Head-media interaction in magnetic recording
1673 C. Foias, M.S. Jolly, and O. Manley, Limiting behavior for an iterated viscosity
1674 M.E. Johnson, M.S. Jolly, and I.G. Kevrekidis, The Oseberg transition: visualization of global bifurcations for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
1675 Vladimír Sverák and Xiaodong Yan, Non-Lipschitz minimizers of smooth strongly convex functionals

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February 2000

1676 Rolando Magnanini and Fadil Santosa, Scattering in a 2-D optical waveguide.
1677 Kevin R. Anderson, Implicit assumptions in the application of Gott's formula.
1678 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan, Completeness of mutiseparable superintegrability in E2, C
1679 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., G.F. Torres del Castillo, and G.C. Williams, Special functions and perturbations of black holes
1680 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan, The Coulomb-oscillator relation on the N-sphere
1681 Peter J. Olver Geometric foundations of numerical algorithms and symmetry,
1682 Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich, Nonlinear stability of a quasi-static Stefan problem with surface tension: a continuation approach
1683 R.W. Thatcher and J.W. Dold, Edges of flames that don't exist
1684 Marco A. Fontelos and Avner Friedman, The flow of a class of Oldroyd fluids around a re-entrant corner
1685 Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, New form of Chinese remainder theorem when the restrictions are of generalised form
1686 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan, Completeness of multiseparable superintegrability on the complex 2-sphere
1687 W. Miller, Jr., Multiseparability and superintegrability for classical and quantum systems
1688 E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan, Coulomb-oscillator duality in spaces of constant curvature
1689 Paul Castillo, Bernardo Cockburn, Dominik Schötzau, and Christoph Schwab, Optimal a priori error estimates for the version of the local discontinuous Galerkin method for convection diffusion problems
1690 J. Bruining and C.J. van Duijn, Uniqueness conditions in a hyperbolic model for oil recovery by steamdrive
1691 Do Hyun Chung and Guillermo Sapiro, On the level-lines and geometry of vector-valued images
1692 Radu Balan and Gabriel Taubin, 3D mesh geometry filtering algorithms for progressive transmission schemes

April 2000

1693 Jordan M. Berg and Nan Zhou, Shape-based optimal estimation and design of curve evolution processes with application to plasma etching
1694 Paul Castillo, Bernardo Cockburn, Ilaria Perugia and Dominik Schötzau, An a priori error analysis of the local discontinuous Galerkin method for elliptic problems
1695 Bernardo Cockburn, Guido Kanschat, Ilaria Perugia and Dominik Schötzau, Superconvergence of the local discontinuous Galerkin method for elliptic problems on Cartesian grids
1696 James Hughes and Allen Tannenbaum, Length-based attacks for certain group based encryption rewriting systems
1697 Peter J. Olver, Geometric foundations of numerical algorithms and symmetry
1698 Hal L. Smith and Xiao-Qiang Zhao, Competitive exclusion in a discrete-time, size-structured chemostat model
1699 J. Armendáriz and M. Matalon, Evaporation and combustion of thin films of liquid fuels
1700 Irina Mitrea, On the spectra of elastostatic and hydrostatic layer potentials on curvilinear
1701 N.V. Krylov and A. Zatezalo, A direct approach to deriving filtering equations for diffusion processes
1702 N.V. Krylov and A. Zatezalo, Filtering of finite-state time-nonhomogeneous Markov processes, a direct approach
1703 Bingtuan Li and Hal Smith, How many species can two essential resources support ?
1704 Svetlana Rudnaya and Fadil Santosa, Application of a micro-genetic algorithm in optimal design of a diffractive optical element
1705 F. Santosa and M. Vogelius, An efficient approach to calculate current distributions for electro-deposition of chip interconnections
1706 C. Ballester, M. Bertalmio, V. Caselles, G. Sapiro, and J. Verdera, Filling-in by joint interpolation of vector fields and gray levels
1707 Andres Fco. Solé, Antonio López, and Guillermo Sapiro, Crease enhancement diffusion

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June 2000

1708 Henning Struchtrup and John Dold, Surface tension in a reactive binary mixture of incompressible fluids
1709 Henning Struchtrup, Positivity of entropy production and phase density in approximate solutions of the Boltzmann equation
1710 Marcelo Bertalmío, Li-Tien Cheng, Stanley Osher, and Guillermo Sapiro, Variational problems and partial differential equations on implicit surfaces: The framework and examples in image processing and pattern formation
1711 Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan and Joseph E. Pasciak, Overlapping Schwarz preconditioners for indefinite time harmonic Maxwell equations
1712 Cheng-Shang Chang, David D. Yao, and Tim Zajic, Large deviations for processes with long-range dependence, with queueing applications
1713 A.A. Shah, R.W. Thatcher, and J.W. Dold, Stability of a spherical flame ball in a porous medium
1714 Andres Fco. Solé, Shing-Chung Ngan, Guillermo Sapiro, Xiaoping Hu, and Antonio López, Anisotropic 2D and 3D averaging of fMRI signals
1715 Alberto Bartesaghi, Guillermo Sapiro, and Gregory Randall, A system for the generation of curves on 3D brain images

August 2000

1716 Tuncay Aktosun, Martin Klaus, and Cornelis van der Mee, Small-energy asymptotics of the scattering matrix for the matrix Schrödinger equation on the line
1717 Tuncay Aktosun and Paul E. Sacks, Potential splitting and numerical solution of the inverse scattering problem on the line
1718 H. Struchtrup, M. Luskin, and M.R. Zachariah, A model for kinetically controlled internal phase segregation during aerosol coagulation
1719  Nilima Nigam, A variational method for acoustic scattering from a thin penetrable shell
1720  Shantanu D. Rane and Guillermo Sapiro, Evaluation of JPEG-LS, the new lossless and near-lossless still image compression standard, for compression of high-resolution elevation data
1721  D. Lewis and N. Nigam, A geometric integration algorithm with applications to micromagnetics

