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Title Author
Dynamics and control theory of quantum walks on graphs Francesca Albertini and Domenico D'Alessandro
A matrix formulation of the Newton dynamics for the free flight of an insect Sheng Xu
Jet propulsion without inertia Saverio E. Spagnolie and Eric Lauga
Weakly sheared active suspensions of rigid ellipsoids Zhenlu Cui
Non-failure of filaments and global existence for the equations of fiber spinning Thomas Hagen and Michael Renardy
Solving inverse problems with piecewise linear estimators: From Gaussian mixture models to structured sparsity Guoshen Yu, Guillermo Sapiro, and Stéphane Mallat
A mathematical model for the hard sphere repulsion in ionic solutions Yunkyong Hyon, Bob Eisenberg, and Chun Liu
Energy variational analysis EnVarA of ions in water and channels: Field theory for primitive models of complex ionic fluids Bob Eisenberg, Yunkyong Hyon, and Chun Liu
Weak solution to compressible hydrodynamic flow of liquid crystals in dimension one Shijin Ding, Changyou Wang, and Huanyao Wen
On the uniqueness of heat flow of harmonic maps and hydrodynamic flow of nematic liquid crystals Fanghua Lin and Changyou Wang
Well-posedness for the heat flow of biharmonic maps with rough initial data Changyou Wang
Well-posedness for the heat flow of harmonic maps and the liquid crystal flow with rough initial data Changyou Wang
Symmetric factorization of the conformation tensor in viscoelastic fluid models Nusret Balci, Becca Thomases, Michael Renardy, and Charles R. Doering
Adaptive group testing strategies for target detection and localization in noisy environments M.A. Iwen and A.H. Tewfik
C-HiLasso: A collaborative hierarchical sparse modeling framework Pablo Sprechmann, Ignacio Ignacio Ramírez, Guillermo Sapiro, and Yonina C. Eldar
ODF maxima extraction in spherical harmonic representation via analytical search space reduction Iman Aganj, Christophe Lenglet, and Guillermo Sapiro
Global regularity criterion for the 3D Navier--Stokes equations involving one entry of the velocity gradient tensor Chongsheng Cao and Edriss S. Titi
Nonparametric Bayesian dictionary learning for analysis of noisy and incomplete images Mingyuan Zhou, Haojun Chen, John Paisley, Lu Ren, Lingbo Li, Zhengming Xing, David Dunson, Guillermo Sapiro, and Lawrence Carin
A variational framework for exemplar-based image inpainting Pablo Arias, Gabriele Facciolo, Vicent Caselles, Guillermo Sapiro
A Hough transform global probabilistic approach to multiple subject diffusion MRI tractography Iman Aganj, Christophe Lenglet, Neda Jahanshad, Essa Yacoub, Noam Harel, Paul M. Thompson, and Guillermo Sapiro
Well-posedness, regularity, and finite element analysis for the axisymmetric Laplace operator on polygonal domains Hengguang Li
Universal sparse modeling Ignacio Ramírez and Guillermo Sapiro
Discriminative sparse representations in hyperspectral imagery Alexey Castrodad, Zhengming Xing, John Greer, Edward Bosch, Lawrence Carin, and Guillermo Sapiro
Ocean stirring by swimming bodies Jean-Luc Thiffeault and Stephen Childress
The mixing efficiency of open flows Jean-Luc Thiffeault and Charles R. Doering
Collaborative hierarchical sparse modeling Pablo Sprechmann, Ignacio Ramirez, Guillermo Sapiro, and Yonina Eldar
Relating fiber crossing in HARDI to intellectual function Iman Aganj, Neda Jahanshad, Christophe Lenglet, Arthur W. Toga, Katie L. McMahon, Greig I. de Zubicaray, Margaret J. Wright, Nicholas G. Martin, Guillermo Sapiro, and Paul M. Thompson
A continuum mechanical approach to geodesics in shape space Benedikt Wirth, Leah Bar, Martin Rumpf, and Guillermo Sapiro
Structural stability of generalized Forchheimer equations for compressible fluids in porous media Luan Hoang and Akif Ibragimov
Topology robust intrinsic symmetries of non-rigid shapes based on diffusion distances Dan Raviv, Alexander M. Bronstein, Michael M. Bronstein, Ron Kimmel, and Guillermo Sapiro
Image modeling and enhancement via structured sparse model selection Guoshen Yu, Guillermo Sapiro, and Stéphane Mallat
Title Author
Analysis of fiber spinning for the upper-convected Maxwell fluid Thomas Hagen and Dias Kurmashev
Visual words, text analysis concepts for computer vision Wang-Juh Chen, Hoi Tin Kong, Minah Oh, Patrick Sanan, Ying Wang, and Brendt Wohlberg
Fast computational methods for reservoir flow models Teng Chen, Nicholas Gewecke, Zhen Li, Andrea Rubiano, Robert Shuttleworth, Bo Yang, and Xinghui Zhong
Problems associated with remotely sensing wind speed Yulia Hristova, William Lindsey, Scott Small, Deepak Subbarayappa, Toni Tullius, and John R. Hoffman
Robust portfolio optimization using a simple factor model Chris Bemis, Xueying Hu, Weihua Lin, Somayes Moazeni, Li Wang, Ting Wang, and Jingyan Zhang
Tensor tomography of stress-induced birefringence in commercial glasses Carlos Andres Garavito-Garzon, Catherine A. Micek, Linh Viet Nguyen, David C. Seal, Huan Sun, Evgeni Trofimov, and Douglas C. Allan
An analysis of visual adaptation and contrast perception for a fast tone mapping operator Sira Ferradans, Edoardo Provenzi, Marcelo Bertalmío, and Vicent Caselles
Dictionary learning and sparse coding for unsupervised clustering Pablo Sprechmann and Guillermo Sapiro
Sparse modeling with universal priors and learned incoherent dictionaries Ignacio Ramírez, Federico Lecumberry, and Guillermo Sapiro
Hierarchical dictionary learning for invariant classification Leah Bar and Guillermo Sapiro
Error bounds for finite-difference methods for Rudin-Osher-Fatemi image smoothing Jingyue Wang and Bradley J. Lucier
Universal priors for sparse modeling Ignacio Ramírez, Federico Lecumberry, and Guillermo Sapiro
Semi-implicit Krylov deferred correction methods for differential algebraic equations Sunyoung Bu, Jingfang Huang, and Michael L. Minion
Dynamics of objective structures of the nanotube group Milka Doktorova, Dhruv Goel, and Michael Meaden
On determining the number of clusters--A comparative study Brian Bies, Kathryn Dabbs, and Hao Zou
Model and optimization of organic photovoltaic cells Amelia McNamara, Jordan Seering, and Yi Zeng
The quantum normal form approach to reactive scattering: The cumulative reaction probability for collinear exchange reactions Arseni Goussev, Roman Schubert, Holger Waalkens, and Stephen Wiggins
Geometrical models of the phase space structures governing reaction dynamics Holger Waalkens and Stephen Wiggins
Finite-time Lagrangian transport analysis: Stable and unstable manifolds of hyperbolic trajectories and finite-time Lyapunov exponents Michal Branicki and Stephen Wiggins