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April 1999 Preprints

  • 1610     Analysis of a Mathematical Model of Protocell
    Shangbin Cui and Avner Friedman
    [PDF (276K) or PostScript (606K)]

  • 1611     Conformal Surface Parameterization for Texture Mapping
    Steven Haker, Sigurd Angenent, Allen Tannenbaum, Ron Kikinis, Guillermo Sapiro, and Michael Halle
    [PDF (3,445K) or Compressed PostScript (4,653K)]

  • 1612     On the Role of Variable Latent Periods in Mathematical Models for TB
    Zhilan Feng, Carlos Castillo-Chavez, and Wenzhang Huang
    [PDF (220K) or PostScript (497K)]

  • 1613     Exploitative Competition in a Chemostat for Two Complementary Resources
    Bingtuan Li
    [PDF (211K) or PostScript (438K)]

  • 1614     Regularity Criterion in Terms of Pressure for The Navier-Stokes Equations
    Dongho Chae and Jihoon Lee
    [PDF (185K) or PostScript (494K)]

  • 1615     Smooth Dependence of Thermodynamic Limits of SRB-Measures
    Miaohua Jiang and Rafael De La LLave
    [PDF (351K) or PostScript (667K)]
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