October 2000

1722  Tuncay Aktosun and Martin Klaus, Small-energy asymptotics for the Schrödinger equation on the line
1723  Yalchin Efendiev, Numerical modeling of formation invasion
1724  Yalchin Efendiev, Exact upscaling of transport in porous media and its applications
1725  Ilaria Perugia and Dominik Schötzau, The coupling of local discontinuous Galerkin and conforming finite element methods
1726  Hongjun Gao and Jinqiao Duan, Averaging Principle for Quasi-Geostrophic Motions under Rapidly Oscillating Forcing
1727  J.I. Díaz and J.I. Tello, On a mathematical model for the growth of necrotic tumors in presence of inhibitors
1728  Bernardo Cockburn, Guido Kanschat, Dominik Schötzau, and Christoph Schwab, Local discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Stokes system
1729  Jinqiao Duan and Björn Schmalfuß, The 3D quasigeostrophic equation under random perturbation
1730  Henri Schurz, On moment-dissipative stochastic dynamical systems

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December 2000

1731  Bernardo Cockburn and Chi-Wang Shu, Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin methods for convection-dominated problems
1732  J.W. Dold, R.W. Thatcher, and A.A. Shah, Reaction-sheet jump conditions in premixed flames
1733  K.R. Schneider and H. Schurz, Waveform relaxation methods for stochastic differential equations
1734  Xin-Chu Fu, Weiping Lu, Peter Ashwin, and Jinqiao Duan, Symbolic Representations of Iterated Maps
1735  J. Gopalakrishnan and G. Kanschat, A multilevel discontinuous Galerkin method
1736  J.I. Díaz and J.I. Tello, On the controllability in a mathematical model of growth of tumors
1737  István Gyöngy and Nicolai Krylov, On splitting up method and stochastic partial differential equations
1738  F. Andreu, V. Caselles, J.I. Diaz, and J.M. Mazón, Some qualitative properties for the total variational flow
1739  E.G. Kalnins, J.M. Kress, G. Pogosyan, and W. Miller, Jr., Completeness of superintegrability in two dimensional constant curvature spaces
1740  Irina A. Kogan and Peter J. Olver, Invariant Euler-Lagrange equations and the invariant variational bicomplex
1741  Henri Schurz, Moment attractivity, stability and contractivity exponents of stochastic dynamical systems

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February 2001

1742  S. Huang, Y. Yang, and K. Anderson, A theory of finitely durable goods monopoly with used-goods market and transaction costs
1743  Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen, Non-texture inpainting by curvature-driven diffusions (CDD)
1744  Bin Han, Symmetric real-valued orthonormal scaling functions with compact support in L2(Rs)
1745  John Oliensis and Yacup Genc, Fast and accurate algorithms for projective multi-image structure from motion
1746  John Oliensis and Yacup Genc, Three algorithms for 2-image and 2-image structure from motion
1747  Douglas N. Arnold, Franco Brezzi, Bernardo Cockburn, and L. Donatella Marini, Unified analysis of discontinuous Galerkin methods for elliptic problems
1748  Gabriele Gorla, Victoria Interrante, and Guillermo Sapiro, Growing fitted textures
1749  Tuncay Aktosun and Ricardo Weder, Inverse scattering with partial information on the potential
1750  Robert Gulliver and Walter Littman, Chord uniqueness and controllability: The view from the boundary, I
1751  Luca Rondi, Uniqueness for the determination of sound-soft defects in an inhomogeneous planar medium by acoustic boundary measurements
1752  Rachel Kuske and Fernando Reitich, Organizers, Mathematical modeling in industry - IMA Summer program for graduate students, July 19--28, 2000 (There are six papers in this preprint)
1752-1  Danny Dunlavy, Sookhyung Joo, Runchang Lin, Roummel Marcia, Aurelia Minut, and Jianzhong Sun (Robert Melville, mentor), Numerical Steady-State Solutions of Non-Linear DAE's Arising in RF Communication Circuit Design
1752-2  Suzanne Lynch Hruska, Maria Kiskowski, Jennifer Lefeaux, Kevin McCleary, Dany Ngouyassa, Bryan Smith (Joan Bachenko, mentor), Optimizing Language Models for Speech Recognition
1752-3  Thomas Grandine, Bogdan Craciun, Noel Heitmann, Brian Ingalls, Quoc Thong Le Gia, Miao-jung Ou, and Yen-hsi Richard Tsai (Thomas Grandine, mentor), The Bivariate Contouring Problem
1752-4  Jicun Hu, Chris Ingrassia, Svenja Lowitzsch, Jang Park, Angel Pineda, Daniel Reynolds, and Nicholas Valdivia (S.K. Patch, mentor), Second Order Solution of Fritz John's Ultrahyperbolic PDE for Volumetric Computed Tomography
1752-5  Ariel Cintron-Arias, Norman Curet, Lisa Denogean, Robert Ellis, Corey Gonzalez, Shobha Oruganti, and Patrick Quillen (Norm Curet, mentor), A network diversion vulnerability problem
1752-6  Y. Chung, Z. Lavicza, H. Lim, D. Malonza, M. Song, and N. Tarfulea (David Ross, mentor), The Design of a Microactuator

