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Title Author
Existence, uniqueness and stability of solutions of generalized Tikhonov-Phillips functionals G.L. Mazzieri, R.D. Spies, and K.G. Temperini
An analysis of the practical DPG method J. Gopalakrishnan and W. Qiu
Battery storage control for steadying renewable power generation Shengyuan (Mike) Chen, Emilie Danna, Kory Hedman, Mark Iwen, Wei Kang, John Marriott, Anders Nottrott, George Yin, and Qing Zhang
Approximate solutions to second order parabolic equations II: Time-dependent coefficients Wen Cheng, Anna Mazzucato, and Victor Nistor
A variational approach for the fusion of bracketing images Marcelo Bertalmío and Stacey Levine
Gradient-based image fusion for HDR creation in dynamic scenes Sira Ferradans, Marcelo Bertalmío, Edoardo Provenzi, and Vicent Caselles
A Locking-free hp DPG method for linear elasticity with symmetric stresses J. Bramwell, L. Demkowicz, J. Gopalakrishnan, and W. Qiu
Higher-order global regularity of an inviscid Voigt-regularization of the three-dimensional inviscid resistive magnetohydrodynamic equations Adam Larios and Edriss S. Titi
A complete system for polyps flagging in virtual colonoscopy Marcelo Fiori, Pablo Musé, and Guillermo Sapiro
Object tracking in aerial video of smoky environments Mariano Rivera, Praphat Xavier Fernandes, Francisco Hernández, Hugo Martínez, Matt McDonald, Scott W. Ohlmacher, and Jeffery Wiens
Sparse representations for three-dimensional range data restoration Mona Mahmoudi and Guillermo Sapiro
Dynamics and stabilities of generalized Forchheimer flows with the flux boundary condition Luan Hoang and Akif Ibragimov
Partial expansion of a Lipschitz domain and some applications J. Gopalakrishnan and W. Qiu
Traffic light control in an Avenue Ezio Marchi
Commuting smoothed projectors in weighted norms with an application to axisymmetric Maxwell equations J. Gopalakrishnan and M. Oh
Regularity in large for the 3D Salmon's planetary geostrophic model of ocean dynamics Chongsheng Cao and Edriss S. Titi
Asymptotic integration of Navier-Stokes equations with potential forces. II. An explicit Poincaré-Dulac normal form Ciprian Foias, Luan Hoang, and Jean-Claude Saut
Single and double layer potentials on domains with conical points I: Straight cones Victor Nistor and Yu Qiao
Title Author
Detecting small low emission radiating sources Moritz Allmaras, David P. Darrow, Yulia Hristova, Guido Kanschat, and Peter Kuchment
Multilevel preconditioners for discontinuous Galerkin approximations of elliptic problems with jump coefficients Blanca Ayuso de Dios, Michael Holst, Yunrong Zhu, and Ludmil T. Zikatanov
A jumping multigrid method via finite element extrapolation Chuanmiao Chen, Hongling Hu, Ziqing Xie, and Shangyou Zhang
The face projection in linear programming Ezio Marchi and Martin Matons
Ensemble dynamics and Bred Vectors Nusret Balci, Anna L. Mazzucato, Juan M. Restrepo, George R. Sell
Uniform convergence of local multigrid methods for the time-harmonic Maxwell equation Huangxin Chen, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, and Xuejun Xu
Pseudo time continuation and time marching methods for Monge-Ampère type equations Gerard Awanou
New Poisson-Boltzmann type equations: One dimensional solutions Chiun-Chang Lee, Hijin Lee, Yunkyong Hyon, Tai-Chia Lin, and Chun Liu
Multiscale and multiphysics aspects in modeling and simulation of surface acoustic wave driven microfluidic biochips Harbir Antil, Ronald H.W. Hoppe, Christopher Linsenmann, and Achim Wixforth
Global well-posedness of the 3D primitive equations with partial vertical turbulence mixing heat diffusion Chongsheng Cao and Edriss S. Titi
Global well-posedness for the 2D Boussinesq system without heat diffusion and with either anisotropic viscosity or inviscid Voigt-α regularization Adam Larios, Evelyn Lunasin, and Edriss S. Titi
Sparse coding and dictionary learning based on the MDL principle Ignacio Ramírez and Guillermo Sapiro
A convex model for matrix factorization and dimensionality reduction on physical space and its application to blind hyperspectral unmixing Michael Möller, Ernie Esser, Stanley Osher, Guillermo Sapiro, and Jack Xin
Efficient matrix completion with Gaussian models Flavien Léger, Guoshen Yu, and Guillermo Sapiro
Statistical compressive sensing of Gaussian mixture models Guoshen Yu and Guillermo Sapiro
Learning discriminative sparse models for source separation and mapping of hyperspectral imagery Alexey Castrodad, Zhengming Xing, John Greer, Edward Bosch, Lawrence Carin, and Guillermo Sapiro
Analysis of the DPG method for the poisson equation L. Demkowicz and J. Gopalakrishnan
Hybrid linear modeling via local best-fit flats Teng Zhang, Arthur Szlam, Yi Wang, and Gilad Lerman
A review of unified a posteriori finite element error control C. Carstensen, M. Eigel, C. Löbhard, and R.H.W. Hoppe
Improved approximation guarantees for sublinear-time Fourier algorithms M.A. Iwen
Path sampling for particle filters with application to multi-target tracking Vasileios Maroulas and Panos Stinis
Gravimetric measurements on moving and non-inertial platforms Haydey Alvarez Allende, Elias Huchim, Lakshmi Sankar, Seonjeong Lee, Yao Li, Raul Quiroga, and Eli Vanney Roblero
Production planning for water supply networks Michael Hofmeister, Sean Ahmad Colbert-Kelly, Kirill Levin, Huijuan Li, Ignacio Rozada, Rogelio Salinas Gutiérrez, and Benjamin Sánchez Lengeling
A study in CVaR optimization and joint density modeling Chris Bemis, Yifei Chen, Holly Chung, Fernando Fontove, Daniel Jordon, and Heng Ye
Modeling of a novel solution potash mining process Sergio Almada, Harvey Haugen, Hector Hernandez, Dori Luli, Sarath Sasi, and Lei Zhang
Adopting a K-12 family model with undergraduate research to enhance STEM persistence and achievement in underrepresented minority students Kimberly D. Kendricks and Anthony R. Arment
Blended instruction using culturally relevant practices for underrepresented minorities in College Algebra classrooms Kimberly Kendricks
A kinematic analysis using Groebner Basis Theory for arm swing movement in the gait cycle Kimberly D. Kendricks, Adam M. Fullenkamp, and Ronald F. Tuttle
On dispersive effect of the Coriolis force for the stationary Navier-Stokes equations Pawel Konieczny and Tsuyoshi Yoneda
The effect of surface tension in modeling interfacial fracture Tsvetanka Sendova and Jay R. Walton
Signal approximation via the Gopher Fast Fourier Transform I. Ben Segal and M.A. Iwen
A Girsanov Monte Carlo approach to particle filtering for multi-target tracking Vasileios Maroulas and Panos Stinis