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Title Author
A Plane Wave Discontinuous Galerkin Method with a Dirichlet-to-Neumann Boundary Condition for a Scattering Problem in Acoustics Shelvean Kapita and Peter Monk
Explicit solutions and coefficient of restitution for an elastic rod with viscous damping Feifei Wang and Scott W. Hansen
Further Remarks for Difference Equations Ezio Marchi
A Difference Equation Involving Fibonacci Numbers Ezio Marchi
Temperature Effect on Collagen-like Structure Leopoldo Millan and Ezio Marchi
Study of Ecological Competition Among Four Species E. Marchi and R. Velasco
The Niche Space as a Nucleolar Solution of a Game Cristina Di Pasquale and Ezio Marchi
A Mathematical Model for Competition among Populations of Organisms Cristina Di Pasquale and Ezio Marchi
More General Ecological Competition Among Three Species Ezio Marchi
Correlated Equilibrium Points: Comments and Related Topics N. Iris Auriol and Ezio Marchi
Reduced TU Interval Games Ezio Marchi and Martín Matons
Friendly Equilibria Ezio Marchi
On a Chipman’s Problem Ezio Marchi
On a Chipman’s Problem Ezio Marchi
Title Author
Borell's Generalized Prekopa-Leindler Inequality: A Simple Proof Arnaud Marsiglietti
Borell’s Generalized Prékopa-Leindler Inequality: A Simple Proof Arnaud Marsiglietti
On Inverse Dynamical and Spectral Problems for the Wave and Schrödinger Equations on Finite Trees. The Leaf Peeling Method. Sergei Avdonin, Victor Mikhaylov, and Karlygash Nurtazina
Source Identification for the Heat Equation with Memory Sergei Avdonin, Gulden Murzabekova, and Karlygash Nurtazina
Exact Controllability for String with Attached Masses Sergei Avdonin and Julian Edward
Boundary Inverse Problems for Networks of Vibrating Strings with Attached Masses Sergei Avdonin, Nina Avdonina, and Julian Edward
Line-of-Sight Pursuit in Strictly Sweepable Polygons Lindsay Berry, Andrew Beveridge, Jane Butterfield, Volkan Isler, Zachary Keller, Alana Shine, and Junyi Wang
The Solution of the Multiple Minima in an Arbitrary Dimension Ezio Marchi
New Fundamental Result in Two Dimensional Multiple Minima Ezio Marchi
Study of Solutions of the Ising Problem in Two Dimensions Ezio Marchi
Equilibria of Quasi-polymatrix Games Ezio Marchi and Ruth Martinez
Relevant Aspects in the Multiple Minimal Method in Biotechnology (2451) Ezio Marchi
A Note on an Lp-Brunn-Minkowski Inequality for Convex Measures in the Unconditional Case Arnaud Marsiglietti
Two-Dimensional Pursuit-Evasion in a Compact Domain with Piecewise Analytic Boundary Andrew Beveridge and Yiqing Cai
Quantitative Tverberg, Helly, & Carathéodory theorems J.A. De Loera, R.N. La Haye, D. Rolnick, P. Soberón
Random Sampling in Computational Algebra: Helly Numbers and Violator Spaces Jesús A. De Loera, Sonja Petrovic, Despina Stasi
Helly Numbers of Subsets of $\mathbb R^d$ and Sampling Techniques in Optimization J. A. De Loera, R. N. La Haye, D. Oliveros, E. Roldán-Pensado
The Discrete Green's Function and Stopping Rules for Random Walks on Graphs Andrew Beveridge
Title Author
r_∞-Matrices, Triangular L_∞-Bialgebras, and Quantum_∞ Groups Denis Bashkirov and Alexander A. Voronov
Towards a Formal Tie Between Combinatorial and Classical Vector Field Dynamics Tomasz Kaczynski, Marian Mrozek, and Thomas Wanner
The BV Formalism for L_\infty-Algebras Denis Bashkirov and Alexander A. Voronov
The Effective LVMM Method in Lotka-Volterra Systems Ezio Marchi
Efficient and Robust Solution Strategies for Saddle-Point Systems Jeremy Chiu, Lola Davidson, Aritra Dutta, Jia Gou, Kak Choon Loy, and Mark Thom
Crossing Numbers of Complete Tripartite and Balanced Complete Multipartite Graphs Ellen Gethner, Leslie Hogben, Bernard Lidický, Florian Pfender, Amanda Ruiz, and Michael Young
Relevant Aspects in the Multiple Minimal Method in Biotechnology Ezio Marchi
Fast Calculation of Diffraction by Photomasks Timothy Costa, John Cummings, Michael Jenkinson, Yeon Eung Kim, Jose de Jesus Martinez, Nicole Olivares, and Apo Sezginer
Prediction Under Uncertainties Wesley Bowman, Sergei Melkoumian, Nathaniel Richmond, William Thompson, Feifei Wang, and Argen West
Mathematical Challenges in High-Throughput Microcalorimeter Spectroscopy Vincent Morissette-Thomas, Alice Nadeau, Louis-Xavier Proulx, Yun Wei, Heng Zhu, and Jielin Zhu
Numerical Simulations of Air Flow and Heat Transfer via PDEs Fei Cao, Luz Angelica Caudillo-Mata, Natalia Iwanski, Yong Li, Kamran Sadiq, and Arturo Vargas
Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices Arlin Alvarado Hernandez, Guanglian Li, Sylvia Nguyen, Fouche Smith, and Timur Takhtaganov
Shear Band Formation in Bulk Metallic Glasses Jue Chen, Ryan Goh, Emily McHenry, Diego Torrejon, and Xin Yang
Visually Significant QR Codes M. Bayeh, E. Compaan, T. Lindsey, S. Melczer, N. Orlow, and Z. Voller
Reconstruction of Sweep MRI Signals Tegan Emerson, Yu Sun, Robert Alvarez, Fataneh Esteki, Huong Le, and Steen Moeller
Dynamics and Function of the Tear Film in Relation to the Blink Cycle RJ Braun, PE King-Smith, CG Begley, Longfei Li and NR Gewecke
Computed Tear Film and Osmolarity Dynamics on an Eye-Shaped Domain Longfei Li, Richard J. Braun, Tobin A. Driscoll, William D. Henshaw, Jeffrey W. Banks and P. Ewen King-Smith
When is the Reciprocal of a Function Concave or Convex? Ezio Marchi