April 2001

1753  Alvaro Pardo and Guillermo Sapiro, Visualization of high dynamic range images
1754  Facundo Mémoli and Guillermo Sapiro, Fast computation of weighted distance functions and geodesics on implicit hyper-surfaces
1755  Bin Han, Symmetry Property and Construction of Wavelets With a General Dilation Matrix
1756  Bin Han, Projectable Multivariate Wavelets
1757  Tony F. Chan, Sung-Ha Kang, and Jianhong Shen, Euler's elastica and curvature based inpaintings
1758  Dongho Chae and Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov, Non-topological multivortex solutions to the self-dual Maxwell-Chern-Simons-Higgs systems
1759  Jinqiao Duan and Beniamin Goldys, Ergodicity of Stochastically Forced Large Scale Geophysical Flows
1760  Igor Chueshov, Jinqiao Duan, and Björn Schmalfuss, Probabilistic Dynamics of Two-Layer Geophysical Flows
1761  Gerhard O. Michler, Report on the retrodigitization project ``archiv der mathematik"
1762  Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami, Procreation of inner product space for generalized B-function
1763  S.I. Betelu and M.A. Fontelos, Capillarity driven spreading of power-law fluids
1764  Paul Castillo, Performance of discontinuous Galerkin methods for elliptic PDE's
1765  H.S. Dhami, Words standarization by non-parametric statistical methods
1766  Shantanu D. Rane, Guillermo Sapiro, and Marcelo Bertalmio, Structure and texture filling-in of missing image blocks in wireless transmission and compression applications
1767  Avner Friedman and J. Ignacio Tello, Stability of solutions of chemotaxis equations in reinforced random walks
1768  S. Betelu, A. Tannenbaum, and G. Sapiro, A method for denoising textured surfaces
1769   Michael Galbraith, A geometric-optics proof of a theorem on boundary control given a convex function
1770  Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen, Morphologically invariant PDE inpaintings

June 2001

1771  N.V. Krylov, A simple proof of a result of A. Novikov
1772  M. Bertalmio, A.L. Bertozzi, and G. Sapiro, Navier-Stokes, Fluid Dynamics, and Image and Video Inpainting
1773  Igor Chueshov, Jinqiao Duan, and Björn Schmalfuß, Navier-Stokes, Fluid Dynamics, and Image and Video Inpainting
1774  Ilaria Perugia and Dominik Schötzau, The hp-local discontinuous Galerkin method for low-frequency time-harmonic Maxwell's equations
1775  George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka, Exact controllability of structural acoustic interactions
1776  Nira Dyn and Elza Farkhi, Spline subdivision schemes for compact sets with metric averages
1777  Vittorio Cristini, John Lowengrub, and Qing Nie, Nonnecrotic tumor growth and the effect of vascularization. I. Linear analysis and self-similar evolution
1778  V. Cristini and J. Lowengrub, Three-dimensional crystal growth. I. Linear analysis and self-similar evolution
1779  V. Cristini, M. Simeone, S. Guido, R. Hooper, and C.W. Macosko, Lamellar microstructure of emulsions
1780  Russell Hooper, Vittorio Cristini, Sundeep Shakya, John S. Lowengrub, Jeffrey J. Derby, and Christopher W. Macosko, Modeling multiphase flows using a novel 3D adaptive remeshing algorithm
1781  Vittorio Cristini, Jerzy Blawzdziewicz, and Michael Loewenberg, An adaptive mesh algorithm for evolving surfaces: Simulations of drop breakup and coalescence
1782  Jerzy Blawzdziewicz, Vittorio Cristini, and Michael Loewenberg, Critical behavior of drops in linear flows: I. Phenomenological theory for drop dynamics near critical stationary states
1783  Yuriko Y. Renardy and Vittorio Cristini, Effect of inertia on drop breakup under shear
1784  Yuriko Y. Renardy and Vittorio Cristini, Scalings for fragments produced from drop breakup in shear flow with inertia
1785  Y. Renardy, V. Cristini, and J. Li, Drop fragment distributions under shear with inertia
1786  Yuriko Y. Renardy and Michael Renardy, A new volume-of-fluid formulation for surfactants and simulations of drop deformation under shear at a low viscosity ratio
1787  Hyeong-Gi Lee, J.S. Lowengrub, and J. Goodman, Modelling pinchoff and reconnection in a Hele-Shaw cell. Part I: The models and their calibration
1788  Hyeong-Gi Lee, J.S. Lowengrub, and J. Goodman, Modelling pinchoff and reconnection in a Hele-Shaw cell. Part II: Analysis and simulation in the nonlinear regime
1789  P.H. Leo, J.S. Lowengrub, and Qing Nie, On an elastically induced splitting instability
1790  Ramachandra V. Devireddy, Perry H. Leo, John S. Lowengrub, and John C. Bischof, Measurement and numerical analysis of freezing in solutions enclosed in a small container
1791  T.Y. Hou, J.S. Lowengrub, and M.J. Shelley, Boundary integral methods for multicomponent fluids and multiphase materials
1792  S.B. Angenent, D.G. Aronson, S.I. Betelu, and J.S. Lowengrub, Focusing of an elongated hole in porous medium flow
1793  Ilaria Perugia and Dominik Schoetzauz, An hp-analysis of the local discontinuous Galerkin method for diffusion problems
1794  Debra Lewis and Nilima Nigam, Recent progress in the use of geometric integration methods in micromagnetics and rigid body dynamics

