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Title Author
Navier-Stokes, Fluid Dynamics, and Image and Video Inpainting M. Bertalmio, A.L. Bertozzi, and G. Sapiro
A simple proof of a result of A. Novikov N.V. Krylov
Morphologically invariant PDE inpaintings Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen
A geometric-optics proof of a theorem on boundary control given a convex function Michael Galbraith
A method for denoising textured surfaces S. Betelu, A. Tannenbaum, and G. Sapiro
Stability of solutions of chemotaxis equations in reinforced random walks Avner Friedman and J. Ignacio Tello
Structure and texture filling-in of missing image blocks in wireless transmission and compression applications Shantanu D. Rane, Guillermo Sapiro, and Marcelo Bertalmio
Words standarization by non-parametric statistical methods H.S. Dhami
Performance of discontinuous Galerkin methods for elliptic PDE's Paul Castillo
Capillarity driven spreading of power-law fluids S.I. Betelu and M.A. Fontelos
Procreation of inner product space for generalized B-function Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
Report on the retrodigitization project archiv der mathematik Gerhard O. Michler
Probabilistic Dynamics of Two-Layer Geophysical Flows Igor Chueshov, Jinqiao Duan, and Björn Schmalfuss
Ergodicity of Stochastically Forced Large Scale Geophysical Flows Jinqiao Duan and Beniamin Goldys
Non-topological multivortex solutions to the self-dual Maxwell-Chern-Simons-Higgs systems Dongho Chae and Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov
Euler's elastica and curvature based inpaintings Tony F. Chan, Sung-Ha Kang, and Jianhong Shen
Projectable Multivariate Wavelets Bin Han
Symmetry Property and Construction of Wavelets With a General Dilation Matrix Bin Han
Fast computation of weighted distance functions and geodesics on implicit hyper-surfaces Facundo Mémoli and Guillermo Sapiro
Visualization of high dynamic range images Alvaro Pardo and Guillermo Sapiro
The Design of a Microactuator Y. Chung, Z. Lavicza, H. Lim, D. Malonza, M. Song, and N. Tarfulea
A network diversion vulnerability problem Ariel Cintron-Arias, Norman Curet, Lisa Denogean, Robert Ellis, Corey Gonzalez, Shobha Oruganti, and Patrick Quillen
Second Order Solution of Fritz John's Ultrahyperbolic PDE for Volumetric Computed Tomography Jicun Hu, Chris Ingrassia, Svenja Lowitzsch, Jang Park, Angel Pineda, Daniel Reynolds, and Nicholas Valdivia
The Bivariate Contouring Problem Thomas Grandine, Bogdan Craciun, Noel Heitmann, Brian Ingalls, Quoc Thong Le Gia, Miao-jung Ou, and Yen-hsi Richard Tsai
Optimizing Language Models for Speech Recognition Lynch Hruska, Maria Kiskowski, Jennifer Lefeaux, Kevin McCleary, Dany Ngouyassa, Bryan Smith
Numerical Steady-State Solutions of Non-Linear DAE's Arising in RF Communication Circuit Design Danny Dunlavy, Sookhyung Joo, Runchang Lin, Roummel Marcia, Aurelia Minut, and Jianzhong Sun
Uniqueness for the determination of sound-soft defects in an inhomogeneous planar medium by acoustic boundary measurements Luca Rondi
Chord uniqueness and controllability: The view from the boundary, I Robert Gulliver and Walter Littman
Inverse scattering with partial information on the potential Tuncay Aktosun and Ricardo Weder
Growing fitted textures Gabriele Gorla, Victoria Interrante, and Guillermo Sapiro
Unified analysis of discontinuous Galerkin methods for elliptic problems Douglas N. Arnold, Franco Brezzi, Bernardo Cockburn, and L. Donatella Marini
Three algorithms for 2-image and ≥ 2-image structure from motion John Oliensis and Yacup Genc
Fast and accurate algorithms for projective multi-image structure from motion John Oliensis and Yacup Genc
Symmetric real-valued orthonormal scaling functions with compact support in L2(Rs) Bin Han
Non-texture inpainting by curvature-driven diffusions (CDD) Tony F. Chan and Jianhong Shen
A theory of finitely durable goods monopoly with used-goods market and transaction costs S. Huang, Y. Yang, and K. Anderson
Title Author
Moment attractivity, stability and contractivity exponents of stochastic dynamical systems Henri Schurz
Invariant Euler-Lagrange equations and the invariant variational bicomplex Irina A. Kogan and Peter J. Olver
Completeness of superintegrability in two dimensional constant curvature spaces E.G. Kalnins, J.M. Kress, G. Pogosyan, and W. Miller, Jr.
Some qualitative properties for the total variational flow F. Andreu, V. Caselles, J.I. Diaz, and J.M. Mazón
On splitting up method and stochastic partial differential equations István Gyöngy and Nicolai Krylov
On the mathematical controllability in a simple growth tumors model by the internal localized action of inhibitors J.I. Díaz and J.I. Tello
A multilevel discontinuous Galerkin method J. Gopalakrishnan and G. Kanschat
Symbolic Representations of Iterated Maps Xin-Chu Fu, Weiping Lu, Peter Ashwin, and Jinqiao Duan
Waveform relaxation methods for stochastic differential equations K.R. Schneider and H. Schurz
Reaction-sheet jump conditions in premixed flames J.W. Dold, R.W. Thatcher, and A.A. Shah
Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin methods for convection-dominated problems Bernardo Cockburn and Chi-Wang Shu
On moment-dissipative stochastic dynamical systems Henri Schurz
The 3D quasigeostrophic equation under random perturbation Jinqiao Duan and Björn Schmalfuss
Local discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Stokes system Bernardo Cockburn, Guido Kanschat, Dominik Schötzau, and Christoph Schwab