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Title Author
The Borg-Marchenko theorem with a continuous spectrum Tuncay Aktosun and Ricardo Weder
Oscillations and concentrations in sequences of gradients Agnieszka Kalamajska and Martin Kruzík
On the support of the equilibrium measure for arcs of the unit circle and for real intervals D. Benko, P.D. Dragnev, and S.B. Damelin
On point energies, separation radius and mesh norm for s-extremal configurations on compact sets in Rn S.B. Damelin and V. Maymeskul
The cardinality of sets of k independent vectors over finite fields S.B. Damelin, G. Michalski, and G.L. Mullen
Boundary conditions for the Einstein-Christoffel formulation of Einstein's equations Douglas N. Arnold and Nicolae Tarfulea
Algorithms for differential invariants of symmetry groups of differential equations Jeongoo Cheh, Peter J. Olver, and Juha Pohjanpelto
A stochastic-variational model for soft Mumford-Shah segmentation Jianhong (Jackie) Shen
Note on: Exact solitary waves of the Fisher equation Emmanuel Yomba
Texture mixing via universal simulation Gustavo Brown, Guillermo Sapiro, and Gadiel Seroussi
A mixed finite volume method for elliptic problems Ilya D. Mishev and Qian-Yong Chen
Fair polyline networks for constrained smoothing of digital terrain elevation data Michael Hofer, Guillermo Sapiro, and Johannes Wallner
Piecewise H-1 + H0 + H1 images and the Mumford-Shah-Sobolev model for segmented image decomposition Jianhong (Jackie) Shen
Multiscale asymptotics of partial hedging Gerard Awanou
Fission and fusion in the new localized structures to the integrable (2+1)-dimensional higher order Broer-Kaup system Emmanuel Yomba and Yan-ze Peng
Computing absolute and essential spectra using continuation Jens D.M. Rademacher, Björn Sandstede, and Arnd Scheel
Nonaffine correlations in random elastic media B.A. DiDonna and T.C. Lubensky
Fast image and video denoising via non-local means of similar neighborhoods Mona Mahmoudi and Guillermo Sapiro
On the remodelling of anisotropic bone tissue Antonio DiCarlo, Salah Naili, and Sara Quiligotti
Fission, fusion and annihilation in the interaction of localized structures for the (2+1)-dimensional generalized Broer-Kaup system Emmanuel Yomba and Yan-ze Peng
Constrained regularization of digital terrain elevation data Anish Mohan and Guillermo Sapiro
Influence of anisotropic thermal conductivity in the apparatus insulation for sublimation growth of SiC: Numerical investigation of heat transfer Jürgen Geiser, Olaf Klein, and Peter Philip
Isovector fields and similarity solutions for 1-D linear poroelasticity Miao-jung Ou
Numerical simulation of heat transfer in materials with anisotropic thermal conductivity: A finite volume scheme to handle complex geometries Jürgen Geiser, Olaf Klein, and Peter Philip
Surface and bulk growth unified Antonio DiCarlo
Alternative proofs on the radial symmetry and monotonicity of positive regular solutions to a singular integral equation Wenxiong Chen, Congming Li, and Biao Ou
Optimization of composite structures subject to local stress constraints Robert Lipton and Michael Stuebner
Strong stability of PDE semigroups via a resolvent criterion of Y. Tomilov George Avalos
The new solitary wave solution for nonlinear wave, CKGZ, GDS, DS and GZ equations Emmanuel Yomba
Theoretical and numerical comparison of some sampling methods for molecular dynamics Eric Cancès, Frédéric Legoll, and Gabriel Stoltz
Convergence to equilibrium of a multiscale model for suspensions E. Cancès and C. Le Bris
Stripe--domains in nematic elastomers: old and new Antonio Desimone and Georg Dolzmann
Non-overlapping domain decomposition method for a nodal finite element method A. Bendali and Y. Boubendir
Remodelling of general state vector linear model for sustainable ecodevelopment applicable to a sample valley village of Himalayan region H.S. Dhami, A.K. Singh, G.S. Negi, and Bhupendra Singh
Partitions for spectral (finite) volume reconstruction in the tetrahedron Qian-Yong Chen
Explicit exact solutions for the generalized non-conservative ultrashort pulse propagation system Emmanuel Yomba and Timoléon Crépin Kofané
Fourth order partial differential equations on general geometries John B. Greer, Andrea L. Bertozzi, and Guillermo Sapiro
Inverse scattering to determine the shape of a vocal tract Tuncay Aktosun
Non-linear functional approximation of heterogeneous dynamics Enrico Capobianco
The gradient flow motion of boundary vortices Matthias Kurzke
On geometric variational models for inpainting surface holes V. Caselles, G. Haro, G. Sapiro, and J. Verdera
The extended F-expansion method and its application for solving the nonlinear wave, CKGZ, GDS and GZ equations Emmanuel Yomba
Divorcing pressure from viscosity in incompressible Navier-Stokes dynamics Jian-Guo Liu, Jie Liu, and Robert L. Pego
On the control of an evolutionary equilibrium in micromagnetics Michal Kocvara, Martin Kruzík, and Jirí V. Outrata
Rectangular mixed finite elements for elasticity Douglas N. Arnold and Gerard Awanou
Differential complexes and stability of finite element methods. II. The elasticity complex Douglas N. Arnold, Richard S. Falk, and Ragnar Winther
Differential complexes and stability of finite element methods. I. The de Rham complex Douglas N. Arnold, Richard S. Falk, and Ragnar Winther
L∞-bounds for weak solutions of an evolutionary equation with the p-Laplacian Peter Takác
O(N) implementation of the fast marching algorithm Liron Yatziv, Alberto Bartesaghi, and Guillermo Sapiro
Randomized volatility estimation from semimartingales Enrico Capobianco