July 2001

1795  Bin Han, Computing the smoothness exponent of a symmetric multivariate refinable function
1796  Bin Han, The initial functions in a subdivision scheme
1797  Jianliang Qian and William W. Symes, An adaptive finite-difference method for traveltimes and amplitudes
1798  Xiaobing Feng and Andreas Prohl, Numerical analysis of the Cahn-Hilliard equation and approximation for the Hele-Shaw problem, Part I: Error analysis under minimum regularities
1799  Xiaobing Feng and Andreas Prohl, Numerical analysis of the Cahn-Hilliard equation and approximation for the Hele-Shaw problem, Part II: Error analysis and convergence of the interface
1800  Tuncay Aktosun and James H. Rose, Wave focusing on the line
1801  Peter J. Olver, Jan A. Sanders, and Jing Ping Wang, Ghost symmetries
1802  T. Craig Poling and Aleksandar Zatezalo, Interferometric GPS ambiguity resolution
1803  Sungwhan Kim, Ohin Kwon, Jin Keun Seo, and Jeong-Rock Yoon, On a nonlinear partial differential equation arising in Magnetic Resonance Electrical Impedance Tomography
1804  Jianliang Qian and William W. Symes, Finite-difference quasi-P traveltimes for anisotropic media
1805  KyungKeun Kang and Seick Kim, On the Hölder continuity of solutions of a certain system related to Maxwell's equations
1806  Shantanu D. Rane, Jeremiah Remus, and Guillermo Sapiro, Wavelet-Domain Reconstruction of Lost Blocks in Wireless Image Transmission and Packet-Switched Networks
1807  Dirk Blömker, Jinqiao Duan, and Thomas Wanner, Enstrophy dynamics of stochastically forced large-scale geophysical flows
1808  Hongjun Gao and Jinqiao Duan, Dynamics of the thermohaline circulation under wind forcing
1809  Takashi Takiguchi, A generalization of Helgason's support theorem
1810  Biao Ou, Examinations on a Three-Dimensional Differentiable Vector Field That Equals its Own Curl
1811  I. Perugia, D. Schötzau, and P. Monk, Stabilized interior penalty methods for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations
1812  Selim Esedoglu and Jianhong Shen, Digital inpainting based on the Mumford-Shah-Euler image model
1813  Robert P. Gilbert and Miao-jung Ou, A uniqueness theorem of the 3-dimensional acoustic scattering problem in a shallow ocean with a fluid-like seabed
1814  Debra Lewis and Peter J. Olver, Geometric integration algorithms on homogeneous manifolds
1815  Michael Efroimsky, Euler, Jacobi, and missions to comets and asteroid
1816  Hongjun Gao and Jinqiao Duan, Dynamics of quasi-geostrophic fluid motions with rapidly oscillating Coriolis force
1817  Xiaobing Feng and Andreas Prohl, Analysis of a fully discrete finite element method for the phase field model and approximation of its sharp interface limits
1818  Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami, Matrix generalizations of multiple hypergeometric functions
1819  Kyungkeun Kang, On regularity of stationary Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations near boundary
1820  Hongjun Gao and Jinqiao Duan, Dynamics of a coupled atmosphere-ocean model
1821  Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami, On some multiple hypergeometric functions of several matrix arguments
1822  Jinqiao Duan, Kening Lu, and Björn Schmalfuss, Invariant manifolds for stochastic partial differential equations
1823  Selim Esedoglu, Stability properties of Perona-Malik scheme

January 2002

1824  Control of the wave equation by time-dependent coefficient, Antonin Chambolle and Fadil Santosa
1825  From 2-D to 3-D: Algorithms to recreate a real-world scene from flat photographs, Jessica Conway
1826  Regularity of axially symmetric flows in a half-space in three dimension, Kyungkeun Kang
1827  Solving variational problems and partial differential equations mapping into general target manifolds, Facundo Mémoli, Guillermo Sapiro, and Stanley Osher

February 2002

1828  Mechanical alignment of suprathermal paramagnetic cosmic-dust granules: the cross-section mechanism, Michael Efroimsky
1829  A good image model eases restoration - on the contribution of Rudin-Osher-Fatmi's BV image model, Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen
1830  Stochastic dynamics of a coupled atmosphere-ocean model, Jinqiao Duan, Hongjung Gao, and Björn Schmalfuß
1831  Multiscale resolution in the computation of crystalline microstructure, Sören Bartels and Andreas Prohl
1832  On Kampé De Fériet and Lauricella functions of matrix arguments - I, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1833  Frequency response of uncertain systems: strong Kharitonov-like results, Long Wang
1834  On the number of positive solutions to a class of integral equations, Long Wang, Wensheng Yu, and Lin Zhang
1835  Performance evaluation of switched discrete event systems, Long Wang
1836  On Lauricella and related functions of matrix arguments-II, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1837  Unbounded normal derivative for the Stokes system near boundary, Kyungkeun Kang
1838  Hamiltonian methods for geophysical fluid dynamics: an introduction, Peter Lynch
1839  Stability of polytopic polynomial matrices, Long Wang, Zhizhen Wang, and Wensheng Yu
1840  A recipe for construction of the critical vertices for left-sector stability of interval polynomial, Long Wang
1841  Geometric characterization of strictly positive real regions and its applications, Long Wang and Wensheng Yu
1842  Robust performance of a class of control systems, Long Wang
1843  Robust SPR synthesis for low-order polynomial segments and interval polynomials, Long Wang and Wensheng Yu
1844  Equations for the Keplerian elements: Hidden symmetry as an unexpected source of numerical error, Michael Efroimsky
1845  On superintegrable symmetry-breaking potentials in N-dimensional Euclidean space, E.G. Kalnins, G.C. Williams, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan
1846  Complete sets of invariants for dynamical systems that admit a separation of variables, E.G. Kalnins, J.M. Kress, G. Pogosyan, and W. Miller, Jr.

