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August 2001 Preprints

  • 1806     Wavelet-Domain Reconstruction of Lost Blocks in Wireless Image Transmission and Packet-Switched Networks
    Shantanu D. Rane, Jeremiah Remus, and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF (409K) and PostScript (579K) ]
  • 1807     Enstrophy dynamics of stochastically forced large-scale geophysical flows
    Dirk Blömker, Jinqiao Duan, and Thomas Wanner
    [ PDF (122K) and PostScript (229K) ]
  • 1808     Dynamics of the thermohaline circulation under wind forcing
    Hongjun Gao and Jinqiao Duan
    [ PDF (124K) and PostScript (237K) ]
  • 1809     A generalization of Helgason's support theorem
    Takashi Takiguchi
    [ PDF (170K) and PostScript (112K) ]
  • 1810     Examinations on a Three-Dimensional Differentiable Vector Field That Equals its Own Curl
    Biao Ou
    [ PDF (58K) and PostScript (114K) ]
  • 1811     Stabilized interior penalty methods for the time-harmonic Maxwell equations
    I. Perugia, D. Schötzau, and P. Monk
    [ PDF (226K) and PostScript (267K) ]

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