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May 1995 Preprints

(If there is no electronic version available please email IMA Staff at staff@ima.umn.edu for a hard copy.)

  • 1310     Recovery of discontinuities in a nonhomogenous medium
    Tuncay Aktosun, Martin Klaus, and Cornelis van der Mee
    [PDF or PostScript]

  • 1311     On the global regularity problem for 3-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations
    V. Bondarevsky
    [PDF ]

  • 1312     Inverse problems for a perturbed dissapative half-space
    Margaret Cheney and David Isaacson
    [ PDF ]

  • 1313     Determining degrees of freedom for nonlinear dissipative equations
    Bernardo Cockburn, D. A. Jones, and E. S. Titi
    [ PDF ]

  • 1314     Convergence of a multigrid method for elliptic equations with highly oscillatory coefficients
    Bjorn Engquist and Erding Luo
    [PDF or PostScript]

  • 1315     Universality of the local eigenvalue statistics for a class of unitary invariant random matrix ensembles
    Leonid Pastur and M. Shcherbina
    [PDF or PostScript]

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