March 2002

1847  Micro- and macro-scopic models of rock fracture, Donald L. Turcotte, William I. Newman, and Robert Shcherbakov
1848  Appel's and Humbert's functions of matrix arguments - I, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1849  Error of the network approximation for densely packed composites with irregular geometry, Leonid Berlyand and Alexei Novikov

April 2002

1850  On boundary regularity of the Navier-Stokes equations, Kyungkeun Kang
1851  Weber's law and weberized TV restoration, Jianhong Shen
1852  The Navier-Stokes equations and backward uniqueness, G. Seregin and V. Sverák
1853  Appel's and Humbert's Functions of Matrix Arguments - II, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami

May 2002

1854  A transmission problem for fluid-structure interaction in the exterior of a thin domain, G.C. Hsiao and N. Nigam
1855  On some quantum and analytical properties of fractional Fourier transforms, Jianhong Shen
1856  Humbert's functions of matrix arguments-I, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1857  Anisotropic inverse conductivity and scattering problems, Kiwoon Kwon and Dongwoo Sheen

June 2002

1858  On the significance of the Titius-Bode Law for the distribution of the planets, Peter Lynch
1859  Constructing stationary Gaussian processes from deterministic processes with random initial conditions, P.F. Tupper
1860  Is image steganography natural? Guillermo Sapiro
1861  Morse description and geometric encoding of digital elevation maps, Andrés Solé, Vicent Caselles, Guillermo Sapiro, and Francisco Arándiga
1862  On the regularity of solutions to a parabolic system related to Maxwell's equations, Kyungkeun Kang, Seick Kim, and Aurelia Minut

July 2002

1863  Optimal blowup rates for the minimal energy null control for the structurally damped abstract wave equation, George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka
1864  Analysis of total variation flow and its finite element approximations, Xiaobing Feng and Andreas Prohl
1865  Humbert's Functions of Matrix Arguments-II, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1866  Mathematical modeling in industry - IMA Summer program for graduate students, May 26-June 3, 2002 (There are six papers in this preprint), Rachel Kuske, Fernando Reitich, and Fadil Santosa, Organizers
1866-1  Modeling planarization in chemical-mechanical polishing, Dilek Alagoz, Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Satyanarayana Kakollu, Maria Reznikoff, Richard Schugart, and Michael Sostarecz (Leonard Borucki, mentor)
1866-2  Vehicle networks: achieving regular formation, Madalena Chaves, Robert Day, Lucia Gomez Ramos, Parthasarathi Nag, Anca Williams, and Wei Zhang (Sonja Glavaski, mentor)
1866-3  Designing airplane struts using minimal surfaces, Dilek Alagoz, Stephanie Hoogendoorn, Satyanarayana Kakollu, Sara Del Valle, Todd Moeller, Siva Kumar Natarajan, Gergina V. Pencheva, Jason C. Sherman, and Steven M. Wise (Thomas Grandine, mentor)
1866-4  Mobility management in cellular telephony, Benjamin P. Cooke, Darongsae Kwon, Dmitry Glotov, Simon Schurr, Daniel Taylor, and Todd Wittman (David F. Shallcross, mentor)
1866-5  Optimal design for a varying environment, Serguei Lapin, Xuan Hien Nguyen, Jiyeon Oh, Daniel Vasiliu, Pei Yin, and Ningyi Zhang (David Misemer, mentor)
1866-6  Modeling the economics of differentiated durable-goods markets, Miyuki Breen, George Chikhladze, Jose Figueroa-Lopez, Yaniv Gershon, Yanto Muliadi, and Ivy Prendergast (Suzhou Huang, mentor)
1867  The motion of a tracer particle in a one-dimensional system: Analysis and simulation, P.F. Tupper
1868  Variational image inpainting, Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen
1869  Simultaneous structure and texture image inpainting, Marcelo Bertalmio, Luminita Vese, Guillermo Sapiro, and Stanley Osher

August 2002

1870  Variational PDE models in image processing, Tony F. Chan, Jianhong Shen, and Luminita Vese
1871  Harnack inequality for nondivergent elliptic operators on Riemannian manifolds, Seick Kim
1872  A note on boundary blow-up problem of   u=u p , Seick Kim
1873  On the range of applicability of the Reissner-Mindlin and Kirchhoff-Love plate bending models, Douglas N. Arnold, Alexandre L. Madureira, and Sheng Zhang
1874  Nonconforming mixed elements for elasticity, Douglas N. Arnold and Ragnar Winther
1875  Differential complexes and numerical stability, Douglas N. Arnold
1876  Generalized Horn's functions of matrix arguments, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1877  Complex rotation with internal dissipation. Applications to cosmic-dust alignment and to wobbling comets and asteroids, Michael Efroimsky, Alex Lazarian, and Vladislav Sidorenko
1878  Backward uniqueness for the heat operator in half space, L. Escauriaza, G. Seregin, and V. Sverák

September 2002

1879  Invariant manifolds in a dynamical model for gene transcription, Martin Caberlin, Michael Mackey, and Nilima Nigam
1880  Special canonical models for multidimensional data analysis with applications and implications, Vithanage Pemajayantha
1881  An equality for the curvature function of a simple, closed curve on the plane, Biao Ou
1882  On Exton's generalized quadruple hypergeometric functions and Chandel's function of matrix arguments, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1883  Competition model for two exotic species and one native species, Daniel L. Kern
1884  Conservative multigrid methods for Cahn-Hilliard fluids, Junseok Kim, Kyungkeun Kang, and John Lowengrub

