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Title Author
A Hartman-Grobman theorem for scalar reaction-diffusion equations Kening Lu
Smooth invariant foliations in infinite dimensional spaces Shui-Nee Chow, Xiao-Biao Lin and Kening Lu
Smoothness of inertial manifolds Shui-Nee Chow, Kening Lu and George R. Sell
References on dynamical systems George R. Sell
A note on group contractions and radar ambiguity functions E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr.
A transport model with micro- and macro-structure Avner Friedman and Peter Knabner
Perturbations of attractors of differential equations Victor A. Pliss and George R. Sell
Hypergeometric expansions of Heun polynomials E.G. Kalnins and W. Miller, Jr.
Monotone maps of Tn x Rn and their periodic orbits Christophe Golé
Ghost tori for monotone maps Christophe Golé
Ghost circles for twist maps Christophe Golé
Hopf bifurcation on a square lattice Mary Silber and Edgar Knobloch
Robust stabilization of systems governed by singular integro-differential equations Hitay Özbay and Janos Turi
On the existence of smooth breathers for nonlinear wave equations M.W. Smiley
Global attractors and approximate inertial manifolds for abstract dissipative equations M.W. Smiley
Determining nodes, finite difference schemes and inertial manifolds Ciprian Foias and Edriss S. Titi
Markov partitions for expanding maps of the circle Matthew Stafford
Reproduction numbers and the stability of equilibria of SI models for heterogeneous populations Carl P. Simon and John A. Jacquez
Aids: The epidemiological significance of two different mean rates of partner-change John A. Jacquez and Carl P. Simon
Simultaneous binary collisions in the collinear N-body problem Mohamed Sami Elbialy
Continuation to gradient flows James F. Reineck
Global analysis of the phase portrait for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation Ju. S. Il'yashenko
Simplified equations for low Mach number combustion with strong heat release Andrew Majda and Kevin Lamb
Time series, statistics, and information Emanuel Parzen
Navier-Stokes equations in thin 3d domains: Global regularity of solutions I Geneviève Raugel and George R. Sell
Ray-Singer torsion for complex manifolds and the adiabatic limit Stephane Laederich
Hilbert's 21st problem (according to Bolibruch) D.V. Anosov
Lecture notes in radar/sonar: Theory of remote surveillance algorithms Richard E. Blahut
Lecture notes in radar/sonar: Sonar and Radar Echo Structure Calvin H. Wilcox
Lecture notes in radar/sonar: Topics in Harmonic analysis with applications to radar and sonar Willard Miller, Jr.
Simple resonance regions of torus diffeomorphisms Claude Baesens, John Guckenheimer, Seunghwan Kim and Robert Mackay
The connection matrix in Morse-Smale flows II James F. Reineck
Global existence of smooth shearing motions of a nonlinear viscoelastic fluid Deborah Brandon and William J. Hrusa
Singular solutions for a convection diffusion equation with absorption Wenxiong Liu
Cantor spectrum for the quasi-periodic Schrödinger equation Russell A. Johnson
Singular solutions of a transmission problem in plane linear elasticity for wedge-shaped regions Fernando Reitich
Decentralized dynamic processes for finding equilibrium Stanley Reiter and Carl P. Simon
Analysis of a singularly perturbed traveling wave problem P. Szmolyan
Inner and outer j- Radii of convex bodies infinite- dimensional normed spaces Peter Gritzmann and Victor Klee
A nonlocal diffusion equation arising in terminally attached polymer chains Xinfu Chen and Avner Friedman
On the determination of Ziglin monodromy groups Richard C. Churchill and David L. Rod
Lagrangian block diagonalization Debra Lewis
Properties of the attractor of a scalar parabolic P.D.E. Carlos Rocha
Frustration in ferromagnetic materials R.D. James and D. Kinderlehrer
Hopf bifurcation with nonsemisimple 1:1 Resonance S.A. van Gils, M.P. Krupa and W.F. Langford
Canonical Forms and Integrability of BiHamiltonian Systems Peter J. Olver
Periodic solutions of non linear differential difference equations Stephane Laederich
Generic Hopf bifurcation in a class of integro-differential equations Harlan W. Stech
Dynamics of the Lotka-Volterra systems with diffusion Philip Korman
Generation and propagation of the interface for reaction-diffusion equations Xinfu Chen