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Title Author
Invariant manifolds for functional differential equations close to ordinary differential equations Luis T. Magalhães
Percolation in continuous systems James R. Kirkwood and C. Eugene Wayne
Temporal and spatial chaos in a Van der Waals fluid due to periodic thermal fluctuations M. Slemrod and J.E. Marsden
The KAM theory of systems with short range interactions I C. Eugene Wayne
On the renormalized coupling constant and the susceptibility in Φ 44 field theory and the Ising model in four dimensions Michael Aizenmann
About some theorems by L.P. Sil'nikov Charles Tresser
Homoclinic orbits for flow in R3 Charles Tresser
The asymptotics of solutions of singularly perturbed functional differential equations: distributed and concentrated delays are different Luis Magalhães
Phase transitions in the Ising model with traverse field James Kirkwood
Maps of an interval W.A. Coppel
On the absence of bifurcation for elastic bars in uniaxial tension Scott J. Spector
On the thermodynamics of interstitial working J.E. Dunn and J. Serrin
Perturbations of geodesic flows on surfaces of constant negative curvature and their mixing properties P. Collet, H. Epstein, and G. Gallavotti
Stability for semilinear parabolic equations with noninvertible linear operator Milan Miklavcic
Global Lyapunov exponents, Kaplan-Yorke formulas and the dimension of the attractors for 2D Navier-Stokes equations P. Constantin and C. Foias
Linearization and global dynamics George R. Sell
On the modified Bessel functions of the first kind (1st paper); and On barrelling for a material in finite elasticity Henry C. Simpson and Scott J. Spector
Local C∞ conjugacy on the Julia set for some holomorphic perturbations of z → z2 Pierre Collet
A nonlinear stability analysis of a model equation for alloy solidification David Wollkind
Smooth linearization near a fixed point George R. Sell
On stability and uniqueness of fluid flow through a rigid porous medium K.A. Pericak-Spector
Surface models with nonlocal potentials: upper bounds C. Eugene Wayne
Tori in resonance Kenneth Meyer
Manifolds of global solutions of functional differential equations Luis Magalhaes
A remark about the final aperiodic regime for maps on the interval Leif Arkeryd
Surfactant diffusion; new results and interpretations D. F. Evans, D. Mitchell, S. Mukherjee, and B. Ninham
Title Author
Period 3 bifurcation for the logistic mapping Bau-Sen Du
A simple system with a continuum of stable inhomogeneous steady states Hans Weinberger
Non-linear stability of asymptotic suction Milan Miklavcic
Vector fields in the vicinity of a compact invariant manifold George R. Sell
On copositive matrices and strong ellipticity for isotropic elastic materials H. Simpson and S. Spector
A simple proof of C. Siegel's center theorem Raphael De laLlave
Workshop on statistical mechanics dynamical systems and turbulence
Title Author