October 2002

1885  Morse and drainage description and encoding of image, Vicent Caselles, Guillermo Sapiro, and Andres Solé
1886  Acoustic wave propagation in a composite of two different poroelastic materials with a very rough periodic interface: a homogenization approach, Robert P. Gilbert and Miao-jung Ou
1887  On some generalized multiple hypergeometric functions of matrix arguments, Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
1888  General solution to the robust strictly positive real synthesis problem for polynomial segments, Wensheng Yu and Long Wang
1889  Improved results on robust stability of multivariable interval control systems, Zhizhen Wang, Long Wang, and Wensheng Yu
1890  H Infinity performance of interval systems, Long Wang
1891  Robust strictly positive real synthesis for convex combination of sixth-order polynomials, Wensheng Yu and Long Wang
1892  Robust D-stability of uncertain MIMO systems: LMI criteria, Long Wang, Zhizhen Wang, Baoyu Wu, and Wensheng Yu
1893  Robust strictly positive real synthesis for polynomial families of arbitrary order, Wensheng Yu and Long Wang
1894  Edge theorem for multivariable systems, Long Wang, Zhizhen Wang, Lin Zhang, and Wensheng Yu

November 2002

1895  Non-Photorealistic rendering from stereo, A. Bartesaghi and G. Sapiro
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December 2002

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January 2003

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February 2003

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March 2003

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April 2003

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May 2003

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June 2003

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July 2003

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August 2003

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September 2003

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October 2003

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November 2003

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December 2003

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January 2004

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February 2004

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March 2004

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April 2004

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May 2004

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June 2004

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July 2004

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August 2004

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September 2004

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October 2004

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November 2004

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December 2004

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January 2005

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February 2005

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2029  V. Caselles, G. Haro, G. Sapiro, and J. Verdera, On geometric variational models for inpainting surface holes

March 2005

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2031  Enrico Capobianco, Non-linear functional approximation of heterogeneous dynamics
2032  Tuncay Aktosun, Inverse scattering to determine the shape of a vocal tract
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2034  Emmanuel Yomba and Timoléon Crépin Kofané, Explicit exact solutions for the generalized non-conservative ultrashort pulse propagation system

April 2005

2035  Qian-Yong Chen, Partitions for spectral (finite) volume reconstruction in the tetrahedron
2036  H.S. Dhami, A.K. Singh, G.S. Negi, and Bhupendra Singh, Remodelling of general state vector linear model for sustainable ecodevelopment applicable to a sample valley village of Himalayan region
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2041  Emmanuel Yomba, The new solitary wave solution for nonlinear wave, CKGZ, GDS, DS and GZ equations

May 2005

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2043  Robert Lipton and Michael Stuebner, Optimization of composite structures subject to local stress constraints
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2045  Antonio DiCarlo, Surface and bulk growth unified
2046  Jürgen Geiser, Olaf Klein, and Peter Philip, Numerical simulation of heat transfer in materials with anisotropic thermal conductivity: A finite volume scheme to handle complex geometries
2047  Miao-jung Ou, Isovector fields and similarity solutions for 1-D linear poroelasticity
2048  Jürgen Geiser, Olaf Klein, and Peter Philip, Influence of anisotropic thermal conductivity in the apparatus insulation for sublimation growth of SiC: Numerical investigation of heat transfer
2049  Anish Mohan and Guillermo Sapiro, Constrained regularization of digital terrain elevation data
2050  Emmanuel Yomba and Yan-ze Peng, Fission, fusion and annihilation in the interaction of localized structures for the (2+1)-dimensional generalized Broer-Kaup system

June 2005

2051  Antonio DiCarlo, Salah Naili, and Sara Quiligotti, On the remodelling of anisotropic bone tissue
2052  Mona Mahmoudi and Guillermo Sapiro, Fast image and video denoising via non-local means of similar neighborhoods
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2055  Emmanuel Yomba and Yan-ze Peng, Fission and fusion in the new localized structures to the integrable (2+1)-dimensional higher order Broer-Kaup system

July 2005

2056  Gerard Awanou, Multiscale asymptotics of partial hedging
2057  Jianhong (Jackie) Shen, Piecewise H-1 + H0 + H1 images and the Mumford-Shah-Sobolev model for segmented image decomposition

August 2005

2058  Michael Hofer, Guillermo Sapiro, and Johannes Wallner, Fair polyline networks for constrained smoothing of digital terrain elevation data
2059  Ilya D. Mishev and Qian-Yong Chen, A mixed finite volume method for elliptic problems
2060  Gustavo Brown, Guillermo Sapiro, and Gadiel Seroussi, Texture mixing via universal simulation
2061  Emmanuel Yomba, Note on: Exact solitary waves of the Fisher equation

September 2005

2062  Jianhong (Jackie) Shen, A stochastic-variational model for soft Mumford-Shah segmentation
2063  (Withdrawn)

October 2005

2064  Jeongoo Cheh, Peter J. Olver, and Juha Pohjanpelto, Algorithms for differential invariants of symmetry groups of differential equations
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2075  Douglas N. Arnold, Richard S. Falk, and Ragnar Winther, Mixed finite element methods for linear elasticity with weakly imposed symmetry

November 2005

2076  Chang-Ock Lee, Kiwan Jeon, Youngsoo Ha and Jooyoung Hahn, A variational approach to blending based on warping for non-overlapped images
2077  George Avalos, Asymptotic stability of a fluid-structure semigroup
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2079  Jürgen Geiser, Olaf Klein, and Peter Philip, Transient numerical study of temperature gradients during sublimation growth of SiC: Dependence on apparatus design
2080  Kedar A. Patwardhan, Guillermo Sapiro, and Vassilios Morellas, Pixel layering and layer propagation for video modelling and foreground detection
2081  Winston Chih-Wei Ou, A sharp natural characterization of A1

December 2005

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2083  Robert Burridge and Jianliang Qian, The fundamental solution of the time-dependent system of crystal optics
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2086  Anna Mazzucato and Victor Nistor, Mapping properties of heat kernels, maximal regularity, and semi-linear parabolic equations on noncompact manifolds

January 2006

2087  Bernd Ammann and Victor Nistor, Weighted Sobolev spaces and regularity for polyhedral domains
2088  Andrés Almansa, Vicent Caselles, Gloria Haro, and Bernard Rougé, Restoration and zoom of irregularly sampled, blurred and noisy images by accurate total variation minimization with local constraints
2089  Vicent Caselles, Gloria Haro, Guillermo Sapiro, and Joan Verdera, On geometric variational models for inpainting surface holes
2090  Juan Cardelino, Gregory Randall, Marcelo Bertalmío, and Vicent Caselles, Region based segmentation using the tree of shapes
2091  Mona Mahmoudi and Guillermo Sapiro, Constrained localization in static and dynamic sensor networks
2092  Facundo Mémoli, Guillermo Sapiro, and Paul Thompson, Brain and surface warping via minimizing Lipschitz extensions

February 2006

2093  S.B. Damelin, A discrepancy theorem for harmonic functions on the $d$ dimensional sphere with applications to scatterings of point clouds
2094  Douglas N. Arnold, Richard S. Falk, and Ragnar Winther, Finite element exterior calculus, homological techniques, and applications
2095  Michael Hintermüller, Mesh-independence and fast local convergence of a primal-dual active-set method for mixed control-state constrained elliptic control problems
2096  Ivo Babuska, Victor Nistor, and Nicolae Tarfulea, Approximate Dirichlet boundary conditions in the generalized finite element method
2097  Hyenkyun Woo, Sungwhan Kim, Jin Keun Seo, William Lionheart, and Eung Je Woo, A direct tracking method for a grounded conductor inside a pipeline from capacitance measurements
2098  Suk-Ho Lee and Jin Keun Seo, Level set based bimodal segmentation with stationary global minimum
2099  Jeehyun Lee, Jin Keun Seo, and Eung Je Woo, Mathematical framework for current density imaging due to discharge of electro-muscular disruption devices
2100  Martin Welk, Gabriele Steidl, and Joachim Weickert, Locally analytic schemes: A link between diffusion filtering and wavelet shrinkage

March 2006

2101  Jianhong (Jackie) Shen, Least-square halftoning via human vision system and Markov gradient descent (LS-MGD): Algorithm and analysis
2102  Qiang Du and Xiaoqiang Wang, Convergence of numerical approximations to a phase field bending elasticity model of membrane deformations
2103  Diego Rother, Guillermo Sapiro, and Vijay Pande, Statistical characterization of protein ensembles
2104  Fay Huang, Shou Kang Wei, and Reinhard Klette, Rotating line cameras: Model and calibration
2105  Fay Huang, Shou Kang Wei, and Reinhard Klette, Rotating line cameras: Epipolar geometry and spatial sampling
2106  James H. Money and Sung Ha Kang, Total variation semi-blind deconvolution using shock filters
2107  Partha Guha, and Peter J. Olver, Geodesic flow and two (super) component analog of the Camassa-Holm equation
2108  M. Carme Calderer and Alexander Panchenko, Young measures and order-disorder transition in stationary flow of liquid crystals
2109  Jinhae Park and M. Carme Calderer, Analysis of nonlocal electrostatic effects in chiral smectic C liquid crystals
2110  Shou Kang Wei, Fay Huang, and Reinhard Klette, Rotating line cameras: Image quality control and camera design

April 2006

2111  Matthias Kurzke and Daniel Spirn, Gamma limit of the non self-dual Chern-Simons-Higgs energy
2112  Reinhard Klette and Jovisa Zunic, On discrete moments of unbounded order
2113  Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette, Calculation of the number of tunnels
2114  Constantin Bacuta, Victor Nistor, and Ludmil T. Zikatanov, Improving the rate of convergence of `high order finite elements' on polyhedra II: Mesh refinements and interpolation
2115  Chiu-Yen Kao, Michael Hofer, Guillermo Sapiro, Josh Stern, Kelly Rehm, and David A. Rottenberg, A geometric method for automatic extraction of sulcal fundi

May 2006

2116  Xiaoqiang Wang and Qiang Du, Modelling and simulations of multi-component lipid membranes and open membranes via diffusive interface approaches

2117  George Avalos and Paul Cokeley, Boundary and local null controllability of structurally damped elastic systems

2118  Y. Ma and S.B. Damelin, Activity recognition via classification constrained diffusion maps

2119  A. Almansa, C. Ballester, V. Caselles, and G. Haro, A TV based restoration model with local constraints

2120  J. Douglas Wright and Arnd Scheel, Solitary waves and their linear stability in weakly coupled KdV equations

2121  J.J. Liu, J.K. Seo, M. Sini, and E.J. Woo, On the convergence of the harmonic Bz algorithm in magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography

2122  Tuncay Aktosun and Cornelis van der Mee, Explicit solutions to the Korteweg-de Vries equation on the half line

June 2006

2123  Anish Mohan, Guillermo Sapiro, and Edward Bosch, Spatially-coherent non-linear dimensionality reduction and segmentation of hyper-spectral images

2124  Yoon Mo Jung, Sung Ha Kang, and Jianhong Shen, Multiphase image segmentation via Modica-Mortola phase transition

2125  Jooyoung Hahn and Chang-Ock Lee (An eye for aphids), Highly accurate segmentation using geometric attraction-driven flow in edge-regions

July 2006

2126  Sagar Bhatt, John Sabino, John Harlim, Joel Lepak, Robert Ronkese, and Chai Wah Wu, Comparative study of search strategies for the direct binary search image halftoning algorithm

2127  D. Álvarez, O. Dorn, and M. Moscoso, Reconstructing thin shapes from boundary electrical measurements with level sets

2128  Hyeong In Choi, Sung Woo Choi, Chang Yong Han, Tae-wan Kim, Song-Hwa Kwon, Hwan Pyo Moon, Kyeong Hah Roh, and Nam-Sook Wee, Two-dimensional offsets and medial axis transform

2129  Seongjai Kim and Song-Hwa Kwon, Explicit nonflat time evolution for PDE-based image restoration

August 2006

2130  Matthias Kurzke and Daniel Spirn, Scaling limits of the Chern-Simons-Higgs energy

2131  Hyeong In Choi, Rida T. Farouki, Song-Hwa Kwon, and Hwan Pyo Moon, Topological criterion for selection of quintic Pythagorean-hodograph Hermite interpolants

2132  Alexis Protiere and Guillermo Sapiro, Interactive image segmentation via adaptive weighted distances

September 2006

2133  Fadil Santosa, Richard J. Braun, and Fernando Reitich, organizers, Mathematical modeling in industry X - IMA Workshop for graduate students (August 9-18, 2006)
(There are six papers in this preprint)

2134  Marcelo Bertalmío, Vicent Caselles, and Álvaro Pardo, Movie denoising by average of warped lines

2135  Gloria Haro, Gregory Randall, and Guillermo Sapiro, Stratification learning: Detecting mixed density and dimensionality in high dimensional point clouds

October 2006

2136  Hengguang Li, The finite element method for a class of degenerate elliptic equations

2137  Alicia Dickenstein, Laura Felicia Matusevich, and Ezra Miller, Binomial D-modules

2138  Sung Ha Kang and Riccardo March, Variational models for image colorization via chromaticity and brightness decomposition

2139  Julien Mairal, Michael Elad, and Guillermo Sapiro, Sparse representation for color image restoration

2140  Vicent Caselles, Rosa Donat, and Gloria Haro, Flux-gradient and source term balancing for certain high resolution shock-capturing schemes

2141  Fajie Li and Reinhard Klette, Exact and approximate algorithms for the calculation of shortest paths

November 2006

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2369    J. Bramwell, L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan, and W. Qiu, A Locking-free {\it hp} DPG method for linear elasticity with symmetric stresses

June 2011

2370    Sira Ferradans, Marcelo Bertalm\'{i}o, Edoardo Provenzi, and Vicent Caselles, Gradient-based image fusion for HDR creation in dynamic scenes

2371    Marcelo Bertalmío and Stacey Levine, A variational approach for the fusion of bracketing images

2372    Wen Cheng, Anna Mazzucato, and Victor Nistor, Approximate solutions to second order parabolic equations II: Time-dependent coefficients

July 2011

2373    Shengyuan (Mike) Chen, Emilie Danna, Kory Hedman, Mark Iwen, Wei Kang, John Marriott, Anders Nottrott, George Yin, and Qing Zhang, Battery storage control for steadying renewable power generation

2374    J. Gopalakrishnan and W. Qiu, An analysis of the practical DPG method

August 2011

2375    G.L. Mazzieri, R.D. Spies, and K.G. Temperini, Existence, uniqueness and stability of solutions of generalized Tikhonov-Phillips functionals

2376    Baha Alzalg, CatalinA Anghel, Wenying Gan, Qing Huang, Mustazee Rahman, and Alex Shum, A computational analysis of the optimal power flow problem

2377    Nicoleta Tarfulea, A mathematical model for the CTL effect on the drug resistance during antiretroviral treatment of HIV infection

September 2011

2378    Alexey Castrodad and Guillermo Sapiro, Sparse modeling of human actions from motion imagery

2379    Yi Wang, Arthur Szlam, and Gilad Lerman, Robust locally linear analysis with applications to image denoising and blind inpainting

2380    Angela Kunoth and Christoph Schwab, Analytic regularity and GPC approximation for control problems constrained by linear parametric elliptic and parabolic PDEs

2381    Christian Mollet, Angela Kunoth, and Torsten Meier, Excitonic eigenstates of disordered semiconductor quantum wires: Adaptive wavelet computation of eigenvalues for the electron-hole Schrödinger equation

2382    Angela Kunoth, Christian Schneider, and Katharina Wiechers, Multiscale methods for the valuation of American options with stochastic volatility

October 2011

2383    S. Artstein-Avidan, B. Klartag, C. Schütt, and E. Werner, Functional affine-isoperimetry and an inverse logarithmic Sobolev inequality
2384    Julio M. Duarte-Carvajalino, Neda Jahanshad, Christophe Lenglet, Katie L. McMahon, Greig I. de Zubicaray, Nicholas G. Martin, Margaret J. Wright, Paul M. Thompson, and Guillermo Sapiro, Hierarchical topological network analysis of anatomical human brain connectivity and differences related to sex and kinship
2385    Zoltán Füredi and Ida Kantor, List colorings with distinct list sizes, the case of complete bipartite graphs

December 2011

2386    Ezio Marchi, Double E-points in rational games
2387    Bubacarr Bah and Jared Tanner, Bounds of restricted isometry constants in extreme asymptotics: formulae for Gaussian matrices

January 2012

2388    Ezio Marchi, The green wave in a grid of avenues

February 2012

2389    Boqiang Huang and Angela Kunoth, An optimization-based empirical mode decomposition scheme

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